Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 25.2 Little junior’s fish-flavoured shredded pork

“You don’t eat these two dishes every day, so why are you so insistent today?”

“Do you know what it means to have your hopes dashed? I’ve been craving these two dishes in particular since this morning, and I had plans in my head to come and grab them in the last ten minutes of class, only to end up sitting here eating celery.” He Shao said.

Hopes dashed? Although he didn’t know why he had the feeling of having his hopes dashed because he couldn’t eat the ribs and fish-flavoured shredded pork, it was a feeling he understood very well, because he had experienced it all through in his last life.

He had wished that his parents could see him in addition to his brother, but they always only had eyes for his little brother. He wanted his classmates to not reject him and be his friends, but they didn’t like him and rejected him. He wanted to make achievements in pharmacy to be recognized by the public, but every time he made a breakthrough, his brother would also make a breakthrough, and then his light would be completely overshadowed by Yan Fei’s.

It was a very unpleasant feeling, and every time his hopes were dashed, he would be so sad for so long that he wouldn’t want to calculate mathematical formulas.

His own hopes weren’t easily fulfilled, but He Shao just wanted to eat a dish, and this hope of his could actually be fulfilled.

“I’ll ask again for you.” Yan Hao suddenly said.

“What?” He Shao was poking at the rice with his chopsticks so he couldn’t hear very clearly.

“The pork ribs might be a bit slow to make, but the fish-flavoured shredded pork is quite quick to make, I’ll go ask the canteen chef to see if there are any more ingredients so he can make a plate for you.” After saying this, without waiting for He Shao’s reaction, Yan Hao got up and ran in the direction of the window.

By the time He Shao reacted and tried to stop him, Yan Hao had already followed the people from the canteen into the back kitchen.

This ……

He Shao looked at the food on his plate and suddenly wondered if he had gone a bit too far. What’s more, he hadn’t expected Yan Hao to be so serious that he would go ask the chef just because of a few complaints from him.

But it was a little touching.

“He Shao.” Cheng Wenkang and Sheng Heng came over with a plate in hand then sat opposite He Shao. Cheng Wenkang asked in surprise, “Where is Yan Hao, why are you alone?”

“He’s gone to the back kitchen.” He Shao answered.

“The back kitchen? What’s he doing in the back kitchen?” Sheng Heng asked in confusion.

“He went to ask the chef to stir fry another dish.” He Shao said sheepishly.

“I didn’t expect little junior to be quite the picky eater. He actually ran straight to the back kitchen to find the chef to stir fry a dish.” Cheng Wenkang sighed.

“Cough!” Hearing these words, He Shao coughed guiltily.

The Mech Department was different from the Mech Building Department, in that the Mech Department was very demanding in terms of physical fitness and as the two of them were hungry after a morning of classes, they ate up without chatting for a while. He Shao sat across the table and never ate, so Cheng Wenkang and Sheng Heng didn’t think too much of it, and just assumed that he was waiting for Yan Hao to bring the new dishes he was having the chef stir fry.

About five minutes later, Yan Hao finally came out of the back kitchen with a plate in his hand, running over with a joyful expression.

“Senior Sheng, Senior Cheng, you are here too.” Seeing the two, Yan Hao was a little surprised.

“Hmm.” Sheng Heng smiled and nodded, then glanced at the dish on the plate and said, “You like fish-flavoured shredded pork?”

“I like it.” Yan Hao wasn’t a picky eater, so he liked to eat everything. Saying that, he put the plate in front of He Shao, “He Shao, eat it and see if you like it?”

When Sheng Heng saw this, he immediately realized that something was wrong and looked at He Shao in surprise.

He Shao touched his nose awkwardly and said in a small voice, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Try it, the chef got off work just now, so I made this plate, but I haven’t cooked for a long time, so I don’t know how it will taste.” He used to study cooking for a while when he was at home, but then stopped after he went to university. If he counted the last lifetime, he probably hadn’t cooked for more than a decade.

“You made this?!” Three voices rang out at the same time.

“Yes.” Yan Hao looked at Sheng Heng and invited, “Senior, try it too.”

“Okay.” Sheng Heng nodded, took a chopstick and tasted it, then his eyes lit up. However just as he was about to praise him, he saw He Shao and Cheng Wenkang stretch out their chopsticks again in a flash after taking a bite of the fish-flavoured shredded pork, taking half of it away in the blink of an eye.

“What are you two doing?” Sheng Heng was furious, “This is what Yan Hao made for himself. He hasn’t even eaten it yet, and you’ve snatched it all up.”

“Yan Hao originally made it for me to eat.” Cheng Wenkang was stopped by Sheng Heng’s voice, but He Shao wasn’t as he justifiably took another piece with his chopsticks.

Sheng Heng looked at Yan Hao.

Yan Hao nodded, explaining, “He Shao likes to eat the fish-flavoured shredded pork here, but he wasn’t able to get some.”

So you made it for him?!

Thinking of this, Sheng Heng’s gaze as he looked at He Shao suddenly became unkind.

He Shao started, and his hand that was holding the dish jerked. Then silently pushing the last third of the rest over, he asked, “That, senior, would you like some too?”

Sheng Heng snorted, then pulled the whole plate over.

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