Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 35.1 His little junior’s ‘confession’

Cheng Wenkang’s presence disrupted the room’s charming atmosphere, although this charm, was only present unilaterally on Sheng Heng’s side.

Renewing the unfastened waistband of his trousers, Sheng Heng walked to the door, opened it, and saw not only the slightly chubby teenager running wildly away not far away, but also the takeaway hanging on the doorknob.

Sheng Heng carried the takeaway in, and handed it to Yan Hao: “Here you go.”

Yan Hao took the lunch box, and his stomach, which wasn’t very hungry, suddenly became active under the aroma of the food, rumbling and growling for a while.

Blushing, Yan Hao covered his stomach in embarrassment.

“You’re so hungry, yet you don’t know that you should eat.” Sheng Heng gave his little junior’s head a little doting knock.

“I’ll eat now.” Yan Hao put the takeaway on the table where he usually drew his drawings, carefully moved the drawings out of the way, and then sat down to eat.

Cheng Wenkang had bought a generous amount of food. Three dishes, one soup and two large portions of rice, a prudent choice he had made after giving due consideration to the possibility that his boss would eat another meal for love.

Yan Hao was so hungry that he picked up the box of rice and took a bite. It was only after he had finished eating that he remembered Sheng Heng. He looked up to ask him, “Senior, do want to eat with me?”

Sheng Heng had just eaten lunch, so he wasn’t hungry at the moment. But….. his eyes fell on the grain of rice at the corner of Yan Hao’s mouth which Yan Hao had inadvertently gotten there just now by looking down and picking up rice. It was only one grain, but it was as white as jade and crystal clear as it stuck to the corner of his mouth.

Unable to help himself, Sheng Heng walked over, bent down, reached out, and picked the grain of white rice that was stuck to the corner of Yan Hao’s mouth. Yan Hao visibly froze for a moment as he stared with wide eyes, not understanding what he was doing and it was only at this moment that Sheng Heng suddenly realized what he had just done. He was already in a state of shock, and even though he was thick-skinned, he was still a little uncomfortable.

“You, you had rice grains at the corner of your mouth.” Sheng Heng straightened up, somewhat embarrassed.

“Oh, did my meal get stuck to my face?” Yan Hao blushed in shame and embarrassment, thinking to himself that having food stuck to his face as an adult was humiliating. He set the bowl down and touched his face.

“There’s no more, it was just this one.” These words broke the awkward atmosphere, making Sheng Heng relieved and a little regretful, because, while it was awkward, it would have been nice if his little junior had realized something.

Smiling bashfully, Yan Hao drew out another pair of chopsticks and handed them to Sheng Heng: “Senior let’s eat together.”

“There’s no need, I ate in the afternoon.” Sheng Heng shook his head, “You eat in peace, I’ll go and do the fighting techniques I just demonstrated again.”

Sheng Heng walked back to where he had been standing earlier, glanced at Yan Hao, and seeing that he was eating with his head down, quickly took off his trousers as well, and began to practice his fighting techniques.

Fifteen minutes later, the fighting technique was finished once more. This fighting technique, which Sheng Heng had learnt from his father and brother, was a type of military boxing that was both practical and physically demanding to practice. After demonstrating it twice in a row, Sheng Heng was sweating profusely, but his body felt a kind of hearty contentment.

With a towel to wipe off his sweat, and his trousers on, Sheng Heng was on his way to find Yan Hao where he had just been eating when he looked up and found Yan Hao already crouched down next to the robot.

This guy, he hadn’t been eaten properly but had been staring at him boxing, right?

“How did it go? Did the data work? Do you need me to rehearse it again?” Sheng Heng walked over and crouched down next to Yan Hao.

“It worked. The data collected this time is far more accurate than just now.” Yan Hao nodded his head.

“It’s good that it worked.” Sheng Heng smiled and was about to go back and put his shirt back on when he saw Yan Hao staring straight at him.

“What is it, is there something else wrong?” Sheng Heng asked.

“Senior, are you seeing someone?” It was clearly a question, but Yan Hao’s tone was definite.

Sheng Heng was taken aback. Where did this rumor come from?

“Where did you hear this? I’m still single.” Sheng Heng said, half clarifying and half prying.

“No? Then I guessed wrong.” After that, Yan Hao didn’t dwell on the issue and turned his head back to the data. He tapped his fingers on the keyboard a few times and the data on the virtual screen scrolled up quickly.

Guess? What gave you this false guess?

“Why do you think I’m seeing someone?” Sheng Heng felt he had to find out about this. His little junior was already clueless and not very enlightened, so if he thought he was seeing someone, how would he pursue him?

“I was just …… guessing randomly.” Yan Hao answered.

“Little junior, you’re not one who would just guess. Tell me, what is it that has caused you to have this misunderstanding about me?” Sheng Heng tried to entice an answer from him.

“Because I smell the scent of an animal after mating on you.” Saying the word mating, Yan Hao also glanced at Sheng Heng with some embarrassment.

“…… “Sheng Heng.

With this topic started, it was easy to talk about the rest, so Yan Hao stated the reasoning behind it clearly: “This scent, is actually a relatively high concentration of androgenic hormones mixed with sweat. When I was studying pharmacy, I did some research and discovered that this scent is typically produced during the mating process of animals. Of course, some degree of exercise can also stimulate androgen production, but eighty percent of it is caused by animals that have mated. Because the bodies of animals that have experienced mating create the illusion during exercise that they are mating and thus secrete the same pheromones. Humans are the same way. I just smelled very strong androgenic hormones on you, that’s why I thought that.”

“……” It was as if cold water had been poured on someone’s head, and it was dirty.

“I haven’t!” Sheng Heng’s face was a mixture of green and blue, but he still defended himself.

“En, I know. Senior is single.” Yan Hao nodded.

“I don’t mean that.”

Yan Hao froze. Why did Senior Sheng Heng look as if he was a little angry? Was he blaming him for speculating wildly about him in his undisciplined state?

“I mean ……” I’m not just not seeing someone, I haven’t even done that either.

But Sheng Heng opened his mouth several times, but couldn’t bring himself to say it, so he could only repeat it again firmly, “I just haven’t.”

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    1. Sheng Heng: My little junior really is too sensitive. He can smell that I want him. It’s just a shame that his brain only has technical knowledge in it or this would be a lot easier.

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