Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 60.1 The Challenge

The overall rankings were visible to both the mech building and mech piloting departments, while the individual rankings were separate, meaning that the mech building students could see not only the overall rankings, but also their own department’s individual rankings. The golden letters Yan Hao and the 5,000+ points were hung high at the top of the two leaderboards, stimulating the mech building students and keeping them awake all night.

The students of the mech building department were even more responsive than the students of the mech piloting department as they were more familiar with the situation in the base better than those outside, so to their knowledge no one could earn more than 5,000 points in one day, hence they were the first to question it. Xu Peng had already anticipated this and so announced the source of Yan Hao’s points on the spot, and getting the news, their jaws dropped at the sales of the Master-level level 6 energy blocks.

Yan Hao only found out about all this the next morning. Because he had spent the entire day yesterday making energy blocks, his mental energy was somewhat depleted and so he fell asleep shortly after chatting with Sheng Heng. It was only when he woke up early in the morning and was about to order breakfast using his light brain terminal that he saw the two point lists on the base’s internet as well as two unread messages.

Sheng Heng: [It’s okay to have just enough points to spend, don’t tire yourself out].

Cheng Wenkang: [Little junior, you’re too powerful.]

Yan Hao smiled, and seeing that it was still early in the hours, sent Sheng Heng a reply: [I’m not tired. I only sold part of the energy blocks. There is still some for you and Senior Cheng].

Sheng Heng was leaving the camp with Cheng Wenkang as there were no zergs within three kilometers of the camp when he saw this message. Sheng Heng’s heart warmed when he heard that Yan Hao had actually left half of the energy blocks for them, but he still said: [Fatty and I have enough energy blocks, you don’t need to make too many, pay attention to resting].

The people outside have already gone crazy mad after seeing that you’ve earned 5,000 plus points. If they know that you still have some left, they would probably become even crazier.

Yan Hao: [Okay, and take care of yourself too, Senior.]

Sheng Heng: [I will.]

Just after Sheng Heng finished typing his reply, Black Soul turned around and headed for another place.

“Boss, why are you going that way?” Cheng Wenkang asked Sheng Heng hurriedly through the mech’s internal communicator.

Among all the teams that had come for the test, he and Sheng Heng were the smallest in number, so when they had initially set their route, they had specifically chosen a zone with less zerg activity. It was only the second day when Sheng Heng suddenly changed his route.

“Let’s go to Zone C.” Sheng Heng said.

“There is a small zerg nest in Zone C.” Cheng Wenkang advised.

“I know. Yesterday’s route was too easy for Black Soul, so I want to go where there are more zergs and test the limits of Black Soul.” Sheng Heng said in reply.

“……” Cheng Wenkang rolled his eyes fiercely.

What test the limits of Black Soul? They had obviously agreed before they came that they would adopt a buddhist style when taking the assessment, so how come he had suddenly changed his mind? Wasn’t it just because he had been stimulated by their little junior and felt that he had earned less points? But even if their little junior never earned another point in the next seven days, at the rate at which they were killing the zergs and saving points, they would have to kill at least 800 zergs a day to catch up, but how was that possible?

Cheng Wenkang wanted to shout, ‘Boss, take a break’, but he was afraid that if he did, he would take a complete break.


After Yan Hao finished his breakfast, he continued on to the mech access room to make energy blocks. This time however, as soon as he sat down, people came to the access room one after another and in a short while, the entire second year students of the mech building department were all in.

Although Yan Hao was surprised, he didn’t know them well, so he didn’t say hello and continued to do his own work. When the others saw Yan Hao’s appearance, they all had complicated expressions. A group of sophomores had been crushed and beaten by a freshman, and his points were overwhelming. There was no need for someone else to say it, they themselves felt the pain on their faces. They were all people who had come for the assessment, yet the points earned by one person were as much as the points earned by a whole class together.

The sophomores were all stimulated, and so woke up early in the morning to go to the access room with the raw materials they had received to make energy blocks, so when Xu Peng came over, this was what he saw. He saw that all the students were making energy blocks, and seeing how diligent and active they were, he was gratified.

Yan Hao stopped after making six energy blocks. After knowing that Sheng Heng and Cheng Wenkang had enough energy blocks, he decided to make only the energy blocks that were to be sold to Qin Hu and spend the rest of his time studying the materials Old Pang had given him.

So the day passed and indeed, as Senior Xu Peng had said, no mech warriors returned the next day to repair their mechs and the list was updated at 12am as scheduled.

The students of the mech building department all stared at Yan Hao’s point value as they chatted in their class group.

“It’s down, it’s down by three points.”

“He has already earned a whole seven days’ worth of points on the first day, so he won’t be increasing his points for the next seven days.”

“That’s right, how can seven days’ points be counted in one day?”

“But even if it’s the average points, none of us are able to catch up right now.”


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  1. Lol he traumatized those students. If I were those students… I can only imagine how to explain the whole situation to my parents. 😂 “Listen, it’s not that I’m not good, but-“

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