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Chapter 94.2 Enlightened

With all these realizations, Yan Hao became much more cheerful. Smiling shyly, he turned the topic back to Sheng Heng’s big brother: “If your big brother wants to raise his mental energy level to the S level, he can use the improved phantom elixir. It has a high success rate. Xia Tianyi added the Ice Rhyme Grass to the formula, cleverly utilizing the medicinal properties of various herbs to maximize the effect of the Ice Rhyme Grass. This can reduce the side effects of activated mental energy while increasing the success rate.”

“Does that mean that with this herb, my big brother won’t experience the same side effects as Sima Mingxuan?” Sheng Heng asked.

“There will still be side effects. Advancing from the A+ level to S level causes a massive vibration in mental energy, so aside from those who are naturally gifted like you, even those whose mental energy breakthroughs happen on their own, will have side effects, let alone those whose advancements are stimulated by medicine. The only difference is the severity of the side effects.” Yan Hao explained.

Hearing this, Sheng Heng’s brows furrowed tightly. If that were the case, then he didn’t support his brother using the phantom elixir. However he also knew that his big brother had always wanted to improve his mental energy and represent the family by piloting the War God.

Forget it. Once the elixir was ready, he would give it to his big brother and let him choose for himself.

After making up his mind, Sheng Heng stopped worrying and shifted the conversation to Yan Hao’s recent studies, “The finals are coming up soon. You’ve been going to Old Pang and Old Zhong’s labs every weekend. How’s your exam prep going?”

“Master said I’ve pretty much finished the sophomore courses already.” Yan Hao answered.

“Sophomore? Then the next time we go for field assessments, you won’t need to spend points buying parts anymore.” Remembering Yan Hao’s crazy point earning behaviour at the base, Sheng Heng couldn’t help but want to laugh a little.

“I won’t buy, I’ll definitely fix it all for you.” Yan Hao declared confidently.

After laughing for a bit, Sheng Heng suddenly remembered something. Yan Hao was currently in the second semester of his freshman year, soon to be a sophomore, which meant the partner selection process between the Mech Piloting Department and Mech Building Department was about to begin.

“Isn’t it about time for you guys to have interactive classes with the Mech Piloting Department?” Sheng Heng asked him.

“En, they started about a month ago, once a week.” Yan Hao said in response.

It had already started? Sheng Heng scolded himself in his heart for being too careless.

“Then there must be a lot of people from the Mech Piloting Department going round you, right?” He remembered that during their first interactive class with the Mech Building Department, his classmates had gone all out to please the students from the Mech Building Department. Just the thought of Yan Hao being being surrounded like that made Sheng Heng’s sense of crisis skyrocket.

Should he just repeat a grade?

“I didn’t go.”

“Oh, you didn’t go.” Wait, what did he just hear?

Sheng Heng suddenly looked up, confirming again, “You didn’t go?”

“The interactive classes are for the preparation of mutual selection of partners, but since I’m already your partner, it’s naturally not right for me to go.” Yan Hao said seriously.

A wild surge of joy welled up from the bottom of Sheng Heng’s heart, “Then…. if you don’t go, will there be enough people in your class?”

There were far fewer mech builders than there were mech warriors, with a ratio of around 1:5, hence a single mech builder usually had to partner up with five or six mech warriors. The mech builders were already scarce, so with Yan Hao not participating, his teacher wouldn’t approve.

“Our class has the highest number of students in the Mech Building Department in the past five years, so it’s not a big issue if I don’t go. Besides, Professor Qin said that with my current level, I won’t actually learn anything if I followed the mech warriors of my year in actual combat.” Yan Hao explained.

Just then, a waiter came over with the coffees they had ordered, “Here are the coffees you ordered.”

“Thank you.”

Having talked for a while, Yan Hao was a little thirsty, so he took a sip of his coffee. By the time Sheng Heng took his cup from the waiter and looked back at him, there was a layer of foam on the corner of his lips. Instinctively, he reached out to wipe it away.

“You have some foam.” At first, Sheng Heng just wanted to wipe the foam from the corner of Yan Hao’s lips, however when he felt the warm and soft sensation beneath the tips of his fingers, his gaze suddenly deepened. It was a depth Yan Hao had never seen before, like a black vortex that threatened to engulf him.

“I’m…. I’m going to the washroom.” Flustered, Yan Hao got up and ran away without waiting for Sheng Heng’s reaction.

Sheng Heng was stunned at first, then couldn’t help but laugh happily, because Yan Hao was obviously avoiding him. Naturally, it wasn’t right to be happy about being avoided, but for someone as unenlightened as a log like Yan Hao, this kind of avoidance was already a sign that he was starting to be enlightened, so how could he not be happy?

In the washroom, Yan Hao was confused as he stared at his red faced reflection in the mirror, “Strange, why did I run away and why is my heart beating so fast?”

After washing his face with cold water, he calmed down quite a bit and thinking that Sheng Heng was still waiting for him outside, turned to leave. However just as he walked to the door, two entwined figures suddenly rolled into the washroom. One man pressed the other man against the wall, biting and nibbling from the other’s lips down to his neck frantically as he unbuttoned his shirt along the way.

Yan Hao, who had never seen such a shocking scene in his two lifetimes combined was instantly dumbstruck in place.

“Are you a dog? Going into heat anytime, anywhere?” The man being pressed against the wall gasped as he cursed.

“Don’t you love it? Your heart is beating so fast.”

Just as the man being pressed was about to curse some more, he caught a glimpse of Yan Hao from the corner of his eye and pushed the man on top of him off quickly, “Get off, you’re scaring the kid.”

The other man turned around and seeing Yan Hao, frowned slightly in displeasure, “I told you to go upstairs to the hotel with me but you didn’t want to.”

“I have a business meeting here. Enough, we’ll talk about it tonight.” Saying this, he turned sideways and began buttoning his shirt one by one while glancing sideways at Yan Hao.

It was only then that Yan Hao seemed to react. Apologizing, he run away quickly.

“Look how you’ve scared the kid.” The other man’s flirtatious voice came from behind, “Back when you were his age, just holding hands would make you blush and your heart race, but now….. tsk, tsk.”

“We’ve been married for years and you still want the feeling of first love?”

Blush, heart race, first love? Did that, did that mean he….. liked Senior Sheng Heng?

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