Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 88.2 Yesterday it was senior, today it was Heng Ge

“Xiao Hao?!” Sheng Heng waved his hand in front of Yan Hao’s eyes.

“En?” Yan Hao suddenly snapped back to reality.

“What are you thinking about?” Sheng Heng had called Yan Hao several times but hadn’t gotten a response.

“I was thinking about the phantom beast?” Yan Hao answered.

“You want the phantom beast’s blood?” Sheng Heng wasn’t surprised. Although Yan Hao was now a mech builder, he was once a pharmacist, and no pharmacist wouldn’t want the phantom beast’s blood.

“No, I was just thinking of something.” Yan Hao said casually. “Phantom elixirs made from the blood of wild phantom beasts are much better than that made from the blood of captive ones. For those with mental energy levels below A+, the success rate of advancing is around 80%.”

“It’s that high?!” Cheng Wenkang shouted.

His mental energy level was A, which was a slightly above average mental energy level. To advance further with this level of mental energy, the success rate after taking a phantom elixir was only around 50%. In other words, it was a fifty-fifty chance; it might advance or it might decrease. Which was why over the years, even though he wanted to improve his mental energy level, he never dared to try it easily. He just thought of waiting until he had the opportunity to meet a powerful Master Pharmacist and then ask for help making it so that his chances would be better.

Which was why he had been so excited when he’d encountered the wild phantom beast last time. If he could get the blood of the wild phantom beast, he could, using half of the blood, ask a Master Pharmacist from the Federal Pharmacy Research Institute to help him refine it. Moreover, if he was more generous and gave the Pharmacist the blood for the next two years, he might even be able to invite a Great Master Pharmacist. If that happened, the advancement of his mental energy level would be almost guaranteed.

“Yes.” Yan Hao said with absolute certainty. Having calculated it himself in the previous life, he couldn’t be wrong.

“You’re so sure, is it because you’ve calculated it?” Sheng Heng asked, puzzled.

Yan Hao froze, realizing he had made a mistake. In this life, he hadn’t had the opportunity to calculate the success rate of the phantom elixir yet.

“I….. I studied the history of phantom elixirs and found that ever since phantom beasts were domesticated, the effectiveness of phantom elixirs began to decline. So, I was curious and did some calculations. This ratio is from a long time ago when the success rate of phantom elixirs was higher. But this data is based on historical statistics, so it might not be accurate.” Yan Hao said somewhat sheepishly.

“You’re so good at math, how could it not be accurate?” Cheng Wenkang became excited. With an 80% success rate, the advancement of his mental energy level was just around the corner.

Sheng Heng just kept looking at Yan Hao, the look in his eyes deep, concealing the pain within.

Xiao Hao kept on saying that he no longer liked pharmacy, yet he still studied the formula models of high level sedatives, made medicines to alleviate mental energy backlash and had even conducted such detailed research on the history of phantom beasts. He must have really loved pharmacy before, which was why he put in so much effort. If it weren’t for Yan Fei, perhaps he would never have switched to Mech Building suddenly.

Realizing this, Sheng Heng didn’t know whether to thank Yan Fei for bullying Yan Hao, which led to them meeting, or to hate Yan Fei even more for having bullied Yan Hao.

“I couldn’t find the ore I promised you on this resource planet.” Sheng Heng said all of a sudden.

“It’s alright.” Yan Hao said in reply.

“The phantom beast’s blood was an unexpected gain, so just use it a replacement.” Sheng Heng continued.

“I…. I don’t need it. I’m not a pharmacist anymore, so it’s useless to take it.” Yan Hao declined quickly.

“Even if you don’t use it, the phantom beast’s blood can be traded for other things or be given as a gift.” Sheng Heng told him. “Didn’t you say that ever since you became their disciple, Old Pang and Old Zhong have given you many things, but you have nothing to repay them? They would definitely appreciate the wild phantom beast’s blood.”

