Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 58.1 Earning Points

After Yan Hao returned to his dormitory and took a shower, his suddenly became hungry. He glanced at the time which showed that it was 6:30 pm.

There was a two-hour time difference between No. 3 Desolate Planet and Capital Star, so according to the time here, it was probably 8:30 pm back there.

“I don’t know if there’s any food left.” Yan Hao had been fed three meals a day by Sheng Heng for two months in a row that he had already developed a very regular eating habit. Not to mention being hungry at regular intervals, every time he was hungry, if he didn’t eat something he would feel uneasy, as if he had forgotten something important.

This was a huge change from the old days when it was normal for him to skip four or five meals.

Yan Hao logged onto the base’s internal website with his terminal and once he was inside, a newbie navigation manual recommendation for the base popped up on his screen. It listed in detail how to eat, clothe and house oneself on the base as well as how to earn points.

“Three points for a day’s room rent, one point for a meal and double the points if you take credit for a day; this base is so shady.” Yan Hao couldn’t help but be speechless at the harsh terms. “Forget it, let me credit dinner first. It’s a good thing my energy block can offset a lot of points.”

A level 8 energy block could be offset against fifteen days of room charges, which was forty-five points, one point for dinner and doubling the credit was only two points, so he could still afford to eat.

Yan Hao ordered a simple dinner online and a robot brought it over shortly afterwards. Sitting down, he had just taken two bites when someone called him over his communicator.

“He Shao?!” When Yan Hao saw that it was He Shao, he tapped the answer button in excitement hurriedly.

“Why didn’t you contact me when you arrived at No. 3 Desolate Planet?” He Shao said discontentedly on the other end.

Before Yan Hao left, they had agreed that Yan Hao would contact him the moment he arrived at No. 3 Desolate Planet to report that he was safe, but he had calculated the time and Yan Hao should have arrived on the desolate planet three or four hours ago, but Yan Hao hadn’t contacted him.

“Sorry, I’d been earning points and I just settled down.” Yan Hao apologized hurriedly.

He Shao, who was more worried than angry, was immediately relieved when he heard Yan Hao’s explanation: “Earning points, what does that mean?”

“The Federation’s starcoins can’t be used here, and to live in the base, you have to earn points. I’ve been making energy blocks to earn points, that’s why I’m able to have a room. Also, I got this dinner on credit. The interest rate here is particularly high and the credit doubles every day.” Yan Hao explained.

“What?! Are you sure you entered a Federation base and not a pirate gang?” This interest rate, which was even scarier than usury, unnerved He Shao.

Yan Hao laughed and then ate while talking to He Shao about the base’s points policy, then spoke of his plan to focus on earning points with Master-level level 6 energy blocks in the coming days.

“We’re supposed to come here for our internship in our sophomore year as well, so He Shao, you’ll have to learn how to make level six energy blocks well. It’s the hard currency here.” Finally, Yan Hao didn’t forget to urge He Shao to study.

“With you there, could it be that I won’t have a place to stay?” He Shao said disapprovingly.

“But I’ve already come for the internship this time, so I’m not sure if I’ll be here next time.” Yan Hao said.

“……” It had really slipped his mind.

“I’ll definitely learn it well when the professor teaches it.” Because of his family’s education, He Shao had a higher sensitivity to the market than normal people, hence after listening to Yan Hao’s pattern of using base points, he soon had a guess, “Hao Hao, don’t take the energy blocks you made to the materials room tomorrow to exchange for materials or go to the points exchange room to exchange for points first.”

“Then where should I take them to?” Yan Hao asked.

“Generally speaking, the exchange ratio is not too high for bartering, especially for this kind of exchanging of materials for finished products. The base is like a big manufacturer that wants to buy your stuff in bulk so it can control the price.”

“??” Yan Hao was confused as he listened.

“Ai-ya. In a nutshell, it’s more cost effective to take the energy blocks outside and sell them than to collect and borrow the materials from the materials room.” He Shao said with experience, “The base is so shady that there are people inside who are definitely trading with mech builders privately. You can search the base’s website, you’ll definitely find a place where you can make exchanges. “

Understanding this, Yan Hao nodded quickly in response, “Okay, I’ll take a look later.”

Seeing that Yan Hao was still eating, He Shao didn’t continue talking to him and hung up after instructing him to pay attention to his safety.

After hanging up the communicator, Yan Hao continued to eat. After he was done, he took out the materials for making a level 6 energy block that he had received and prepared to make one. Although Senior Xu Peng said that an armor wouldn’t usually break and require repair two days before the assessment, Yan Hao still felt that he had to prepare in advance. Perhaps it was the mathematician OCD in him, but as long as there was the possibility of something happening, as long as it could be prevented, then he had to prepare for it in advance.

He would make the level 6 energy block now and then he could just exchange it for points when he got up early tomorrow morning.

Yan Hao had collected a total of four materials, one of which he had just finished using to make an energy block in the maintenance room, leaving him with just three. He worked out the time. He had originally planned to make only two energy blocks before going to rest, but he had been so focused on making them that by the time he came back to, he was done making all of them.

Looking at the time, Yan Hao saw that it was almost midnight, but thinking that it wasn’t too late, he logged back onto the base’s website then started looking for the place where He Shao said he could sell the energy blocks.

After browsing around for about ten minutes, Yan Hao finally came across a request in one of the forums.

[Seeking level 6 energy blocks, 50 points a piece for those that have an efficiency of over 75% and 100 points onwards for those that have an efficiency of over 80%].

Yan Hao’s eyes lit up and his mind began to convert automatically: the energy blocks he had made had an efficiency of around 82%, which would be 45 points if he used it for rent, but in a private transaction he could actually get 100 points?

Yan Hao immediately left a message under the request, saying that he had three level 6 energy blocks with 82% and higher efficiency.

After leaving the message, Yan Hao thought it would be tomorrow morning before the requester would reply, but to his surprise, within a minute the requester contacted him via the private chat tool in the backend of the forum.

[Are you sure it has an 82%+ efficiency?] A person with the screen name Flying Tiger asked.

Yan Hao: [You can bring a testing tool to test it.]

Flying Tiger: [Can we do the trade now?]

Yan Hao looked at the time then replied: [Isn’t it a bit late now?]

Flying Tiger: [We are at the same base, so the trade will only take ten minutes.]

Yan Hao thought about it then said, [Alright then, I live in dormitory 306.]

Flying Tiger: [Dormitory No. 6? You’re part of the sophomores who came for the practical assessment today?]

Yan Hao: [Yes.]

The requester was silent for a while, seeming to hesitate a little, however he replied with an ‘I’ll be over immediately.’

Not thinking much of it, Yan Hao sat down in his chair to read the mech maintenance materials Old Pang had given him for a while, but before long, there was a knock on the door of his dormitory.

Getting up, Yan Hao went to open the door and standing outside the door was a dark-skinned young man with a fierce air about him.

Frowning, Yan Hao took a step back subconsciously.

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