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Chapter 39.1 Earning 500 million starcoins

WT Group headquarters.

Wang Bohan, the company’s president, paced anxiously in his office until a middle-aged man with dark-rimmed glasses pushed his way in.


“How is it, have you contacted the person yet?” Wang Bohan asked anxiously.

“No.” The middle-aged man was Du Tianqi, the R&D director of WT Group.

“What? How come we haven’t been able to contact him yet?” Wang Bohan slapped the table hard, “Who the hll is this Ri An? Who the hll sent him to mess with our company?”

“President, I don’t think he is trying to bring our company down.” Du Tianqi said.

“Really? He’s had that algorithm on Starnet for two days now and I just got word that our rival company is already upgrading their product.” Wang Bohan shouted angrily, “We at WT have been pioneers of the mimetic sensing system, we have been working on it for a year and have spent countless hours to upgrade the mimetic sensing system to the sixth generation. The new generation, which has only just been launched, has cost tens of billions of starcoins alone.”

“President Wang, calm down. If this guy was an engineer at a rival company, he didn’t have to post the upgrade online. It would have been just as effective to upgrade the system within his own company and then make it available to the entire federation. Why bother?” Du Tianqi analyzed calmly.

“Then why do you think …… he did it?” Wang Bohan also calmed down slowly.

“I’m more inclined to think that the other side did it unintentionally.” Du Tianqi said, “I’ve read this Ri An’s profile carefully. He was introduced to Apollo Website six years ago, was active for a while after joining the website, then disappeared. Six years later, he has posted twice on the website, the first time with a request for help and the second time with the publishing of the algorithm, both within three days of each other. And the first time he asked for help, he asked about the key algorithm in our mimetic sensing system, so I suspect that he just happened to be working on the mimetic sensing system and changed the algorithm casually.”

“Casually? Changed the algorithm?” Wang Bohan could hardly believe what he was hearing, “Your whole R&D department worked on this thing for a year, but he upgraded it for you guys in three days? So what are you guys, losers?”

Du Tianqi’s face turned ugly as he was scolded but couldn’t retort.

“All right, all right, it’s useless to talk about this now, just tell me how to solve it.” Wang Bohan told him.

“Ri An’s algorithm published on Starnet has already been acquired by several rival companies and they will definitely finish upgrading the system in the shortest possible time. At this time, even if we follow suit and upgrade the system, we can’t completely recover our losses. The only way is to find a better algorithm and just upgrade the mimetic sensing system to the eighth generation.” Du Tianqi said.

“Your R&D department has an idea?” Wang Bohan asked.


“If it doesn’t then why the fu*k are you telling me this?”

“We don’t have an idea, but Ri An does.” Du Tianqi said, “If what I just guessed is true and this Ri An really upgraded our algorithm in three days, then it means he has a talent in this area that no one else can match. If it’s up to him to upgrade the system again, it shouldn’t be difficult.”

“Then go and look for him. Get a few people to hack the website and find out his address.” Wang Bohan said anxiously.

“President, you can’t. Apollo Website was founded fifty years ago by three young scientists, and fifty years later, they have all become big names in their respective industries. Not to mention the fact that we can’t hack the website, even if we could, we wouldn’t dare to do so.” Du Tianqi advised hastily.

“But we still have to look for him.” If there was another method, he also wouldn’t want to do such an illegal thing.

“I’ve already filed a complaint with the website that this algorithm posted by Ri An directly affects our company, so the complaint should go through. As soon as the complaint is approved on the website’s side, the website will step in to help us get in touch.” Du Tianqi said.

“Ugh.” Wang Bohan sighed, there was nothing else to do, “Let’s find the guy first. If he can really upgrade the algorithm again, no matter what the cost is, we have to get him to help. It’s possible that this guy is here to blackmail us on purpose.”

Federal University, the Laboratory.

Yan Hao was having lunch when his light brain terminal suddenly rang, indicating a new email.

He glanced at the sender: “Baby Bug? That name seems to ring a bell.”

Yan Hao didn’t try to remember anymore. Instead, he simply clicked on the content of the email: [Ri An, go to Apollo Website.]

Apollo Website? Yan Hao suddenly let out an ahhh, remembering who this Baby Bug guy was. This was the same person who had helped him answer questions and solve problems on the school forum and who had recommended Apollo Website to him. If he started calculating from the previous life, then it meant he hadn’t been in touch with this friend for almost 10 years, which was why he hadn’t been able to remember him immediately.

Yan Hao quickly logged on to Apollo Website and as soon as he did, a constant ‘beep beep beep’ sounded incessantly.

So many short messages?

It took two minutes for the beeping to stop and then Yan Hao clicked on the backend of the website, only to see hundreds of messages instantly fill his inbox.

What was going on here?

There were so many messages in the mailbox that Yan Hao clicked on a few and found that they were all requests from people to add them as friends. Yan Hao didn’t like having contact with strangers, and as he didn’t know what was going on, just didn’t add any of them as friends.

Just as he was about to log out to send an email to ask Baby Bug, a friend request popped up from the backend of the site: [I’m Baby Bug.]

His eyes lighting up, Yan Hao accepted the friend request hurriedly.

Baby Bug: [You’re online now.]

Ri An: [What’s going on, why are so many people trying to add me on as a friend?]

Baby Bug: [Haven’t you read the messages in your mailbox yet?]

Ri An: [I just clicked on a few and they were all friend requests. I haven’t had a chance to read the rest.]

Baby Bug: [Alright, don’t read them, I’ll explain.]

Baby Bug then gave a brief explanation of the reactions to the algorithm that Yan Hao had posted on the website.

Baby Bug: [Is it true that this algorithm is an improvement on your previous algorithm?]

Ri An: [Yes. I’ve been working on the mimetic sensing system recently and then I bought the new robot from WT Group and studied their system. I got some insights from the research and made some improvements, but it was so far from what I expected that I didn’t find it useful and posted it online as I went along.]

Baby Bug: [……]

Baby Bug: [After not seeing you for six years, you’ve started humblebragging.]

Yan Hao: [What?]

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