Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 21.2

After the young man left and the door of the room was closed, Yan Hao went to the Super light brain and manipulated it skillfully. First, he exited the formula interface set by the young man, then opened the initial value of the operation of the Super light brain then made some adjustments and returned to the formula interface from just now.

This set of smooth operations left He Shao dumbfounded: “Hao Hao, have you ever used a Super light brain before?”

Yan Hao was stunned, then he remembered that for a beginner, he was a bit too skilled in setting it up on his own: “I… When I was in high school, I used it a few times with my teacher.”

He Shao nodded in understanding. It made sense, Yan Hao had been a learning god since he was a child, so it wasn’t surprising that he’d had the opportunity to use the Super light brain with his teacher.

“I saw you just changed the initial value.” He Shao said curiously.

“Yes.” While entering the formula he wanted to run in the interface, Yan Hao explained, “The operation procedure of the Super light brain is the same, therefore, the formula and the most recent initial initial value design are what changes the operation results. This is the Super light brain of the Mech Building Department, so their initial values are set according to the current mech level. I have to change the initial value because the formula I’m putting in is for pharmacy. I’ll change it back when I’m done, it’ll be fine.”

“You want to calculate a pharmacy formula?” He Shao asked in shock.

“Yes.” Yan Hao felt a little guilty, asking himself whether he should tell He Shao if he asked him what he was calculating later, but it wasn’t impossible. After all, the formula had already been published on Starnet by Professor Sun, the pharmacy professor. All pharmacists who were interested in pharmacy and could understand the formula he had published could try to test it. He had also said that the formula would go to whoever solved it first.

After all, it took him three years to solve the formula after he had discovered it himself. Although he was confident that it was in the right direction, any formula that hadn’t been validated wasn’t a correct formula and its value didn’t come across as anything more than an idea.

Professor Sun knew this, which was why he had released the formula for free. If he could solve it first, then he deserved to be named the author of the breakthrough in this technology. However, if someone else came up with it before him, and that person also came up with it based on his formula, then he would still get the credit.

He Shao watched as Yan Hao’s fingers slid across the keyboard rapidly, with symbols he had never seen before being typed in and in the blink of an eye, the whole screen was densely filled with it.

“This calculation is too big, we only have an hour and a half.” He Shao glanced at the time, this operation alone had taken almost 15 minutes.

“It’s enough. As long as I set it up, the calculation time of an hour is enough.” Yan Hao assured him.

“It seems we can only attempt the calculation once.” He Shaoming said.

“I’ve changed this formula many times, so it won’t be a problem.” Yan Hao reassured him as he entered the last symbol. He scanned the formula on the screen carefully to make sure what he had entered was correct then pressed the run key.

At once, the screen of the Super light brain flashed rapidly, and countless numbers and symbols flashed on the screen, almost dazzling one’s eyes.

Yan Hao’s eyes remained glued to the light screen as he seemed to be checking something, and after about fifteen minutes, he let out a sigh of relief. Because so far, all the previous values were the same as he remembered.

It was an incredibly tedious time, and for someone like Yan Hao who could read the calculations, he stare at the values that appeared on the Super light brain at each stage, checking them. But for someone like He Shao, who had no idea what the Super light brain was calculating, he became too sleepy after looking at it for a while.

Yan Hao wrote formulas and numbers on the worktable in the center of the room, while He Shao dozed off on the other side.

An hour later.

The Super light brain stopped running and something like a molecular structure appeared.

“Calculation completed, target completion probability 99.12%, target stability 87.95%, congratulations, trial calculation successful.” The mechanical voice of the Super light brain rang out in the room.

He Shao was awakened by this sound and although he couldn’t understand what Yan Hao was calculating, he could understand the words ‘trial calculation successful’. He congratulated Yan Hao happily, “Hao Hao, you really succeeded, you succeeded in one go. You’re really too great.”

“I’ve done the calculations a few times before, so I had a better chance.” Yan Hao was a bit embarrassed. In his previous life, he had worked for more than two months and had worked tirelessly for many times before he succeeded. Today, he had entered the correct formula at the beginning and then had improved it several times afterwards.

“Should the model for the formula be exported?” The Super light brain asked.

The Super light brain could convert an immensely complex formula into a simple and clear model, and with that model, the corresponding remedy could be made.

“Export it.” Yan Hao nodded.

“Exporting started, exporting complete.” The Super light brain reported.

After Yan Hao confirmed that the model had been imported into his own terminal, he went up and manually removed traces of his calculations, he also restored the original initial values of the Super light brain.

“All right, let’s go.” Disconnecting, Yan Hao indicated to He Shao that they could leave.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this chapter!!

    I appreciated Yan Hao checking over his entry before starting. It showed he’s aware he can make mistakes. I’d trust the results of someone like that, over someone else with a higher IQ, any day.

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