Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 24 If only it was really on purpose

At 11:30 p.m., Yan Hao was about to read a few pages and go to bed when he suddenly received a short message from Sheng Heng, asking him to come out for a while.

Yan Hao didn’t hesitate much and tiptoed out of the dormitory door, and when he got downstairs, he saw a tall figure standing under the streetlight not far away.

“Little junior.” Sheng Heng had been watching the direction of the dormitory building, and he saw Yan Hao as soon as he came out.

“Senior.” Yan Hao hurriedly took a few quick steps and greeted him. When he got closer, he realized that Sheng Heng looked a little tired, his eyes were blood red and he was all winded and dusty, but fortunately he was still in good spirits, “Senior, are you just coming back from outside?”

“Hmm, I went back home and I just got back to the university. Sorry to call you down so late, didn’t disturb your rest, right?” Sheng Heng asked.

“No, I was reading, I wasn’t asleep.” Yan Hao shook his head in a hurry.

“Reading at this late hour, junior is really working hard.” Sheng Heng said.

“I’m not a halfway decent mech builder? Naturally, I have to work a little harder.” Yan Hao was a little embarrassed by the compliment.

Hearing the words halfway to cultivation, Sheng Heng’s expression suddenly serious, he thought of the teenager a few days ago handed himself that advanced sedative formula data model, could not help but say: “Do you want to re-learn pharmacy?”

“Huh?” Yan Hao froze for a moment at the question.

“You have a great talent in pharmacy.” Sheng Heng said, “If you want, I can introduce you to a very good teacher.”

“Senior, are you kidding me? If I had a high talent in pharmacy, I wouldn’t have switched to mecha building halfway through the year.” No one knew better than Yan Hao himself whether his talent in pharmacy was good or not, after all, he had spent his whole life in pharmacy in his previous life.

“I checked your academic performance in high school.” Sheng Heng said.

“You checked me out?” Yan Hao froze.

“Sorry, because the data model you provided is too precious, the military checked your past.” Sheng Heng said somewhat apologetically.

“The military, you gave the data model to the military?”

“Yes, in fact, I came back this time to talk to you about this matter.” Sheng Heng explained,” because the front line is really too short of medicine, and the only one who can mobilize all the resources in a short period of time, and the most rapid delivery of medicine to the front line is only the military, I gave your model directly to them. Subsequently, the military did some investigation into your past, but it won’t release your information to the public until you give permission.”

“Oh.” Yan Hao dumbfoundedly let out an oh, “Will that have any effect on me?”

“It’s up to you to make your own choices.” Sheng Heng said, “The data you provided has saved the lives of countless soldiers on the front line and is a great contribution to the country. You can choose to publish to the public that you calculated the data model, so that you can ……”

“No, I don’t want to publish it.” Without waiting for Sheng Heng to finish, Yan Hao immediately refused. He had even been contemplating during the day whether he had stolen Yan Fei’s protagonist aura. If he announced his name to the public and reaped fame and fortune, wouldn’t this be a more complete theft?

Sheng Heng smiled and added: “That can also not be announced.”

“Is it okay?”

”Yes. With the military as your backing, as long as you don’t want to publish, no one will know that you calculated this data model, but for you, it will be a great loss, after all, this is a great work. There are a lot of people who want this but can’t get it even if they beg for it.”

“I don’t want it. I just figured out a formula on the fly, and I don’t get any great credit for it.” The reason why he competed with Yan Fei in his last life wasn’t for fame and fortune, but just to prove that he wasn’t inferior to him. In this life, after he chose mech building, there was no need to compete with anyone and life instantly became much more easier and comfortable, how could he allow himself to get stuck again?

“Hmm, then, no announcement, just the rewards.” Sheng Heng said.

“There are rewards?” Yan Hao was dumbfounded.

“As I said before leaving, after giving me this stuff, senior will definitely not let you suffer.” Sheng Heng said softly, “I asked you for two reward models, the first is to give the data model to the military, count it as your contribution to the military, and the military, in return, can allow you to enter any military research institute you want to join without examination after graduation. Of course, what they naturally want most is for you to enter a pharmaceutical-related institute ……”

“I’m studying mech building now, and don’t want to go into pharmacy.” Yan Hao emphasized again.

“The second, the data model is considered to have been sold by you to the military, so the military also offers two billing models, one is to directly give you a huge amount of star currency to buy out the copyright, and the second is to draw a percentage, as long as the sedative is made with your model, you have to be paid a royalty. Which of these two do you choose?” Sheng Heng asked.

“Actually, you don’t have to. I said I’d give it to you.” He was genuinely going to give it away in the first place, not even thinking about making money off of it, after all, in the last life, it was something he gave to Professor Sun as a class assignment.

At that, Sheng Heng’s eyes lit up, and the look on his face became even more gentle: “Your data model saved my brother, it’s already the best gift you can give me, and the rest is what you deserve. If I even take that, I would feel like a scumbag.”

“Ah, that …… then I’ll take it.” Yan Hao couldn’t refuse this time.

Sheng Heng couldn’t help but reach out and rub Yan Hao’s head: “Why are you so cute?”


Yan Hao took a step back uncomfortably: “Don’t touch my head, otherwise I won’t grow taller.”

“You can still grow?” Sheng Heng raised his eyebrows as he asked.

“Of course I can, I’m only 175 now, and I can grow another 3.15 cm before I graduate from university.” Yan Hao said in a particularly strict manner.

Sheng Heng only felt that his little junior was even more cute, he had even calculated his height to the specific number: “Then in order not to delay your growth, quickly choose the rewards so you can go back to sleep.”

Except for mathematics and mech building, Yan Hao rarely cared about anything else and wasn’t willing to use his brain for it. Besides, he didn’t even think there would be a reward when he gave it to Sheng Heng, so this so-called rewards was a surprise to him, so he casually asked, “Senior, which one do you think is good?”

“If I were to choose, draw a percentage, so that you will have a substantial annual income that will support the cost of all the materials you would buy during university without having to work hard to make energy blocks to earn money.” Sheng Heng knew that his little junior wasn’t good at managing money, so a substantial amount of income each year was suitable for him instead.

“Really?!” As soon as he heard that he didn’t have to make energy blocks to earn money, Yan Hao’s eyes lit up.

For something that had been perfectly mastered, Yan Hao didn’t want to waste time doing it if it wasn’t for making money. He was now new to mech building and had so much else to learn. If he could really not worry about money, he would love it.

“Hmm.” Sheng Heng gave a decisive hmm.

“Then I’ll take this one, just this one. Thank you, senior, you’ve helped me a lot again.”

How did it become a big help to him again?

”Little junior, are you deliberately giving me credit so that I will increase my goodwill towards you?” Sheng Heng suddenly said.

“Huh?” Yan Hao didn’t understand.

“It’s okay, go to sleep.” Sheng Heng smiled and shook his head.

“Then go back to rest early too, you look tired.”

“Alright.” Sheng Heng nodded his head.

“Good night, then, senior.”

“Good night.”

Looking at his little junior running cutely and adorably into the dormitory building, Sheng Heng murmured and added: “If only it was really on purpose.”

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  2. My blood pressure went up everytime yan hao refuse his rightful reward and being extra grateful to shengheng for doing what he supposed to do 😂 i understand his low eq but why didnt he learn through all the exploit and hardship in his past life! Know your worth!!

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