Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 103.1 Battle with the level eight zergs

Sheng Heng fired two shots in rapid succession, blasting away another zerg that had encircled Qiu Zi’an, and Qiu Zi’an, true to form as a battle hardened soldier, immediately took control of his mech and flew towards Sheng Heng after a moment of shock.

Sheng Heng’s double onslaught seemed to have angered the zergs, as one of the level eight zergs opened its mouth wide, letting out a silent roar.

The expression on Qiu Zi’an’s face changing instantly, he warned hurriedly, “Second Young Master, be careful, that’s a mental shock wave.”

High level mech warriors on the frontlines usually carried advanced sedatives with them, but Sheng Heng had just come from school and might not have any on him, and without these advanced sedatives, the mental shock wave from a level eight zerg could easily cause mental fluctuations.

“I’m okay.” Sheng Heng said in reply, the particle cannon mounted on his shoulder continuing to pound the zergs chasing Qiu Zi’an relentlessly.

The particle cannons on Sheng Heng’s shoulders were level eight weapons, designed and made by Old Pang himself, so they were naturally more powerful than the regular level eight particle cannon. Although their power were somewhat reduced by the converter, it still surpassed that of a typical level seven weapon of a mech.

Hearing Sheng Heng’s casual tone, Qiu Zi’an assumed that he had an advanced sedative on him, and so feeling somewhat reassured, activated his weapon, working with him to strike back at the pursuing zergs.

Among these zergs, aside from the three level eight ones, the rest were level six zergs, and under the incessant bombardment from their weapons, the slower level six zergs were already injured, with some even losing their forelimbs and thus their ability to attack. The three level eight zergs on the other hand however, became more and more enraged, raising their foreclaws and closing in on them from three directions.

“Don’t engage, look for a chance to get on the battleship.” Sheng Zhuo’s voice came through the channel.

Qiu Zi’an’s mech was damaged and couldn’t engage in close combat. If caught by the level eight zergs, dismemberment was the only fate. And Sheng Heng’s Black Soul only had level six strength, hence despite the unusually powerful weapons it sported, if the zergs got close, Sheng Heng who didn’t have any combat experience wouldn’t last long. One was his subordinate and good friend, and the other was his little brother, and watching the battle from the cockpit of the battleship, Sheng Zhuo was anxious.

“Second Young Master, go and give the energy blocks to the commander.” Understanding the situation they were in, Qiu Zi’an knew that their only chance to escape was to have his commander pilot Morning Star and engage the enemy.

“I’ll cover, you go.” Sheng Heng didn’t agree. He had noticed the damage to Qiu Zi’an’s mech— its right forearm had been pierced by a zerg’s claw, leaving the upper arm connected by only a thin layer of metal and a few internal wires, and even with that it looked like it could fall off at any moment.

“I’m a level seven mech warrior. I have more combat experience than you do. I’ll cover.”

“Zi’an Ge, Black Soul is equipped with level eight weapons. I’m better suited for long-range cover.” Sheng Heng argued.


As a soldier, Qiu Zi’an couldn’t leave a student like Sheng Heng behind on the battlefield, especially since it had been his idea to bring him along in the first place. He definitely couldn’t allow any accident to happen. However before he could speak further, Sheng Zhuo’s voice cut through the channel abruptly.

“Zi’an, you come over here. Sheng Heng, provide cover.”

“Yes!” Sheng Heng responded loudly, positioning his mech in front of Qiu Zi’an.

Sheng Zhuo’s words were an order, hence Qiu Zi’an had no choice but to obey. Looking at Black Soul that was being piloted by Sheng Heng worriedly, he turned then flew towards the battleship without looking back. Right now, their best chance of victory was to restore the combat power of the Regiment Commander’s mech.

“Hold on!” Qiu Zi’an shouted.

Sheng Heng didn’t respond, the particle cannons mounted on his shoulders roaring to life, spitting out flames like fireworks, dazzling the starry sky. However even with his powerful weapons, he couldn’t stall the three advancing level eight zergs for long, and seeing them closing in, was hesitant whether to use the particle cannon again. The power of the level eight particle cannon was immense, however if used at close range, the explosion’s shockwave, besides injuring the zergs, would hurt him as well.

These were level eight zergs, whose outer shells could withstand the particle cannon’s attack, but Black Soul was only a level six mech. If hit by the recoil of the particle cannon, he’d be the first to go.

Hence as he fired the last shot of the particle cannon, he unfolded his arms, revealing Obscure Darkness Lance hidden within them, purple sparks crackling around it, creating a brilliant display in the starry void.

He knew very well that with Black Soul’s speed, he wouldn’t be able to outrun the level eight zergs, so instead of fleeing, he chose to fight, to buy more time for his big brother.

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