Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 72.1 You like him

When the spaceship landed, a bus from the Federal University was waiting outside, so the teams boarded the bus and returned to the school in less than an hour, with Sheng Heng dropping Yan Hao off at the door of his dormitory before returning to his own dorm.

“Back so soon? Why didn’t you have dinner with our little junior?” It was almost dinnertime at the cafeteria, so Cheng Wenkang thought Sheng Heng would have dinner with Yan Hao before returning.

“He’s made plans with He Shao.” Sheng Heng told him.

Cheng Wenkang made an ‘oh’ sound then sat cross-legged on the bed, “Oh yeah, because our team was first this time, our reward is a melee weapon.”

Sheng Heng looked at him out of the corner of his eye, “You can have it.”

“Thank you Heng Ge.” Cheng Wenkang had been waiting for this, “When we were on the Desolate Planet, as I watched you maneuver Black Soul and slaughter those zergs, I had wished I also had a melee weapon to charge in and fight with you. Sure enough when fighting, it is close combat that gets the blood pumping.”

“Although close combat gets ones blood pumping, it’s technique that is more important.” Sheng Heng reminded him.

“I know, I’ll practice hard. I’m going to take a shower now.” Cheng Wenkang replied with a smile, took his clothes then headed to the bathroom and soon afterwards, the sound of water was heard from the bathroom.

Sheng Heng continued to tidy up his things. Halfway through, the terminal of his light brain suddenly vibrated, indicating that a call was coming through.

“Mom?” Sheng Heng answered it quickly and a virtual image the size of a palm popped up on the terminal. It was Sheng Heng’s mother.

“Sheng Heng, is the assessment over?” Mother Sheng looked tenderly at Sheng Heng who was on the other end of the video call.

“En, I just got back to school.” Sheng Heng nodded.

“Can I see your hands?” Mother Sheng suddenly asked.

Sheng Heng paused, looking at his mother, but still held his right palm out in front of the screen.

“Have you really modified Black Soul into a mimetic mech?” Sheng Heng’s hand was fair and slender, with not a trace of injury to be seen. Not to mention the fact that he just finished a seven-day practical assessment, his hand shouldn’t be so healthy even after daily trainings.

“The news about this has reached you?” Sheng Heng had guessed his mother’s intentions when she’d asked to see his hands. The revelation of Black Soul being a mimetic mech during his time on the Desolate Planet had been bound to get out sooner or later.

“You this child. Why didn’t you tell me about such an important thing? I had to hear it from someone else.” Mother Sheng scolded with a little bit of complaint in her tone.

“I was going to tell you after the assessment, but you found out first.” Although Black Soul had been modified into a mimetic mech, Sheng Heng hadn’t known exactly how powerful Black Soul was, so he had wanted to wait until the assessment was over then test Black Soul’s power before telling his family.

“How did Black Soul suddenly become a mimetic mech? Who helped you modify it?” This was the question Mother Sheng was most concerned about.

“My…. partner.” As he hadn’t pursued him successfully yet, he would call him his partner for now.

“Partner? You have a mech building partner?” Mother Sheng’s face was full of surprise.

After Sheng Heng’s hands were injured, his family no longer supported him becoming a mech warrior. Mother Sheng had even planned a completely new path for her son when he was very young, hoping he would inherit her company when he grew up. However Sheng Heng still preferred mechs, even with his injury. His fingers would swell and tremble after each practice and he would have to soak them in medicine every night before he would be able to sleep due to the pain, but every time his hands would recover, he would persist in training. After ten years of persistence, he managed to endure the pain, used less time than others and still managed to enrol in the Federal University’s mech piloting department.

Before his enrolment, General Admiral Sheng had made a special return trip from the front line and had had a personal talk with Sheng Heng. He’d told him that even if his operational skills were the strongest, a soldier who could only fight for two hours and then possibly fall at any time was dangerous in the battlefield. Not only was he dangerous to himself, he was also a danger and even a burden to his comrades.

After that conversation, Sheng Heng had been down for several days. Later, he promised his family that if he couldn’t become a qualified mech warrior after he graduated, he would switch to finance and return to help the family run the business.

Afterwards, when Sheng Heng was enrolled, Mother Sheng rarely asked about school affairs so as not to put pressure on him. However, she still followed up behind the scenes. She knew that because of his injury, Sheng Heng wasn’t respected in class and whenever it came time to choose a mech building partner, no one wanted to choose him, and the few who were willing to do so only did so because they wanted the opportunity to dismantle Black Soul and come in contact with a higher level mech in advance.

For a mech warrior, the mech wasn’t just an armor, it was also a trusted companion, so how could Sheng Heng give Black Soul to a mech builder who only wanted to disassemble it for study instead of truly loving and protecting it? That was why Sheng Heng had always been without a partner and why he didn’t have a great reputation in the Mech Building Department.

But now all of a sudden, Sheng Heng not only had a partner, but one who could also create and modify a mimetic system?

“Yes.” At the mention of Yan Hao, Sheng Heng’s tone softened a little.

“How did you meet him? What’s his relationship with Old Zhong?”

“He’s one year younger than me, a first-year student in the Mech Building Department and Old Zhong’s disciple.” Sheng Heng asked in confusion, “But Mom, how do you know about his relationship with Old Zhong?”

“In the entire federation, there’s only Old Zhong who can create and modify a mimetic mech. Actually, your dad and I contacted him before, hoping to ask him to create a mimetic mech for you…”

Sheng Heng’s eyes widened slightly. He never knew that his family had gone to Old Zhong for him.

“At that time, Old Zhong said that before mimetic mechs could truly be popularized, he wouldn’t modify mechs for anyone. After that, we never asked again, but I never expected you to get one of his students to become your partner.” Mother Sheng asked excitedly, “Could it be that Old Zhong letting his student modify your mech means that great progress has been made concerning mimetic systems?!”

If that was truly the case, then the injuries to Sheng Heng’s hands would no longer be a problem.

“I’m not sure about that?” Sheng Heng shook his head, “When Yan Hao modified my mech for me, he wasn’t Old Zhong’s disciple yet.”

“What?! Wait a minute, Yan Hao?” Mother Sheng felt that the name was familiar, then she remembered after a moment, “Is that the kid who gave you the formula for the level six sedative and the medicine to treat the injuries to your hands?”

“It’s him.” Sheng Heng smiled, his tone unconsciously becoming soft again.

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