Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 143.1 No need to wait

Editor: Jodi

“Why did you come over?” Sheng Heng took a couple of steps hurriedly to meet Yan Hao.

“You guys have been out for quite a while, and Old Wen is a bit hungry, so I came out to get some food for him and to find you.” Yan Hao asked casually. “I looked around earlier and couldn’t find you. Where did you go?”

“We went to discuss certain issues.” Sheng Heng told him.

“Oh.” Yan Hao didn’t ask any more questions after the ‘oh’.

“Let’s go back.”

“Wait a moment, there was a plate of fried noodles that smelled delicious just now. I’ll get some.”

“I’ll go with you.” And saying that, the two of them went to the place where the fried noodles had been put and Ye Chen, who had been intentionally lagging behind, quickened his steps toward Old Wen’s seat.

When Old Wen saw that it was only Ye Chen who returned, he was surprised. “Why is it just you coming back?”

“They are still choosing food, and I didn’t want to be a third wheel, so I came back first.” Ye Chen explained.

“It’s good to be young.” Old Wen chuckled, shaking his head.

In the blink of an eye, three days passed, and the spaceship landed on Capital Star Planet as scheduled.

And the moment Old Wen got off the spaceship, he was picked up immediately by his disciple Xia Tianyi, and before leaving, he extended a warm invite to Ye Chen to come visit his medicine courtyard, making it obvious that he had appreciated their interactions over the past few days. Ye Chen accepted his invitation gladly, promising to pay a visit when he had the time. And shortly after Old Wen left, the Research Institute sent a car to pick Yan Hao up.

“Ye Chen, where are you heading to? Do you want us to give you a lift?” Yan Hao asked Ye Chen.

“There’s no need, my boyfriend is on his way to pick me up. If I leave with you guys, he’ll be upset, just like the last time.” Ye Chen winked at Yan Hao.

“Like the last time?” Immediately, inappropriate images appeared in Yan Hao’s mind, causing him to stammer, “Then… then I won’t disturb you guys.”

Ye Chen’s boyfriend? Sheng Heng thought about it silently but didn’t say anything.

Parking near the port wasn’t allowed for extended periods, hence as soon as they got into the car, it drove off. And just at that moment, a tall and stern-looking man emerged from the crowd and walked over to Ye Chen silently from behind.

“Have you really decided to choose the War God Legion?” the man asked.

Turning around, Ye Chen asked with a smile, “Why, you don’t agree?”

“You chose the War God Legion because of Yan Hao and Sheng Heng’s relationship, but they aren’t married yet, and relationships can easily change.”

“You make a valid point. Maybe I’ll break up with you in the next minute?” Ye Chen smiled.

The man’s face darkened, “We aren’t like them. Our relationship has been through the test of life and death, so you shouldn’t mention breaking up every time we disagree. If it were just me, I wouldn’t mind whichever choice you make, but the Phantom Dream Legion has more than ten thousand members, so I, as the leader have to be more cautious.”

“That’s because you didn’t see how when, Yan Hao had an accident on Z Star Planet, Sheng Heng flew all the way to Z Star Planet through space. It reminds me a bit of you when you crossed the zerg swarm to rescue me.” Ye Chen said.

“So, it’s because of me.” A smug look appeared on the man’s face.

“Then do you…. still have any objections?” Ye Chen smiled as he arched an eyebrow, exuding a captivating charm.

The man’s eyes darkened, “I’ll listen to you.”


There were two external ports in Capital Star Planet, and they had purchased tickets for the one closer to Old Zhong’s location at the Federal Research Institute this time, hence their drive by car would take approximately two hours.

Not long after the car moved out, Sheng Heng received a call from his big brother, Sheng Zhuo, who was calling to ask about Yan Hao’s condition. Sheng Zhuo had been away on a mission when the incident on Z Star Planet had happened, so he didn’t receive the news immediately and when he did, Sheng Heng and Yan Hao were already on the spaceship, so he deliberately checked the flight number of their spaceship then called them right on time.

Once Sheng Zhuo was sure that Yan Hao had really recovered, he was relieved, then gave Sheng Heng some time off: “You don’t need to come to the base during this vacation. Spend quality time with Yan Hao.”

“I’d love to, but Xiao Hao is going to the Federal Research Institute, so even if I’m considered family, I can’t stay inside for over a month.” Sheng Heng said with a hint of helplessness.

“Xiao Hao, are you really going to the research institute? You’ve suffered such a severe injury; you should rest properly. And didn’t Old Wen tell you not to overexert your mental energy for the next two months?” Sheng Zhuo looked at Yan Hao with a disapproving look on his face.

“I’ll just do some math calculations in the research institute, it won’t exhaust my mental energy.”

“Calculations exhaust mental energy the most, it will affect your rest.”

“I like maths, and when I’m doing calculations, I feel especially calm inside, so it’s a way for me to relax.” Yan Hao explained.

“……” Alright, the world of geniuses was something they ordinarily mortals wouldn’t understand.

“In that case, make sure to rest.” Then he turned his head to look at his little brother. “Since Xiao Hao doesn’t need you, you can come back.”

“……” How did I, a battle-hardened soldier, a super level six mech warrior who is known as the advanced level zerg slayer, end up falling to the point where I can only be ordered to return back to the base after being disliked? Was this how the War God Legion treated their soldiers? It could chill one’s heart, okay?

Sheng Heng dared to be angry but didn’t dare speak, and so just said when he would return then hung up.

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