Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 6.1 School begins

Three days into the school year, except for the first day when he accompanied He Shao to go shopping, Yan Hao never left the dormitory, even his three meals were brought back from the canteen by He Shao.

On this day, when He Shao returned to the dormitory with another meal, he saw Yan Hao still sitting by his desk reading those basic books and finally couldn’t help but say, “Hao Hao, I asked uncle, there are no exams after the start of the school year.”

For the past few days, Yan Hao had been reviewing his high school knowledge every day, so he had thought that there would be surprise exams after the school year started, that was why he asked his uncle, the head of the department.

“I’m not doing it for an exam.” Yan Hao looked up.

“Then what are you doing it for?” He Shao asked, “The professional exams are over, if you want to read books then you should review the new textbooks that we were given.”

“My foundation isn’t very good.” Yan Hao said.

“Are you kidding me? Which one of you who got into Federal University wasn’t a top student in high school? And you’re telling me your foundation isn’t very good?”

“I’m not like you guys, I studied pharmacy in high school.” Yan Hao said.

He Shao froze and then remembered, ” You said last time that you were going to major in pharmacy and then switched to Mecha Building. So you’re saying you studied pharmacy all through high school?”

“Pretty much. I only studied Mecha Building for a year and then I did read some information on and off, but because I didn’t study it systematically, I want to supplement my basic knowledge from the beginning.” Yan Hao said.

He Shao blinked, blinked again then let out a cry, “You studied for one year and you got into the Mecha Building Department?”

Yan Hao was taken aback by his super loud shout.

“Hao Ge, I used to think you were just a top student, but that was too superficial, you’re a proper god of learning.” He Shao said excitedly.

“You’re exaggerating, I told you before, I changed my major.” Yan Hao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“I thought you double majored in Pharmacy and Mecha Building in high school. I didn’t know you majored in Pharmacy and just took the Mecha exams without a foundation. The difficulty between these two exams is a world of difference.” He Shao continued excitedly, “You were able to pass the exam after studying Mecha Building for a year, then that means you’re particularly good at pharmacy too?”

“Actually, I don’t have much talent in pharmacy, I mainly rely on hard work. That was how I could barely get into pharmacy.” Yan Hao said.

“Then what’s the point of taking the exam, you took six years of pharmacy to barely get in, but you took one year of Mecha Building and got in, your natural skills are in our Mecha Building Department.” He Shao said decisively.

“Hmm, you’re right.” Yan Hao agreed with a smile, ” I thought the same thing, that’s why I decided to drop the Pharmacy exam, and come to the Mecha Building department.”

“So you were half an hour late, not because you left the house late, but because you were taking your Pharmacy exams at the time?”

“En, luckily I met a senior who showed me the way, otherwise I would have almost missed it.” Yan Hao said.

He Shao knew that Yan Hao had switched to Mecha Building midway, but he didn’t know that this guy was already taking the Pharmacy major exams when he ran out halfway. He had assumed that after the college entrance exams were over, Yan Hao had hesitated between the two majors before finally choosing Mecha Building, and then spent a few months cramming his Mecha knowledge and finally got in. Unexpectedly this guy took the exam without having a foundation.

“I don’t have any other thing to say other than, Hao Hao, you’re powerful.” He Shao gave him a thumbs up.

Yan Hao smiled shyly.

“Then reading the book yourself, is there anything you don’t understand? My grades weren’t the best, but I still know the general basics.” He Shao had always thought that Yan Hao was a top student, that was why he didn’t dare to talk too much when he was studying, but now that he knew that Yan Hao was a gifted player with poor basics, he felt confident. he had learnt the basics well. Although Yan Hao could read and understand by himself, he would at least learn faster if he explained certain things to him.

“There is.” Yan Hao immediately took out a notebook, in which he had recorded all the points he had not understood yet.

He Shao sat down with an air of confidence and explained them one by one but soon went from being confident to being overwhelmed. There was no other reason but that Yan Hao was too good at asking questions. He had already explained what his teacher had taught him, but Yan Hao always managed to ask more profound questions.

“Why does the energy block have to be compressed in this way?”

“Because it’s the only way to compress the energy that is the most stable.”

“What is the cause of that energy instability?”


“Only by finding the source of the instability can we come up with a better way to compress the energy.”


“With today’s energy blocks, there’s so much energy lost in the compression, basically half the energy is lost in the compression process, it’s so wasteful, interstellar energy is already strained. We should find a solution to this problem. I think the formula for calculating energy could be improved……”

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  1. My son so nerd. 😂😂😂 But 306duo are so cute, so supportive, studying together. I am happy that our Hao Hao get to has a friend who genuinely has goodwill for him and didn’t blindly being prejudice. 🥺

  2. Since Mc rebirth do that means he can create 8 grade potion easily 🤭 well his futures friends and the ML are all lucky lol free high level potion and a future god mecha builder 😏

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