As level 10 mech masters, Old Pang and Old Zhong both had high mental energy levels, infinitely close to S level. However, being close wasn’t the same as actually having it. What’s more, phantom beast’s blood could not only be used to make phantom elixir but also, with slight adjustments to the formula, create a very mild soothing medicine that could repair hidden injuries in one’s sea of consciousness. After so many years of building mechs, the two masters’ had expended an immense amount of mental energy, so their sea of consciousness would inevitably have some injuries.

“But this would be more useful for the two of you.” Yan Hao refused. Although Sheng Heng had already reached S level in terms of mental energy, his family, as well as Cheng Wenkang could also benefit from it.

“I only need two milliliters, the rest is for you.” Cheng Wenkang stated his position immediately when he saw Yan Hao looking at him. “If you could make phantom elixirs, I would have asked you to help me make it directly, which would save another milliliter of blood.”

It took about one milliliter of phantom beast blood to refine a phantom elixir, however it was a level 8 medicine, so it had be made by a level 8 pharmacist. Even though Cheng Wenkang knew about Yan Hao’s talent in pharmacy, he didn’t think that he had reached the level of a level 8 pharmacist yet.

Seeing that he couldn’t push it back, accepted it.

Tidying up their things, the three of them left the ward. However, just as they were leaving the medical building, they met Sima Mingxuan, who was carrying a fruit basket, looking like he was visiting the sick.

“Junior Sheng, it seems you’ve recovered quite well.” Sima Mingxuan’s gaze lingered on Sheng Heng’s face, shocked in his heart.

As someone with an S level mental energy, no one understood the damage caused by an S level mental energy collision to one’s sea of consciousness and body better than him. His previous mental energy backlash hadn’t been as severe as Sheng Heng’s, yet he’d needed two to three days to recover each time. Unlike Sheng Heng, who seemed to be fine after just a night’s sleep.

It seemed Yan Hao’s medicine making skills were much stronger than his little brother’s.

Sima Mingxuan’s gaze shifted unconsciously to Yan Hao. Seeing this, Sheng Heng took a step forward and shielded Yan Hao behind him skillfully.

“Junior Sheng is really protective, not even allowing others to glance at Junior Yan Hao. Yan Hao is just your partner, not your accessory. What, can you keep him bound to you?” Sima Mingxuan said with a smile, his tone casual as if it was just a passing remark.

However Sheng Heng stiffened and remembering what Great Master Pang had told him before, couldn’t help but worry that Yan Hao might misunderstand.

“Sima Mingxuan, stop with the insinuations. What does this have to do with you?” Cheng Wenkang scolded.

“I was just joking, why is Junior Cheng reacting so strongly? If I didn’t know any better, I’d think my joke has hit a nerve.” Sima Mingxuan continued to smile.

Cheng Wenkang was so angry that he wanted to bite someone. This guy was too cunning. With this remark, if they didn’t refute it, it would seem like they were admitting to his words. But if they did refute it, they would look guilty.

At this moment, Yan Hao poked half of his head out quietly and yelled at Sima Mingxuan who wasn’t too far away in a fiercely cute voice, “What does my relationship with Heng Ge have to do with you?”

After yelling, he couldn’t help but clutch Sheng Heng’s sleeve nervously: This was the male protagonist, the future Marshal of the Federation. If he offended him, would it trigger a reaction from the plot? Forget it, it didn’t matter. After all, he had also offended Yan Fei. Offending one or two was the same.

Thinking this way, he couldn’t help but feel a little more confident and even puffed out his small chest secretly. Little did he know that all of this was seen by Sheng Heng. Yan Hao’s appearance of being fearful yet standing up for him courageously was just too cute.

What should he do if he was liking him more and more? He really wanted to take him into his arms and kiss him fiercely.

“Boss, boss….” Cheng Wenkang who was standing beside them was speechless. Sima Mingxuan is still standing right in front of us. What’s with the sudden gentle expression on your face?

As Sima Mingxuan, who was standing directly opposite the two watched this scene, for the first time, the smile that had always been on his face disappeared.

The relationship between Sheng Heng and Yan Hao was progressing faster than he had imagined. Just yesterday, Yan Hao was still calling Sheng Heng ‘senior’, but today it had already changed to ‘Heng Ge’.

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