Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 81.1 Trying to assemble a mech

Yan Hao disassembled parts for two days and was so satisfied with the results that he even found a bag to carry more than ten of them away when he left on Sunday. Old Pang saw this, but pretended not to have noticed.

However Yan Hao didn’t take the parts away just for the sake of taking them away. He had previewed the lessons for the next week and so took only the parts related to the mech topic that would be covered because as the saying went, ‘clumsy birds had to start flying early’. He had to work harder than others to catch up due to his lack of six years’ accumulation compared to others.

On Monday, as soon as Yan Hao walked into the classroom, he was surrounded by his classmates.

“Yan Hao, I heard that you were enrolled in the Special Talent Program in the field of Pharmacy?”

“Yan Hao, did the Head of the Pharmacy Department really come to our department to steal you away?”

“Then are you going back to the Pharmacy Department?”

“Your little brother is really scheming. He clearly knows you don’t want to go to the Pharmacy Department, so why did he apply for the Special Talent Program for you?”

“I’ve met Yan Hao’s little brother twice. He always smiled and looked very concerned about Yan Hao, but I never expected him to be that kind of person. Yan Hao, don’t worry. The next time I see him, I’ll be the first one to drive him away for you.”

“Exactly! Someone from the Pharmacy Department actually dares to come and act wild in our Mech Building Department. This is just because we are still freshmen. Wait until we are sophomores, I’ll rush there straight away with my mech warrior partner to deal with them. I’ll crush them singlehandedly.”


Yan Hao turned his head silently to look at He Shao, who scratched his nose awkwardly: “When Director Liao of the Pharmacy Department went to the Head of our Department last Friday to steal you away, the news spread. Then, our classmates were all concerned about you and they came to ask me, so I….”

Just told them everything.

“Yan Hao, if you don’t want to go back to the Pharmacy Department, I can ask my uncle, who works at the Federal Talent Center if there’s any way to solve the issue with the list of talents.” Li Chun said as he approached.

“There’s no need, but thank you.” Yan Hao never expected Li Chun to seek help from his uncle because of him and so touched, he added, “The issue with the list of talents has already been resolved, I won’t be going to the Pharmacy Department.”

“That’s good, but if you need any help, just let me know.” Li Chun said.

“Okay, you too.” Yan Hao replied seriously.

“Pfft~~” Li Chun couldn’t help but laugh. “Yan Hao, I’ve been wanting to say this for a long time. You are too serious about everything.”


“It’s normal for classmates to help each other. The way you’re making a serious promise makes me feel as if we are making an exchange.” Li Chun explained.

“No, that’s not what I meant. I just….”

“You’re just too serious.” Li Chun interrupted with a smile then didn’t continue the topic. “But to be on the Special Talent Program list, your knowledge of Pharmacy should be among the top in your peers, right?”

As soon as Li Chun finished saying this, everyone in the classroom also looked at Yan Hao.

Yan Hao froze for a moment, then replied modestly, “It’s okay.”

In the previous life, although Yan Hao’s achievements in Pharmacy were never as good as Yan Fei’s, few others could surpass him, so it wasn’t wrong to say that he was among the top in his peers.

“Then can we come to you to make medicines in the future?” Someone asked.

Students from the Mech Building Department needed to use mental energy when making energy blocks and assembling parts and with the increase in mech levels, the consumption of mental energy also increased. In addition, they often did research to the point of neglecting sleep and meals, so that in the later stages, most people had hidden dangers in terms of mental energy and needed to take sedatives to treat them.

“What are you thinking, Yan Hao still needs to learn how to make mechs. He doesn’t have time to make medicines for you.”

“That’s right.” The person who had asked the question looked at Yan Hao with a somewhat apologetic expression.

“Although I can’t make medicines for you, I can help you distinguish between good and bad medicines, so before you take any medicine for mental energy in the future, you can show it to me and I can give you some advice.” Yan Hao liked his current classmates, so he was willing to help with anything he could.

“Then doesn’t this mean we have our own exclusive pharmacist, a special kind of treatment that is only available to students of the Mech Building Department?”


It didn’t take long before lessons were to begin and soon, Professor Qin walked in with his teaching materials and seeing the group of people gathered in one place, cleared his throat not so lightly, causing the students to immediately return to their seats.

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