Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 63.2 Making Medicine

About an hour later, the medicine in Yan Hao’s hand took shape and smiling, he took glass test tubes from the side and split the two medicine in two. Once they were filled, he looked at Doctor Hu who was still working on the first medicine not far away and without going up to disturb him, pushed the door open gently and walked out.

In the ward, Xiao Tianhan was taking care of the seven students who had suffered from mental trauma. He had three of the sedatives readily available in his hand, but he didn’t dare use them without being sure that none of the seven sedatives would be short. It was a difficult choice that he didn’t want to make until the very last minute.

There was a slight ‘click’ sound and the door of the ward was pushed open.

“Yan Hao?!” Seeing Yan Hao, Xiao Tianhan stood up, saying in surprise, “The medicine ……”

His eyebrows curving, Yan Hao raised the two medicines he was holding in his hands.

“This is a level six sedative? You’ve really made it? You really know how to make level six sedatives.” Xiao Tianhan didn’t know anything about medicine, but Yan Hao had left after Doctor Hu just now, so now that he was here, it must be because Doctor Hu had finished making the sedatives and asked him to bring them out for the students first.

“Teacher, I’ll take it to my seniors first.” Although one’s sea of consciousness wouldn’t be damaged as long as the sedative was taken within 24 hours, it would hurt less if it was taken earlier.

“Alright, go ahead.” Since there were enough sedatives, Xiao Tianhan also stopped dwelling on this and took the three sedatives he had on hand, picking the ones with the severe injury to give first and this was judged based on the students’ reaction level.

And the two sedatives Yan Hao had made were naturally given to Sheng Heng and Cheng Wenkang respectively.

The effect of the level 6 sedative was very obvious, because after the two took them, the painful expressions on their faces faded away immediately and they regained their composure in no time. Yan Hao stretched out his two hands and placed one on each of the two’s wrists, one on the left and one on the right while releasing his mental energy to feel their mental fluctuations.

When Xiao Tianhan finished administering the sedatives to the students and turned back around, this was the scene he saw. Not making a sound to interrupt, he sat quietly on the side until Yan Hao withdrew his hand and only then did he speak out and ask, “How are Sheng Heng and Cheng Wenkang?”

“The sedative has taken effect and Senior Cheng should be awake in another half an hour; Senior Sheng Heng’s mental energy is more massive and so would take time to calm down, about two more hours.” Yan Hao answered.

“You even know how to detect mental energy?” Xiao Tianhan asked in amazement.

Mental energy detection was a method that allowed one to detect other people’s consciousness using their own mental energy after their mental energy had been cultivated to a certain level. This method was most common among doctors, but it could only be done by very experienced doctors.

“Just a little.” In order to save Sheng Heng, Yan Hao had already revealed his unconventional talent in medicine and so didn’t dare talk nonsense at this point.

“I just checked your entrance grades.” Xiao Tianhan suddenly said.

Yan Hao froze. Teacher is suspecting me.

“I just found out that you actually entered the Federation with the first ranking in Z Star, that your first choice was also Pharmacy Major and that you had already gone to take the exam but then suddenly changed your mind. Why?” Xiao Tianhan asked.

“Because…. I actually like mech building in my heart.” Yan Hao whispered.

“I also asked Professor Qin. He said that you are extremely talented in mechs and that your grades in the class have steadily been at second place.” Xiao Tianhan laughed.

Hearing second place, Yan Hao couldn’t help but blush a little. Every time he took an exam, he would calculate his marks for second place and regarding this matter, He Shao had scolded him a lot.

“If you had continued to study pharmacy, you would have been more than just second place. None of the students in the same class as you can currently make a level six sedative.” Xiao Tianhan laughed, “If those people at the pharmacy department knew that a good student like you had run off to the mech building department, they would probably be furious.”

“They won’t.” They have Yan Fei.

“What?” Xiao Tianhan didn’t hear his response too well.

“I mean I’m going to get some food, the seniors will probably be hungry when they wake up later.” Yan Hao answered.

“And you’re thoughtful, but there’s no need for you to go. I’ll order it online and a robot will bring it over.” With that Xiao Tianhan began to place an order online for takeaway, asking for it to be brought over in thirty minutes.

Thirty minutes later, Cheng Wenkang really woke up as Yan Hao had said and after waking up, apart from feeling a little tired, Cheng Wenkang’s sea of consciousness was calm and felt a little better than usual. What’s more no signs of restlessness could be found at all.

