Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 78.2 From now on, he has someone to protect him

“Xiao Hao…. cried just now and it’s probably related to his family.” Sheng Heng couldn’t help but feel his heart ache when he recalled how Yan Hao’s tears had fallen just now.

“No wonder he rushed into the bathroom as soon as he came in.” He Shao’s anger towards Yan Fei and Yan Hao’s parents was ignited when he heard that Yan Hao had cried. “Yan Hao’s parents are seriously biased; they only have eyes for his little brother Yan Fei, who is in the Pharmacy Department. Do you know, when school started, Yan Hao only had a few thousand starcoins on him, not even enough to buy a decent bed while his white lotus little brother had enough to buy a bed worth thirty thousand starcoins. Yan Hao earned all the money he used for school himself; his parents didn’t even send him a penny for the entire semester, not even a phone call was made.”

“And, do you know why Yan Hao, who’s so smart, only comes second in our class….” Unable to hold back any longer, He Shao blurted out what he had heard from Yan Hao along with his own observations and guesses to Sheng Heng.

And the more Sheng Heng listened, the more his heart ached, his fists clenched so tightly as if he were about to punch someone at any moment.

“You didn’t even hear the censuring and criticizing tone his mother used the day she called to order him to give up mech building and switch to pharmacy. That tone almost made me depressed and then the next day Yan Fei came and kept using their parents to force Yan Hao to return to the Pharmacy Department. Yan Hao refused and then just within a few days a special talent program suddenly popped up. Do they want to sicken me to death?”

“I understand, thank you for taking care of Yan Hao.” Sheng Heng thanked He Shao. “I won’t let Yan Fei come look for Yan Hao again.”

After saying this, Sheng Heng turned and left.

Being able to stop Yan Fei from coming to look for Yan Hao again was definitely a good thing and although He Shao didn’t know what Sheng Heng planned to do, if he could really do it, it would be a huge relief.

Wait a minute…..

“Do I need you to thank me for taking care of Yan Hao?” He Shao shouted belatedly, unfortunately Sheng Heng had already walked out so far that even his back was almost no longer visible.

“……” He Shao.

After leaving the Mech Building Department, Sheng Heng didn’t go back to his dormitory but went straight to the Pharmacy Department.

Yan Fei had a good reputation in the Pharmacy Department and so after just asking two students, Sheng Heng found out where Yan Fei was and going straight to the door of Yan Fei’s lab, knocked on the door.

Unlike the mech department’s labs, the pharmacy department’s lab wasn’t very spacious, so Sheng Heng saw Yan Fei right away.

Yan Fei also recognized Sheng Heng; after all, Sheng Heng’s kick had broken Wu Mingchuan’s ribs, which had taken half a month to heal.

“Come out.” Looking at Yan Fei, Sheng Heng spat these two words out coldly, his expression and aura indicating clearly that he had come to pick a fight.

“Don’t go.” Before Yan Fei could respond, Wu Mingchuan stopped him.

“Senior has come to find me in such an imposing manner because I made my big brother angry?” Yan Fei looked timidly at Sheng Heng who was standing at the door.

Sheng Heng narrowed his eyes.

“Xiao Fei, are you okay? Do you need us to call a teacher?” The other students in the lab couldn’t help but ask when they saw that the atmosphere wasn’t right.

“No need, it’s just that my big brother is angry with me. I’ll just apologize to him and it will be over.” Yan Fei told them.

“Why do you need to apologize? Isn’t it for Yan Hao’s own good that you’ve applied for the special talent protection program? For such people like him who don’t know how to appreciate….. Ah!!!” Wu Mingchuan suddenly clutched his head, giving a blood curdling scream as he fell to the ground.

“Mingchuan?!” Yan Fei was startled.

“My head, my head hurts so much, it’s going to explode!!” Wu Mingchuan shrieked horribly.

“A mental attack?!” Yan Fei, as a pharmacist, quickly determined the cause of Wu Mingchuan’s headache. He looked at Sheng Heng in shock, his eyes full of disbelief.

