Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 49.2 Personal custom-made order

Lifting his eyes, Sheng Heng stared at Yan Hao with a gleam in his eyes, then his lips suddenly raising in a smile, he nodded heavily, “You’re right, I’ve already thought of my next dream.”

“So soon?” Yan Hao was stunned.

“It isn’t.” Or rather, it was a long standing dream.

To make you like me.

Yan Hao didn’t ask too many questions, and after explaining a few more things that needed to be taken into consideration, was ready to leave to allow Sheng Heng start the test drive.

“Let me take you down.” Saying this, Sheng Heng lifted his right hand to hold Yan Hao’s waist.

“Wait a minute.” Yan Hao stopped him hurriedly, but didn’t make it in time, because he only heard a metallic ‘click’ sound, signifying that Black Soul’s arm had also been lifted.

Cheng Wenkang and He Shao who were down below were startled, immediately taking several steps back.

Yan Hao had not even come down yet when Sheng Heng started the test drive.

“The mimetic system has been activated.” Yan Hao reminded him.

And as Sheng Heng looked at the human body representing Black Soul’s body movements on the screen, his heart fluttered again and instead of turning off the mimetic system, he continued to move. Taking a step backwards while withdrawing his right hand, he curled it inwards, palm facing upwards then placed it right in front of his chest.

Black Soul, with the mimetic system in place, simulated the exact same movements, except, its chest was the location of the cockpit. With the completion of Sheng Heng’s movement, a huge metallic palm was placed at the entrance of the cockpit.

“I’ll take you down.” Sheng Heng said again.

Understanding Sheng Heng’s intention, Yan Hao nodded excitedly, then jumped onto Black Soul’s palm with great impatience.

Sheng Heng waited for Yan Hao to stand firm before he half-kneeled, his right hand dropping slowly to the ground, and Black Soul followed suit, looking to outsiders like a giant holding his pea princess, bringing her to the ground slowly, reverently and gently.

“Cool.” Cheng Wenkang’s eyes lighting up, he thought to himself, if he ever met someone he liked, he would definitely have to learn this move too.

Wait, wasn’t there a mimetic system now? Why did he need to learn it? He could easily do it just by changing the system to a different one.

“Show off.” He Shao was saying outwardly that he didn’t like Sheng Heng’s showy method, but inwardly he had to admit that the scene just now had had a big impact on him as well. The tall, majestic mecha, on his knees, carefully watching over him, was indeed very touching. If this was what the Mecha Piloting seniors used to flirt with their partners, they would definitely win every battle.

However Yan Hao, who this was being done to didn’t feel anything much. Jumping down as soon as Black Soul’s palm hit the ground, he pulled the two men standing a short distance away to safety then signaled to Sheng Heng that it was okay for him to start the test drive.

Sheng Heng was already eager to get started, so he immediately went to work. He started with a set of moves that he used to do in practice, then did a set of punches, then started doing freestyle moves. After about half an hour, Sheng Heng stop for a bit, turned on the walkie-talkie then shouted to the outside, “Fatty, get in a mecha and fight me.”

He wanted to get a feel of how his modified mecha would be in a real fight.

“Okay.” Cheng Wenkang also wanted to know how Black Soul was doing with the new mimetic system, so taking out his mecha, he started fighting with Sheng Heng on the spot.

Then, Yan Hao and He Shao witnessed a one-sided fight where Cheng Wenkang’s mecha was beaten unilaterally by Sheng Heng’s Black Soul, causing him to fall to his knees after a dozen moves.

Then the two fought two more times, with Cheng Wenkang losing faster and faster each time. Finally, Sheng Heng lost interest in the fight and came out of the cockpit.

“How was it?” Yan Hao asked anxiously.

“Very good. It has a very fast response time, very precise movements, and there’s no need to expend mental energy deciding which keys to press for which commands. It’s very relaxing physically and mentally, it’s much better than I expected.” Sheng Heng said excitedly.

Normally, after a battle, the high speed and complexity of the commands would make the pilot both physically and mentally exhausted. Mimetic piloting, however, greatly reduced this fatigue. When fighting, he only needed to react subconsciously to his opponent’s reactions, without using much mental energy at all.

The physical and mental relaxation would greatly increase the length of a pilot’s battle time, and Sheng Heng had made a rough estimation. As long as Black Soul had enough energy, he could fight for more than three times as long as other mecha warriors.

In other words, although Black Soul was only a level 5 mecha, it might even exceed a level 6 mecha in terms of lethality and endurance on the battlefield.

“Boss, you move much faster than before, and you can accurately predict my movements every time.” Cheng Wenkang also ran over at this time.

“In the past, I used to focus half of my attention on the commands, but now I don’t need to be distracted. I just need to react instinctively, which is why I can naturally anticipate your counterattacks more accurately.” Sheng Heng explained, “I’m not actually moving faster, it’s just that I can anticipate your movements quickly and strike ahead of time, which is why you think I’m faster.”

“I see, but I still have to say, your fighting power is at least twice as strong as before.” With that, Cheng Wenkang suddenly jumped in front of Yan Hao, “Little junior, can you also give me a new system? My Savage Bull is also a level 5 mecha.”

“I can switch if for Senior if you want me to, but if you use a mimetic piloting system for a long time, your hand speed will probably drop. This would make piloting a level six, or seven mecha, impossible in the future.” Yan Hao warned.

The reason why he had replaced Sheng Heng’s with a level 5 mimetic system was because Sheng Heng’s hand injury made it impossible for him to handle a level 6 mecha. However, Yan Hao wouldn’t recommend this replacement until a level five or higher mimetic system had been developed.

As expected, the excitement on Cheng Wenkang’s face was tempered after hearing this. His mental power was A-ranked and his physique was good, so if he practiced hard enough, he could reach the level of using a level 8 mecha.

“Little junior, why haven’t you researched for a level 8 mecha?” Cheng Wenkang asked sadly.

“I’ll keep working on it. This level 5 system is just to relieve Senior Sheng’s hand injury. When I have developed a more advanced system, I will definitely change Senior Cheng’s system too.” By that time, he could promote it to the public.

“It turns out this one is a personal custom-made order.” Cheng Wenkang said somewhat sourly.

“Don’t mind him.” Sheng Heng stood in front of Cheng Wenkang with a smug look on his face, “I’ll send you the data from earlier.”

“En.” Yan Hao was immediately distracted, “And the data on the use of the weapon, when you have someone test it, send it to me as well.”

“Okay.” Sheng Heng agreed readily.

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4 thoughts on “Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

  1. He just needs to give him gloves with buttons embedded in the palms to control the hot weapons systems and the release of the restraints on the cold weapons systems, since he doesn’t necessarily need to make a tight fist while using the mimetic system, so accidental button presses can be avoided.

    1. Yep, while the system he did now was more like a motion capture AI right? Kinda needless cuz there’s a possible more easy way to do it.

  2. i like that the focus is more on giving sheng heng disability aids, rather then finding a fix to his hand. maybe theyll fix his hand in the future, but the fact the initial focus on supporting SH is really neat

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