“As expected of a high-level sedative, the effect is just different.” Level 6 sedatives were relatively expensive medicines in the old days and were still strategic supplies, so even if Cheng Wenkang’s family was well off, he wouldn’t use high-level sedatives easily.

As soon as Cheng Wenkang sat up, a robot brought over the meal and taking one on the spot, Cheng Wenkang sat down directly on the bed to eat it.

“Senior Cheng, eat slowly.” Yan Hao poured him a glass of water, afraid that he would make himself choke.

“But I’m starving to death.” Cheng Wenkang took the time to drink the water and continued, “It was right at lunchtime when we were attacked and I’ve been unconscious for half an afternoon. I feel like my stomach has been suppressed.”

“With all that fat, you won’t die even if you don’t eat for three days.” Xiao Tianhan said in no good humor.

Still a bit terrified of his homeroom teacher, Cheng Wenkang immediately didn’t dare speak and just lowered his head to eat silently.

Xiao Tianhan stopped paying attention to Cheng Wenkang. Instead, he asked Yan Hao, “Yan Hao, how come Cheng Wenkang is awake, but Sun Zhu and the rest aren’t? Come over and look at them.”

It was only logical that it should have taken them about the same amount of time to wake up as they had been injured together and had taken the sedatives together.

That’s because the sedative I gave Senior Cheng is twice refined and so much more potent than the usual sedatives.

Naturally, Yan Hao didn’t dare say this. Standing up, he walked over, felt the other three’s pulses, checked them for a moment and said, “It’s probably because they were closer to the level six mutant zerg and so received a bigger shock. It will take some time for them to wake up.”

“No, the class leader was standing even further back than me.” Cheng Wenkang picked up on that.

Yan Hao froze, then reacted sharply by hastily saying another sentence, “The strength of each person’s mental energy and their reactions in the face of an attack are different, which also affects the effect of the sedative.”

Xiao Tianhan nodded his head, not quite understanding.

When Cheng Wenkang finished eating, he saw the tired look on Yan Hao’s face and couldn’t help but say, “Xiao Hao, did you lose a lot of mental energy making the sedatives for us?”

“It’s fine.” Yan Hao had made a level six energy block in the morning and level six sedatives in the afternoon, and the mental energy required to make a sedative was far greater than that needed to make an energy block. That, combined with Sheng Heng being injured and seeing Sima Ming Xuan and being emotionally shaken twice, did make him a little mentally exhausted.

“Why don’t you go back and rest? I’ll keep watch over boss here.” Cheng Wenkang suggested.

Yan Hao was indeed tired and so after feeling Sheng Heng’s pulse again to make sure he was really close to recovering, he nodded and stood up, “I’ll go back first then. When Senior Sheng wakes up, you guys go to the dormitory to rest too. I’ve rented one for you guys.”

“I know, I know.” He knew, but he didn’t dare go and stay there. It was better to rent an extra room by himself honestly later.

After Yan Hao left, Cheng Wenkang took an apple and laying down on the bed, nibbled on it. After twenty to thirty minutes, the other students who had taken the level six sedatives woke up one after another and after another hour, Sheng Heng, who had been unconscious also opened his eyes. When he woke up, he subconsciously looked to his right hand side.

No one was there?

It seemed he had heard Xiao Hao’s voice when he was unconscious.

“Boss, you’re awake?” Seeing that Sheng Heng was awake, Cheng Wenkang rushed off the hospital bed and poured a glass of water for Sheng Heng while saying, “Our little junior was right. He said you would wake up in two hours and you’ve really woken up in two hours.”

“Xiao Hao is here?” Sheng Heng’s eyes lit up.

“Yes. Our little junior was here all this time before, but then after I woke up I made him go back.” Saying this, Cheng Wenkang turned around and was about to pass the water to him when he suddenly met Sheng Heng’s somewhat sinister gaze.

“!!!” What was going on here? Why was he suddenly being despised.

“I usually don’t see you being this attentive, so what are you doing being attentive for at this time? Acting the part of having a strong will in a disabled body?” Sheng Heng asked in a non curious manner.

D*mn, he was blaming him for taking care of him instead of their little junior.

Cheng Wenkang was depressed for a while, “Isn’t it because I saw that our little junior was mentally exhausted after making the sedatives for us that’s why I made him go and rest? If you don’t like it, I’ll go and call him over now.”

“Wait.” Sheng Heng shouted hastily for him to halt.

“No, I have to call our little junior to come, to save you from blaming me.” Cheng Wenkang insisted.

“I was wrong.” Sheng Heng panicked for a second.

Cheng Wenkang stopped in his tracks, a smug expression on his face.

Who asked you to scold me.

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