Higher ranked mentalists could suppress lower ranked mentalists, but because mental power was easily agitated, people only tended to use it when they were in the clearest state of mind and almost never used it to attack others. However because of this, someone who could attack others with mental energy had to have a mental energy level that was at least two levels higher than that of the person being attacked.

Wu Mingchuan’s mental energy was already at the A level, so how powerful was Sheng Heng’s mental energy? At the S level?

“Stop it now or you’ll destroy his mental energy.” Yan Fei screamed.

“Hmph.” Sheng Heng sneered, but stopped the mental attack. Not because of Yan Fei’s plea, but because he feared that if he continued, Wu Mingchuan’s sea of consciousness would be destroyed completely.

Since Yan Fei wouldn’t come out, Sheng Heng could only go in himself. Standing three steps away from Wu Mingchuan and Yan Fei, he looked at Wu Mingchuan whose face was pale and whose mental state had almost been shattered and said coldly, “If I hear you curse him again, I’ll destroy your sea of consciousness.”

It was clear from this incident and the previous that Wu Mingchuan had bullied and insulted Yan Hao a lot in the past. Yan Hao only had maths and research in his heart and in terms of arguing, he was no match for such people. Moreover, in the past, these scumbags had even joined forces to bully Yan Hao.

As soon as Sheng Heng thought of how Yan Hao had been isolated and bullied by these people, his restrained mental energy couldn’t help but stir up again.

“I was wrong, I won’t dare do it again?!” Wu Mingchuan hissed out in fear. The one contact he’d had with his mental energy just now made him realize just how much of a difference there was between his mental energy and that of the person in front of him. If another contact were to be made, he would really become completely disabled.

Sheng Heng glanced at him coldly, which caused Wu Mingchuan to shiver all over. It was only then he moved his gaze away, stopping on Yan Fei.

“What do you want to do?” Yan Fei took a step back in horror.

“Don’t worry, I won’t destroy your mental energy.”

The terrified expression on Yan Fei’s face eased up, however the next moment, his sea of consciousness was suddenly wracked with intense pain as if countless silver needles were continuously stimulating his brain.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah~” Screaming miserably, Yan Fei fell to the ground, rolling around in a sorry state.

Sheng Heng watched on coldly the entire time, knowing that Yan Fei was in extreme pain. It was only after he felt that Yan Fei would never forget this pain for the rest of his life that he withdrew his mental energy.

Already on the brink of collapse, Yan Fei looked up at Sheng Heng with resentment and horror, but he didn’t have the strength to say anything.

“Yan Hao is my partner and he will be my exclusive mech building master in the future. As long as I’m around, I won’t let anyone have the chance to hurt him, even if it’s something that gets in his way.” Sheng Heng crouched down, “Today’s lesson is to thank you for all the care you’ve given him before and for the special talent protection application I just made useless.”

Yan Fei’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“I know you have many petty tricks up your sleeves, so you can go to the department to report me, but you should know that my mental energy is at the S level, so it would only take me a second to make you a complete waste.”

“You’re breaking the law.” Yan Fei said through gritted teeth.

“I told you, you can report me. I’ve already told you the consequences.” Sheng Heng sneered.

“Just because my big brother…. doesn’t like me, you’re going to bully me like this?”

“You must have said these words many times in front of people since you were a child, right? In front of your parents, in front of your classmates…..” Sheng Heng looked at Wu Mingchuan who shuddered all over and lowered his gaze.

“You’re right. I’m bullying you just because he doesn’t like you.” Sheng Heng admitted bluntly and calmly that even a green tea like Yan Fei who was usually composed, was at a loss for words.

In the face of absolute power, all words paled in comparison.

“From now on, he has someone to protect him.” After saying this, Sheng Heng left the Pharmacy Department.

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  1. thank you for the update.

    YES!! it is about time someone bully Yan Fei and his blind followers. It is time for Yan Fei to realise that he is not Almighty and there are others who are more powerful than him.

    His self-absorb arrogance, narcissistic, self-righteous behaviour needs to be taken down.

    I am waiting for this parents to one day realise that the son they treasure is a while wolf who only cares about himself.

  2. This is a prime example of giving someone, something to cry about. You’re accusing me of bullying you? Ok, let’s do just that.

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