Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 113.1 We solo kill

As Sheng Heng had been charging towards the level nine zerg, reinforcements from the base had arrived one after another, with all available mech warriors having already rushed to the outskirts of the battlefield, only to be stopped from getting closer because of the mental shockwave that was emitted by the level nine zerg. However when the shockwave suddenly disappeared, all the waiting mech warriors burst forth, charging into the battlefield like a thunderbolt that striked before one could cover their ears. 

Among them, a pair of soldiers led by Qiu Zi’an were the first to fly towards the direction of Sheng Heng and the level nine zerg, wanting to support Sheng Heng. But just as they got close, they saw an unbelievable scene. 

Black Soul, turning around with his lance drawn, stood tall, his aura radiating out for eighty meters and behind him, was the enormous form of the level nine zerg, its four limbs rigid, floating quietly in the air. 

The level nine zerg, was dead? 

That was Qiu Zi’an’s first reaction.

Sheng Heng killed it?

That was Qiu Zi’an’s second reaction.

Too f*cking cool!

Unable to control himself, his fist slammed hard on his console.

“Warning, warning, as a qualified mech warrior, please take care of your mech.” The mech’s alarm was triggered by Qiu Zi’an’s punch.

At the other end of space, the moment the mental shockwave vanished, the federal team responsible for Old Zhong’s safety, including the warriors whose sea of consciousness hadn’t been shattered by the previous blow, recovered their fighting capabilities and piloting their battleship, coordinated with the base’s reinforcements to quickly sweep away the surrounding low rank zergs.

These low rank zergs, initially controlled by the level nine zerg to attack, lost their relentless determination to fight to the death the moment the level nine zerg died and one by one, they dodged within the storm of cannon fire, scattering hurriedly.

Yan Hao, who had Sheng Heng on his mind, seeing the spaceship break free from the zergs’ encirclement and the view outside the window clearing up, rushed to the window to look in the direction where Sheng Heng was.

And in the distance, through layers of cannon fire and numerous fleeing zergs, he immediately saw the towering figure turning around with his lance drawn.

His eyes widening suddenly, it felt as if the world had fallen silent.

In the distance, the moment Sheng Heng confirmed that the level nine zerg was dead, he disregarded Qiu Zi’an’s excited shouts in the communication channel and looked up towards the silver white spaceship in the distance.

Xiao Hao was still waiting for him.

And just as he looked up, Yan Hao’s gaze also happened to meet his and even though they couldn’t see each other physically, a subtle emotion seemed to swirl around their hearts.

Senior is alright. He even killed the level nine zerg. He’s coming for me.

“So handsome!” Baby Bug, looking at the black mech that was approaching shouted loudly.

Sure enough, the sky, mech, and the battlefield were the epitome of a man’s romance. Why had he been so stupid as to study mech building back then?

“Barely worthy of my disciple.” Behind Baby Bug, Old Zhong who had also seen the approaching mech in the sky had a complex expression on his face.

More than a decade ago, General Admiral Sheng and his wife had come to him personally with generous gifts in order to ask for a mimetic mech for Sheng Heng. Back then, he had believed that a low level mimetic mech wouldn’t serve much purpose, so even if he made one for Sheng Heng, it would merely be just adding one more level six mech warrior to the world.

However just now, it was this level six mech warrior, who he had previously regarded as of little significance, that had killed a level nine zerg, saving his life.

If I had given him the mimetic mech back then, would he have already had a distinguished record, having contributed greatly to the defense of the Federation?

“Master, aren’t your expectations a bit too high? Killing a level nine zerg beyond his level, even under the influence of a mental energy shockwave and you call this barely worthy?” Baby Bug couldn’t stand to hear any more.

Originally, he had also thought that although Sheng Heng came from a good background and was handsome, he was still somewhat lacking in skills and although the difference wasn’t visible now, his little junior brother was bound to become a renowned Master Mech Builder in the Federation in the near future, whereas Sheng Heng might not necessarily achieve great things.

However after witnessing what had just happened, he had changed his mind completely.

Ignoring his fighting power, just the fact that Sheng Heng had the courage to charge out to save his little junior brother in such a critical moment– this level of care and love couldn’t be replaced by anything external.

“Hmph.” Old Zhong snorted haughtily but didn’t say anything else, obviously agreeing with Baby Bug’s words.

Chuckling, Baby Bug was just about to tease Yan Hao a little when he saw him suddenly turn around and dash past him, running away.

Raising his eyebrows in surprise, he came back to his senses and looked out the window and sure enough, a certain black mech was now right in front of his eyes.

“Little junior brother is definitely very moved this time. I wonder if they’ll kiss passionately when they meet.” Baby Bug mused with a tinge of envy.

Seeing Sheng Heng coming, Old Zhong, who had just been about to check to see if Black Soul had suffered any damage in the battle just now stopped abruptly in his tracks.

If there was really a passionate kiss, he this old man was too old to see it.

“Tsk.” He made a somewhat disgusted tsk sound.

“Master, what’s wrong with you?” Baby Bug looked at Old Zhong curiously, and the response he got was a loving, yet firm slap from Old Zhong that landed squarely on his head.

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