Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 74.2 Enlightenment

“Big brother? Mom and dad hope you’ll continue studying medicine, so you’re going to switch back to the Pharmacy Department, right?” Yan Fei asked. “I’ve already accepted Professor Sun Liang as my master, and he’s a level 8 Pharmacist. If you decide to come back, I can let him accept you as a disciple too.”

“Just a level 8 Pharmacist, you’re the only one who cares about it.” He Shao couldn’t help rolling his eyes. Could a level 8 Pharmacist even compare to a level 10 Mech Builder? What’s more Yan Hao had accepted two masters at this level at once.

Besides, wasn’t it just that Sun Liang? He knew him. He was the one who posted the formula for the level 6 sedative online. He himself hadn’t been able to solve what he had been researching for years and so had finally published it online, only for it to be solved by Yan Hao. Based on just this alone, even if Yan Hao were to switch back to studying medicine, that Sun Liang wasn’t qualified to be his teacher.

“This student, I know you’re my big brother’s friend, but as a friend, shouldn’t you be more concerned about my big brother’s future?” Yan Fei said righteously as he looked at He Shao, “My brother studied pharmacy for six years and was the top scorer in the university entrance exam in our hometown Z Star Planet. If he continues to study pharmacy, he could very well become a master pharmacist in the future, but if he runs to the Mech Building Department in a huff, my big brother will not only waste his talent in pharmacy, he will also ruin his future.”

“I say, little brother who cares so much about his big brother, have you gone to the Mech Building Department to inquire about your big brother’s performance before saying this?” He Shao sneered.

“…..” Yan Fei froze. He knew Yan Hao was smart, but this was the Federal University, home to many geniuses and prodigies. Although Yan Hao was good, he had no foundation, so after going straight to the Mech Building Department, he couldn’t be better than others in terms of learning. This was what Yan Fei thought, but he didn’t dare say too much. He just said, “I know my big brother is smart, but can his talent in mech building be stronger than his talent in pharmacy?”

“…” This time it was He Shao’s turn to be speechless. He really didn’t know whether Yan Hao’s talent was stronger in mech building or in pharmacy.

After all, a first year student could barely make a level 6 energy block if they tried hard enough, but no matter how hard a first year pharmacy student tried, they wouldn’t be able to make a level 6 sedative.

“I’m not going back.” Pulling himself out of his memories, Yan Hao looked at Yan Fei with a changed expression, the dislike and anger in his eyes having diminished, his eyes brightening as if he had broken through a barrier and found a way forward, “Yan Fei, I will never again compete with you for the pitiful bit of love from mom and dad anymore.”

“Big brother, how can you say that about yourself and mom and dad? They care about you; as long as you take the initiative to admit your mistakes…..”

“I’m not angry and I’m not being ironic.” Yan Hao said calmly, “I no longer need it.”

Yan Fei was stunned. This wasn’t the first time Yan Hao had said these words, but at those times, he had been feeling very wronged and the more he said he didn’t need it, the more he wanted it. But now, his tone and demeanor were different from before, and this difference made Yan Fei apprehensive for no reason.

“So, I won’t study pharmacy and I won’t compete with you anymore. You don’t have to call our parents either because no matter what they say, I won’t listen. Oh, and tell them there’s no need to send me money either; I’ll find a way. After all, three million starcoins isn’t enough for me to buy the wheel axle of a mech.” After saying this, not waiting for Yan Fei’s response, Yan Hao dragged He Shao away past Yan Fei without looking back.

“Heavens, look at the time. Hurry up, let’s run, we’re going to be late.” He Shao looked at the time and shocked, run as fast as he could.

Yan Hao followed closely behind and they both ran at top speed, soon disappearing from sight.

In the distance, He Shao’s mournful wails from fear of being called out and Yan Hao’s occasional responses reverberated in the air, sounding very strange in Yan Fei’s ears.

Turning around, he looked at Yan Hao’s back as he ran in the sunshine and it seemed as if he could see the cage that had been built in the name of love suddenly shattering with a loud ‘bang’, revealing the figure from inside that shone brilliantly in the sunshine.

Yam Fei’s pupils contracted rapidly as an ominous premonition emerged, as if something important was gradually deviating from its orbit.

“Beep beep~~” Just then, his communicator rang.

“Teacher?” Yan Fei answered.

“Yan Fei, where are you? The person from the Maths Department has arrived and has been waiting for you for a long time but you’re not here. This is your research, can you take it seriously?” Sun Liang growled from the other end of the communicator.

“Teacher I’m sorry, I’ll come over now.” After Yan Fei hung up, he squeezed the breakfast he had bought for Yan Hao fiercely.

It wasn’t that he didn’t know that someone from the maths department would come today, but he really didn’t want to do those tedious calculations. From the improvement of the prescription to now, it had been a week and this week, the people from the maths department had had no leads at all. And during this week, his teacher’s attitude towards him had changed gradually. From initially praising him for having unconventional but wonderful ideas in prescriptions, to obvious hesitation now.

[All ideas that can’t be realized is just empty talk.]

Every time they met, his teacher just had to say this, but how could his ideas be empty talk?! From the first time he came into contact with potions, which time had his ideas not been correct? It was just that those people from the maths department were too incompetent and unable to calculate it, which led to his prescription being doubted by his teacher. If it was Yan Hao, he would have calculated it in one day, no, half a day.

And just like the old times, his idea would be confirmed immediately and his teacher wouldn’t have any doubts.

This was all Yan Hao’s fault, suddenly running to this shitty mech building department.

With a ‘dong’ sound, Yan Fei threw the breakfast that he had already squeezed to deformity into the trash can, shocking the passing students who looked at him one after the other. Ignoring their stares, he turned around and walked away quickly.

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11 thoughts on “Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

  1. My impression of this little brother just keeps getting worse.

    So delighted about Yan Hao’s breaththrough!

  2. Heh, take that little bastard! You really have to wonder where in their heads these self-entitled bastards like him get the idea that others should give up their own happiness for his.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    And one small, little note: in the last pragraph Yan Hao is named where it should be Yan Fei.

  3. I’d like Yan Fei to go away now and the face slapping to begin please 🙏 I’m sure many readers have experienced something similar to Yan Hao (maybe to a smaller degree) and need some spiritual healing right about now. Also id like to order lots of fluff and a bowl of dog food😂

  4. Yan Fei doesn’t actually care about being a good pharmacist. He doesn’t have the patience for it. He cares about the prestige of being seen as a good pharmacist.

    And his parents coddling shows: he wants to get that prestige in the most childish way possible.

  5. I still get mad that these people really tried to knock mc’s self esteem by telling him he isn’t talented in pharmacy. What use is all their “talent” if it can never be implemented? It astounds me that a whole department didn’t realize that math is also talent essential to their field.

    I’m glad that mc also corrected the divisive thinking in mech department between the two professors.

  6. Hey Lil Bro, is he your personal calculator? You drove him to death in his previous life now you want to use him to death. At least have some shame, delulu ain’t the solulu my dear.

  7. he’s embracing his true colors lololol.

    anyway, I realized I only post on the commsec to berate people :< hahahahaha thanks translator, I'm super grateful for your hard work.

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