Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 44.1 Present for present

The Mech Research Institute of the Imperial Empire.

Baby Bug glanced at the time, turned around and headed for the Super light brain room again.

Since he had entered the data Ri An had given him into the Super light brain yesterday morning, the Super light brain had been running for a long time, and he and his teacher had estimated that it would take about twenty hours to complete such large data.

This was the second time he was entering the Super light brain room this morning, but before he reached the door, a colleague from the research institute called out to him: “Ba Yun, you have been running this Super light brain for a day, when will you be done with it? We are still waiting to use it. “

“Soon, soon.” Baby Bug responded with a smile.

“Let me know when you’re ready, and I’ll be right behind you in line.”

“Yeah.” Baby Bug entered the room and walked to the main console, eyes looking to the screen. A pale blue cube made of virtual data was hovering quietly in the middle of the screen.

His eyes widening, Baby Bug swallowed hard: what was this, a data model being generated?

“Teacher, teacher, the trial calculation has worked.” Baby Bug pounced on the door like a madman and shouted outside. As soon as he yelled, everyone in the lab looked over and everyone had a good-natured smile on their faces.

“Professor Fang just went back to his office, you should send him a message.” Someone advised Baby Bug.

Hearing this, Baby Bug retreated hastily and using his terminal, sent a message to his Professor. When he finished sending the message, another youth in a white lab coat came running in. The first thing the youth did when he entered was to look at the Super light brain’s screen, and when he saw the data model that had already taken shape, his face was full of shock.

“I didn’t think it would really work out.” The youth muttered.

“Junior, you’ve lost.” Baby Bug took one look at the youth’s face and felt incomparably relieved.

The youth looked at him and admitted it simply: “Yes, I lost. I’ll bring you the Tempest Stone this afternoon.”

Baby Bug grunted in triumph. His junior’s willingness to accept defeat was one of the few good things about him.

It didn’t take long for Baby Bug’s teacher, Professor Fang, to arrive in a hurry and as soon as he did, he jumped in front of the screen, “Quick, get the data model out and do the next step.”

“Yes.” Baby Bug worked on the Super light brain hurriedly and quickly imported the data model and restored the Super light brain to its original settings. The three of them then left together and went to their own little lab.

When the new data model was imported, Professor Fang’s eyes were filled with excitement as he looked at the research that had been taken a small step forward: “If this program can be completed, then the operation of level 7 mech commands can be simplified by half. It will add at least 100,000 level 7 mech warriors to the Federation, or even 10,000 level 8 mech warriors.”

As for level 9 and 10 mech warriors, in addition to simplifying the commands, they also needed strong mental power, something they didn’t have at the moment.

“Teacher, congratulations.” Baby Bug congratulated heartily.

“The credit of success doesn’t belong to me. If it wasn’t for your online friend, we would have been stuck with this research for at least another six months.” Professor Fang was still very self-aware, “He helped us a lot.”

“Prof., don’t worry. I’ll thank him for that.” Baby Bug said.

“How are you going to handle that?”

“Lei Meng lost a piece of the Tempest Stone to me and I’m going to give it to Ri An, who is also a mech researcher. He must need the Tempest Stone too.” Baby Bug told him.

When the youth heard that Baby Bug wanted to give away the Tempest Stone he had lost to someone else, he looked at him in askance but didn’t say anything.

The Tempest Stone was a material for the production of high-level mechs that was generally not available on the market and only mech builders of level 8 or above or institutions with mech builders of level 8 or above could have the qualification to purchase it. Baby Bug and Lei Meng had been able to purchase the Tempest Stone only through the internal qualification of the Institute.

“He’s a mech researcher too? Isn’t he a researcher of intelligent robots?” Professor Fang’s impression of Ri An was still based on his dealings with the WT Group.

“Ri An’s research is on the mimetic operation of a mech. He wanted to understand mimetic systems, that was why he was researching WT Group’s intelligent robots.” Baby Bug explained.

“The mimetic operation of a mech? Which institute is he from?” Professor Fang ran through several of the Mech Research Institutes in the Federation that were doing this kind of research in his head.

