Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 55.2 Grandmaster Level Energy Block

Over ninety percent, what concept was that? Grandmaster level! Wasn’t he only a freshman? He had just finished learning how to make level 5 energy blocks last semester, so shouldn’t he be barely able to make level 5 energy blocks with efficiency of around 70% at this time?

“Is the testing instrument damaged?” Someone voiced out.

“I’ll go and get another one.” With that someone left the cabin and went to fetch a new testing instrument from the service room they had rented.

A minute later, that person returned with a new testing instrument together with an extra energy block.

The energy block made by Yan Hao was tested again and the result was still the same: [Level 5 energy block, 90.12% efficiency].

“!!” Once again, the cabin fell into silence.

“Why don’t we test this energy block as well? I just got it from the overhaul room.” The person who had just gone to get the testing instrument handed over the extra energy block he had taken.

Wu Wei took it, placed it on the instrument and after a ‘di’ sound, the data was displayed: [Level 5 energy block, 70.22% efficiency.]

“If you guys still don’t believe it, you can load it into a mech to see if it can supply energy.” Sheng Heng said with slight mockery in his tone.

“……” The crowd.

“Impossible!” Xiang Jun shouted in a tone that signaled collapse.

He didn’t believe Yan Hao when he first announced that he had finished the energy block, only thinking that he was clamoring for attention, and he believed even less when the testing instrument first tested the data, because it was impossible for a freshman student to be able to make a grandmaster level energy block. This was a grandmaster level energy block, even the professors at school might not be able to make it.

“He can’t possibly make a grandmaster level energy block, it must be a lie.” Xiang Jun roared.

“How is it a lie?” Sheng Heng sneered, “Did he get someone to help him make it, or are both of the testing instruments damaged? How about when you’re done making the piece you’re holding, you use the same instrument to test the one you made to see if it’s also at the grandmaster level?”

Gritting his teeth, Xiang Jun glared fiercely at Sheng Heng then turned to look at the grandmaster level energy block before finally fixing his gaze on Yan Hao’s face.

“If you don’t believe me, I can make another piece.” Yan Hao said kindly, “I should be able to make another piece before you finish yours.”

“Pfft!” Unable to control himself, a laugh burst out of Cheng Wenkang.

How come he had never realized this. Although their little junior wasn’t good at arguing, he was extremely good at mocking. This comment, while not particularly hurtful, was extremely insulting.

“Is there any extra material left?” Sheng Heng looked at the student who had initially helped fetch the materials for making the energy blocks.

“There is,” the student answered then asked subconsciously, “But can it really be used to make another piece?”

“To make a level five energy block with an effectiveness of around 70%, I should be able to do so in sixteen minutes.” Yan Hao replied with precision.

An energy block with a lower efficiency could be combed through with less energy and the amount of calculations would be significantly reduced, hence the time would naturally be saved.

“Do it, but if you aren’t able to do it in sixteen minutes, then you’re a liar.” Xiang Jun’s eyes were red, his whole being seeming as if he had lost his reasoning.

Frowning, Yan Hao shook his head in refusal, “I won’t do it.”

“Haha, you don’t dare right? You’re a liar.” Xiang Jun seized the opportunity to say.

“Whether I can do it in sixteen minutes or not is my business, but for this competition today, I only need to make that one energy block that I just made.” Yan Hao said calmly, “My production time has already exceeded yours by almost twenty minutes, so the next step is to assess the efficiency of your energy block. If you achieve 95% or more, then that means you’ve done twice as many calculations as I have, so you win. If not, then it means I win. Do it quickly, if you delay any longer, you will have to reach 96% efficiency to beat me.”

96%, was that a fucking level one could achieve?

This kid was taunting him right? He was definitely taunting him.

He looked so innocent and harmless when he was actually a wicked person.

It was clear that Xiang Jun had lost this competition, but until Xiang Jun admitted defeat or produced a level five energy block, none of them could say anything, so the cabin full of people remained standing in place, ready to wait and see Xiang Jun’s reaction.

In full view of everyone, Xiang Jun only felt as if he was being lynched. How come this scene, which was supposed to be him looking at Yan Hao after his victory had suddenly switched to a different one?

This wasn’t real, it wasn’t real.

Unable to bear it, Xiang Jun pushed the crowd away and ran out with his head down.

As soon as the crowd saw that there was nothing more to see, they all left gradually, only, there was something more in the way they looked at Yan Hao as they left. He was just a freshman, yet he had such impressive calculation ability and mental energy. He was sure to be a Mech Master in the future.

Whether it was a mech warrior or a mech builder, who wouldn’t want to be friends with a future master?

Cheng Wenkang waited until they were gone before slapping the table and laughing out loud freely, “Hahaha, it’s too refreshing, too refreshing. Did you guys see Xiang Jun’s face? Heavens it was just too wonderful. Little junior, you’re awesome.”

Cheng Wenkang gave Yan Hao a thumbs up.

Yan Hao also felt that that Xiang Jun was really annoying: “I’m not good at arguing, but I’m good at making energy blocks.”

Hearing Yan Hao’s slightly smug tone, Sheng Heng couldn’t help but laugh a little, feeling that although his little junior had been annoyed because he hadn’t been able to win the argument before, it didn’t mean he didn’t have a temper.

“Can I have this energy block?” Sheng Heng asked as he held up the level 5 energy block that Yan Hao had just made.

“En, it can be used during the field test.” Yan Hao nodded his head.

“No need.” Lifting his hand, Sheng Heng put the energy block away in his space button.


“Let’s go, let’s go to the maintenance room.” Sheng Heng pulled Yan Hao towards the outside.

Cheng Wenkang followed quickly, “It’s a pity that I didn’t ask Xiang Jun for a bet before the competition. It made things too easy for him.”

“As long as he doesn’t dangle in front of us, it’s fine.” Sheng Heng said in reply.

“That’s true, shame on him, ahahahaha.” Cheng Wenkang burst out laughing once more.

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  1. I’m getting curious about when he’s actually going to require assistance to calculate the energy of a block. Will it be level 6? 7? If he’s able to see the patterns clearly then he should be able to skip quite a lot of steps during his calculations. Also, why would the “stable” format of energy be a cube? Cubes are inherently unstable at containing internal forces. A sphere would be more optimal. Less space efficient for storage, but optimal at resisting both internal and external forces.

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