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Chapter 42.1 Solution

Since signing the contract with the WT Group, Yan Hao hadn’t been distracted by anything else and had been concentrating on his research on mimetic systems for two days before stopping after hitting a bottleneck.

“No, even if I could calculate the algorithm to the ultimate limit and successfully program the system, I would still only be able to achieve a level 5 mecha level of combat.” Yan Hao’s mathematical acumen was so acute that even though he had only been working on his algorithm for five days and it was a long way from the so-called ultimate, he was already able to deduce the final result of the algorithm based on the current pattern after running it through the Super light brain and although it wouldn’t be very precise, he could still get a rough idea of the scope.

“If it’s only a level 5 mecha, then it’s not very practical.” Yan Hao muttered.

According to the Federation’s current statistics, the largest number of mecha and mecha warriors were at level 5, which meant that most mecha warriors were capable of handling level 5 mechs. If the mimetic system were to stop at level five, most mecha warriors would still prefer to use the original command system.

After a level 5 mecha came a level 6 mecha, and a mecha fighter who was used to piloting a mimetic system wouldn’t be as fast as a mecha fighter who had always used the command system. The core software of the mecha had to be refined with the Tempest Stone in order to change the operating system and to allow the mecha simulate movements at a speed infinitely faster than that of the human body. The Tempest Stone was an advanced metal that could only be used by a level 8 mecha or higher.

The existence of the Tempest Stone had greatly increased the cost of manufacturing mimetic sensing systems, so even if Yan Hao’s current research were to result in the production of a mecha, it would only be available to those who were unable to progress to be level 6 mecha warriors and who had a lot of money.

“Senior’s mecha, Black Soul, looks like it could be level 5 or 6.” Thinking this, Yan Hao opened his light brain terminal and sent a message to Sheng Heng in passing.

Yan Hao: [Senior, what’s your mecha warrior level?]

Sheng Heng replied quickly: [Why are you suddenly asking this question?]

Yan Hao: [I’m just asking.]

Sheng Heng: [I am currently a level 4 mecha warrior]

Yan Hao: [What about Black Soul?]

Sheng Heng: [Level 6.]

For Level 6, Black Soul would be quite appropriate.

Yan Hao suddenly got a little excited: “I’ll work on it for another month, and if there’s no new progress, I’ll write a program based on this algorithm first. If it’s a level 5 mecha, it should be enough for Senior Sheng Heng to use in his junior year, right? With another year, I should be able to write a level six mecha mimetic program on my own.”

In the past, Yan Hao wouldn’t have hesitated to scrap an algorithm that was determined to be unable to achieve its goal. But in this new life, Yan Hao no longer had the desire to compete as he had in the previous life, let alone set any goals for himself that he had to achieve. In this life, he wanted to live a casual life and to just do what he wanted to do.

He wanted to research the mimetic system, so he did so seriously, but he didn’t give himself a time limit such as five or ten years to reach a certain level of research. He was more interested in enjoying the process.

So although he had discovered the limitations of his current algorithm, he was willing to implement it, even if the mecha could only be used by Sheng Heng alone.

Yan Hao: [Senior, can you get the core of the mecha made from The Tempest Stone?]

Sheng Heng: [You’ve taught yourself enough to make mecha cores?]

Yan Hao: [No, I don’t know how to make one, I just want to buy one to see.]

Yan Hao wouldn’t be learning to make mecha parts until next semester, and mecha cores were the most complex of all mecha parts. What’s more according to the school’s syllabus, he would only be exposed to it in his third year, and as he felt that his foundation in mech building was very weak, he didn’t really consider studying it on his own ahead of time; he wanted to follow the school’s syllabus. At most, he would just study one or two more lessons than his classmates.

Sheng Heng: [Alright, I will ask around for you].

Yan Hao: [Thank you, Senior.]

As long as he had the mecha core made from the Tempest Stone, the success rate of replacing the console for Black Soul would be 90% and with the mimetic sensing system in place, Senior’s hand wouldn’t hurt more in addition to the pain he was already going through.

And he wouldn’t have an inferiority complex.

Yan Hao couldn’t help but feel happy at the thought that his research could make someone feel more confident, and that this person was his friend.

Just then, the email alert suddenly rang. Yan Hao clicked on it and found that it was Baby Bug looking for him.

“Go to Apollo Website?” Yan Hao opened the backend of the Apollo Website hurriedly and saw that Baby Bug had already sent him several messages.

Baby Bug: [Ri An, why don’t you read backend messages?]

Ri An: [Sorry, I was working on a new program, so I blocked the backend messages].

Baby Bug: [It turns out it’s like this. Then have you made any progress on your new program?]

Ri An: [Sort of.]

Baby Bug: [You just upgraded the WT Group’s mimetic system to the eighth generation, didn’t you? And you’ve upgraded it again?]

Ri An: [No, my current research is on mecha, not intelligent robots.]

The use of mimetic sensing systems for mecha was much more complex than that for intelligent robots, and the reason he had started with The WT Group’s intelligent robots was because there were no programs related to mimetic systems and mecha that could be found outside of some of the high-end mecha research institutes. However Yan Hao preferred to work on everything himself and would only seek advice when he could no longer work on it or when he had reached a bottleneck.

“Senior brother, have you and this Ri An really never met before? It can’t be that he already knows your identity, right?” A young man in a white coat standing behind Baby Bug asked.

“I only joined the Institute three years ago, and by that time I had already broken off contact with him.” Baby Bug frowned.

“Then that’s too much of a coincidence. After not having contacted you for three years, he suddenly wanted to research the use of mimetic systems on mecha and immediately contacted you again.” The youth said.

“I was the one who contacted him first.” Baby Bug didn’t like the youth’s speculation.

“How do you know he didn’t mean for you to contact him? After all, what kind of person on a site as famous as Apollo Website would come in and spam something, and so coincidentally, no one is able to find him after his posts and one has to go through the main site’s backend and have you, the introducer, find him?” The youth asked.

“I won’t bother arguing with you.” Baby Bug had never been able to outspeak this his junior and hated his conspiracy theory personality about everything.

“Send the questions over, I’m still waiting to witness the strength of this genius.” The youth laughed.

Baby Bug’s chest felt a bit stuffy as he thought about the bet he had been forced to make at lunch earlier, but since he had agreed to it, he had to honor it, “As promised, if I win the bet, you will give me that piece of Tempest Stone.”

“OK.” The youth agreed immediately.

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