“I think he’s just working on it himself, he doesn’t belong to any institute.” Baby Bug added, “If he was in an institute, he wouldn’t have worked on the WT Group’s mimetic system.”

The WT Group’s mimicry system was good, but it was only for intelligent robots, and this mimicry system, which could only simulate everyday movements, wasn’t in the same league as that one of the ones used in mechs, which was used for combat. However, mimicry research for mechs was a federal secret; if one wasn’t an insider, they wouldn’t be able to touch the relevant data.

“This Ri An….. is really gifted in mathematics.” Professor Fang said.

“Teacher, Ri An is one with the best learning ability.” Baby Bug said immediately, “When I first met him online, he was only working on the first law, but after only three months, he was asking me questions about the second law. It took me two years to get started with the second law, so it wasn’t long before I was unable to answer his questions, which is why I recommended Apollo Website to him. I was going to introduce him to you when I got better acquainted, but he disappeared for years.”

Introduce Ri An to him?

Professor Fang frowned, thinking about Ri An’s entrapment and sale of the program to WT Group: “No matter how talented he is, this Ri An is too materialistic and not suitable for our institute.”

The Mech Research Institute provided decent benefits, but the pay wasn’t as good as selling patents. If all a researcher’s thoughts were on making money, how could he or she be dedicated to research? Moreover having such a person in the lab would be a bad influence. Hence no matter how talented he was, Professor Fang was reluctant to accept him.

Thinking of Ri An’s remark, ‘I would charge money for every formula I write’, Baby Bug also felt that he wasn’t suitable for the institute.

“But he did help us, too, so….” Professor Fang opened his mouth, “Isn’t he doing research on mech mimetic piloting? Put together a basic knowledge of the system and send it to him.”

“Teacher?” Baby Bug was stunned, obviously not expecting Professor Fang to be willing to share the data on mimetic mech with Ri An.

“If he really wants to go down this path in the future, this knowledge is enough for him to get into any research institute. But his heart, still needs to be changed.” Professor Fang said.

“Teacher, I understand, I will remind him. I’m going to prepare the information.” Baby Bug told him.

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12 thoughts on “Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

  1. Why is he shameless for selling a program that he invented himself at a high price?
    It was even said that, what he gave was pretty inconceivable. Programs are always sold for a a shit load of money sometimes even as much as a billion dollars. I guess all programmers shouldn’t be programmers /s. It’s such a dumb logic that the professor has. Someone else will take the money if you dont. I would even say our MC should’ve sold it for more if it was as innovative as the story portrayed, especially because WT will be making way more off of his hard work. Not to mention our pushover MC didn’t even want the money lol

    1. Only people speaking from a position of privilege would say this. The professor is definitely already rich that’s why he can scoff at money & focus on research. & even if he isn’t , his research is funded by the govt so essentially they are paying for his knowledge.

  2. Thank you for your translations 💕 live this story so far except that the MC is a little too much of a pushover 🤣

  3. It isn’t shameful to receive compensation for the work you’ve done. Even if he had released that algorithm with malicious intent to eke out a contract with WT, he still benefited them and deserves compensation for it. Not to mention, after seeing how insane his brain is, they should have been able to understand why his “brother” told him not to give away anything for free. Bunch of people looking down on iron for not being steel when it’s actually tungsten.

  4. Imagine being a researcher yourself yet thinking that receiving compensation for your research/intellectual property is being shameless and greedy. Bunch of hypocrites.

  5. If they think taking money is wrong, then they should publicly credit YH contribution and how much he ask for what they asked of him. So people know how much these researchers taking granted of what YH gave them. Or just destroy the data from YH. I mean, why bother taking something from “wrong minded people”, lest it corrupts your working environment, right…

  6. im confused why people are mad at them? they think he used pretty shady tactics in order to have the company buy his formula, thats why they have an issue with YH

    they dont seem to have an issue with him selling his work, but that based on what they know of him, the research is secondary to making money, to the point he would do shady things in order to get that money

  7. Brooo, if the professor really think that, then he should never go ask for funding. After all, asking for money is shameless and would only hinder knowledge seeking right? Lmao 😂

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