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Chapter 93.2 Talented

The next morning, Yan Hao arrived at the lab on time with breakfast, only to find his master sitting at the desk with a tired expression, yawning from time to time, looking like he hadn’t slept well.

“Master, you didn’t sleep well last night?” Yan Hao asked worriedly.

“Hmm.” Old Pang nodded listlessly.

“Then you should go back and sleep some more.” Yan Hao suggested.

“An old man’s sleep is light. Once I’m awake, it’s hard for me to fall asleep again. Bring me the breakfast, I’m a little hungry.” Old Pang waved Yan Hao over.

Yan Hao sent the breakfast over quickly, but after putting it down, he didn’t leave immediately. Instead, he went behind Old Pang and started massaging him. From the top of his head, to his temples, neck, all the way down to his shoulders, Yan Hao’s movements were so skilled and smooth that in no time, Old Pang was squinting in comfort.

“Where did you learn this skill?” After being massaged by Yan Hao, Old Pang felt that the headache caused by his lack of sleep was relieved at once.

“I used to study pharmacy, so I’m quite familiar with the meridians and acupoints of the human body.” In the previous life, when Yan Hao was in the military rehabilitation center, many soldiers would suffer from insomnia due to the aftereffects of mental energy. At that time, he would often massage them like this, even adding his own mental energy sometimes, which made it even more effective.

Hearing this, Old Pang couldn’t help but remember the call from Old Wen early in the morning, so he asked, “The formula you calculated yesterday, do you know what it’s for?”

“It’s an improved formula for the phantom elixir.” Yan Hao answered without even thinking.

Sure enough, he recognized it.

“Last night, Old Wen, the person who asked you to calculate the formula, called me.”

Yan Hao knew about Xia Tianyi, so he naturally guessed who the Old Wen his Master was talking about was. Wen Feng, one of the three great Grandmaster Pharmacists in the Federation. He had always been at the pinnacle of the field of Pharmacy and didn’t belong to any power within the Federation, so although he had a high reputation, he was very low-key. He was also the only person who didn’t like Yan Fei, although people said it was because Yan Fei had overshadowed his disciple Xia Tianyi. However, Yan Hao had a good impression of him.

“Was there a problem with the values I calculated?” Although Yan Hao asked this, he had great confidence in the data he had calculated.

“He said you are very talented in pharmacy and wants to take you as his disciple.” Although Old Pang had already refused Old Wen, he didn’t hide it from Yan Hao.

“Master Wen said I’m talented in pharmacy?” Yan Hao was so shocked, he even stopped massaging his Master.

If someone else had said this, Yan Hao wouldn’t find it strange. After all, in the previous life, he was already a level eight pharmacist, so it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call him a genius now that he was in the body of an eighteen year old university student, but Old Wen was different. He was a Grandmaster Pharmacist, what’s more he hadn’t seen him make medicine, only his calculation method.

The calculation method he had developed was an auxiliary method he had come up with based on his mathematical intuition to help him quickly understand various medicines. Many people knew about it, but no one praised him for his talent in pharmacy. They just acknowledged his excellent math skills. In the field of pharmacy, innovation and insight were the most important, while his calculation method was just a series of rigorous logical calculations, with no innovation to speak of.

Seeing Yan Hao’s expression, Old Pang’s heart skipped a beat. Not good, his little disciple wouldn’t change his mind and go back to studying pharmacy right?

Old Wen’s status in the field of pharmacy was the same as his status in the field of mech building, so it was understandable that any pharmacy student would be tempted after hearing this.

“It can’t be that you’re going to change your mind and go back to studying pharmacy, right?” Old Pang asked anxiously.

Coming back to his senses, Yan Hao said quickly, “No, I like mech building. I was just shocked that Old Wen would think I’m talented in pharmacy.”

Hearing that Yan Hao still liked mech building, Old Pang’s heart that had been hanging finally came down, however he became dissatisfied with his disciple’s self-deprecation, “What do you mean by that? Have you forgotten that you were on that shitty pharmacy list the last time? If you didn’t weren’t talented, why would those people from the Pharmacy Department come to steal you?”

“But Old Wen is a Grandmaster Pharmacist, and he……”

“So what if he’s a Grandmaster Pharmacist? I’m a mech building master, also at the Grandmaster level. Moreover, there are three Grandmaster Pharmacists in total, whereas there are only two from the Mech Building side, both of whom are your masters. Do you think we can’t compare to his one-third?” Old Pang said indignantly.

Yan Hao blinked in confusion, struggling to keep up with his master’s train of thought. What did one-third mean?

After saying all this, Old Pang immediately realized that he had lost his composure, so he coughed and turned away, motioning for Yan Hao to continue massaging. Then, he relayed Old Wen’s request for him to continue helping with the calculations under the given conditions.

“I can. The calculations don’t take much time. If Old Wen needs help, he can always find me.” Yan Hao agreed without hesitation.

Whether it was for the sake of his master’s face or Old Wen’s status as a Grandmaster Pharmacist, it wouldn’t be a loss for him to help.

“Moreover, I have a friend who wants to refine a phantom elixir. If it’s convenient….”

“What if it’s convenient? Right now, he’d be more than happy if you asked for his help. He would agree to not just one, but ten requests.” Old Pang said directly.


Yan Hao immediately thought of Sheng Heng and wondered if he needed any elixirs. So he changed his words, “Then I’ll go back and ask to see if anyone else needs any elixirs.”

“Go ahead, ask more. We can’t let Old Wen take advantage of us. Who asked him to disturb my sleep and even try to steal my disciple.” Old Pang grumbled.

After he finished massaging Old Pang, Yan Hao sent messages to his three friends, telling them roughly what had happened then offered to ask Grandmaster Pharmacist Old Wen to help them refine an elixir each.

Although Old Pang said that ten people would be fine, Yan Hao was too thin skinned to actually gather ten people or ten different elixirs.

After receiving the news, the happiest person was Cheng Wenkang. He had obtained two milliliters of phantom beast blood and was considering whether to go to the Federal Research Institute to find a Senior Pharmacist or the Pharmacy Department to find a professor for help, and just as he was struggling to make a decision, Yan Hao delivered this message. A Grandmaster Pharmacist! That was a Grandmaster level Pharmacist! With his status, Cheng Wenkang would probably only have the chance to meet him if he had a whole live phantom beast, but now he had the opportunity to have a Grandmaster Pharmacist refine an elixir for him?

Even Sheng Heng was taken aback. When he had obtained the phantom beast blood this time, it wasn’t that he hadn’t thought of keeping a portion for his family to make a phantom elixir. However, his father and big brother’s mental energy were both A+, moreover they had been on the battlefield for a long time, causing their mental energy fluctuations to be much more intense than that of ordinary people, so using the phantom elixir to stimulate their mental energy a second time had a high chance of failure.

But what if a Grandmaster Pharmacist used the blood of a wild phantom beast and an improved formula? Sheng Heng couldn’t help but be tempted unconsciously.

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