Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 76.1 I want to continue learning Mech Building

After the end of morning class, Professor Qin called Yan Hao over and handed him some materials.

“These are the study materials and assignments from last week. Even though you couldn’t attend classes, you can’t fall behind on your studies so finish them and hand them in to me next Monday.” Professor Qin told him.

Yan Hao took the materials without looking at them and promised, “Don’t worry teacher, I will definitely complete them properly.”

Professor Qin nodded approvingly. Yan Hao was his favorite type of student— intelligent, humble, diligent and obedient. He was simply a joy to teach. “Yes, you’re going to intern at Old Pang’s place this weekend, right?”

“En.” Yan Hao nodded.

“Then there’s no need to rush doing the homework. You can give it to me two days later.” Professor Qin told Yan Hao.

“It’s okay, I’ll do it when I get home tonight. It shouldn’t take me too long.” Towards something like homework, Yan Hao had never felt that it was any pressure.

“…..” Professor Qin who was suddenly wondering if he had assigned too little homework.

When Yan Hao returned to his seat with his assignment for the night, he found that He Shao had already put their textbooks away and was waiting for him. “What did Professor Qin want from you?”

“This.” Yan Hao showed him the materials in his arms.

“Aren’t these the assignments from last week?”


“Heh heh, do you want to copy mine?” He Shao grinned.

Yan Hao looked at him in silence.

“Why are you looking at me like that? This is a rare opportunity where I’m offering you my homework to copy.” He Shao felt somewhat guilty under Yan Hao’s gaze. “Besides, copying each other’s homework is an effective way to strengthen friendships.”

“Really?” Yan Hao was doubtful.

“If you don’t believe me you can ask someone.” And saying this, He Shao grabbed a classmate who was passing by. “Lan Ge, isn’t copying homework an effective way to strengthen friendships?”

Lan Ge, who was suddenly grabbed was bewildered. He looked at Yan Hao, then at He Shao, then asked, “He Shao, in order to copy Yan Hao’s homework you can even come up with this excuse?”

“Bullshit, it’s me who wants to give him my homework to copy.” He Shao said angrily.

“Heh heh.” Just these two words conveyed endless ridicule and suspicion.

“Get lost, get lost!” He Shao was so angry that he drove him away.

Lan Ge stumbled back a few steps, but before he left, he didn’t forget to turn around to remind Yan Hao, “Yan Hao, don’t copy the homework for He Shao. This guy just wants to be lazy.”

“You’re still not getting lost?” He Shao was so angry that he wanted to hit someone.

Laughing, Lan Ge run out and Yan Hao was also amused, pursing his lips to keep from smiling.

Seeing Yan Hao smiling, He Shao was angry for a while then suddenly became amused as well, “This person’s inherent thinking is really scary. Just because you’re a god of learning, no one will believe that you’ll copy someone else’s homework.”

“It is indeed scary.” Just like before, when everyone around him thought he was bad, hence everything he did was also considered bad.

“I was wronged because of you, so you’ll have to treat me to lunch today.” He Shao told him.

“Okay, let’s go back to the dorm first….” As Yan Hao was saying this, the terminal of his light brain suddenly beeped, indicating that an email had arrived.

He opened the email, but as he scanned it quickly, his brows furrowed.

“What’s wrong?” He Shao asked, seeing that his expression wasn’t right.

“I’ve been enrolled in the Federation’s Special Talent Protection Program.” Yan Hao said in a daze.

“The Federation’s Special Talent Protection Program? When did you apply for it?” He Shao had been with Yan Hao all this time and had never heard him make mention of it.

“I didn’t apply for it.” Yan Hao shook his head.

“Could it be that it was Old Pang who applied for you?” He Shao asked.

“It wasn’t my teacher.” Yan Hao showed He Shao the email. “I was enrolled in the talent protection program not for mech building, but for pharmacy.”

“What?!” Staring at the big words ‘pharmacy’ in the email, He Shao realized immediately that something was wrong. “What’s going on? Although the talent protection program sounds like a good thing, once you’re enrolled in the Federation’s Special Talent Pool, you’ll only be able to study pharmacy for the rest of your life and after graduation, have to work in a research institute designated by the government for at least thirty years.”

Yan Hao was also aware of this rule. Scrolling to the end of the email, he found the communicator number of the Federation’s Special Talent Protection Agency and quickly made a call. The call was answered very quickly.

“Hello, this is the Federation’s Talent Protection Program Center. Who am I speaking to?” A female employee in uniform appeared in the video.

“Hello, I’m Yan Hao. You just sent me an email saying that I have been enrolled in the Federation’s Special Talent Protection Program.”

“Wait a moment, let me check.” After a moment’s search, the employee quickly found Yan Hao’s name in the system. “Yes, I’ve found your name. Congratulations, Mr. Yan Hao. You are now one of the Federation’s special talents.”

There was a sincere smile on the employee’s face as she congratulated Yan Hao.

“But I didn’t apply for talent protection. Please, have you make a mistake?” Yan Hao said hurriedly.

The employee was stunned, clearly not expecting to encounter such a situation. “Wait a moment, let me check the application records.”

This time the search took a little longer. About five minutes later, the employee said, “Your talent protection application was submitted by your parents on your behalf. They provided all the pharmacy related grades you achieved in middle through to high school and in addition to that, your recently made a highly pure level six sedatives on the base of No. 3 Desolate Planet. Our staff also contacted the doctor at the base and confirmed the accuracy of this information before approving your application at the fastest possible speed.”

“But I didn’t want to apply for it?” Yan Hao asked, “I wasn’t the one who applied for it, so can it be revoked?”

“Your parents provided all the necessary documents for the application and completed the procedures properly, so there’s no problem.” The employee said in response.

“Then can I cancel it now? I don’t want to join the program.” Yan Hao asked.

Yan Hao’s answer seemed to have annoyed the employee on the other end, whose tone became impolite as she visibly turned hostile. “Mr. Yan Hao, the Federation’s Special Talent Protection Program is a benefit and honor that the government bestows upon special talents, not something you can apply for and then cancel at will. And do you know the number of people who apply for it every year? So please cherish it.”

With that, the call was ended abruptly.

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  1. What??? What kind of employee is that?? Just because it’s a benefit it doesn’t mean everyone wants it, she didn’t even knew the context. He told her he didn’t knew about it and she just HUNG UP because SHE THINKS it’s a thing everyone would want, even tho he’s saying HE DOESN’T? Istg

  2. I know it’s just for the drama, but I actually really like the idea of the SPPP. It’s such a flawed-utopia idea that it swings right around into being a good story concept again, as is being showcased to us. I wish it wasn’t being used as such a throwaway plot element.

  3. Thanks for the chapter! Yeah something you didn’t ask for & done against your will is a good thing… BS

  4. Im transmigrating just to beat the woman up tf you talking like that to someone with a genuine request

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