Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 111.1 I’ll go

As soon as Sheng Zhuo got the message, he ordered the hover car to turn around then called Qiu Zi’an immediately.

“Zi’an, who among the level eight and above mech masters are at the base?” Sheng Zhuo asked.

Only those with A-level or above mental energy could become level eight mech masters. As for level nine, there were no more than five in the entire war god corps, and each of them were stationed at different locations.

“Lieutenant General Lin came back from the front lines yesterday, but his mech, Mountain Fox, is severely damaged and is under repair.” Qiu Zi’an answered.

Sheng Zhuo frowned, then cut off his communication with Qiu Zi’an and contacted the front line battleship immediately: “What’s the situation with Old Zhong and the others?”

“Old Zhong’s battleship is equipped with a protective net that can temporarily resist the zergs’ attack. But this protective net consumes a lot of energy. At this rate, it will run out in about an hour.” A soldier from the front line responded.

As the head of the Federal Research Institute and the Chief Researcher for the Federation’s mech system, the protection given to Old Zhong from the Federal government was extremely tight, his spaceship armed with the most advanced weapons in the entire Federation. This high energy protective net had been designed specifically to safeguard important figures of the Federation and in the military, only command battleships had the right to be equipped with it.

An hour. Sheng Zhuo glanced at the time subconsciously, his finger hovering over his spatial button. However just then, a slender hand reached out and pressed against the back of his hand.

“Sheng Heng?” It was Sheng Heng who was pressing his hand down.

“You can’t go.” Although Sheng Heng was worried about Yan Hao and Old Zhong, his big brother’s situation wasn’t good either. What’s more Yan Hao had just warned his big brother not to use his mental energy for half a month. He couldn’t let him go and face a level nine zerg.

Even though he hadn’t been to the front lines much since his hands became useless, he was still aware of some frontline intel. Level nine zergs were massive, with astonishing combat capabilities and during their evolution half a year ago, their mental onslaught could instantly shatter the mental energy of those below A-level. Even warriors with A-level mental energy could barely stay conscious under the mental wave attack of level nine zergs, let alone fight them.

Which was why only those with A+ and above mental energy could barely withstand a battle against level nine zergs.

“Lieutenant General Lin’s mech is severely damaged and can’t join the battle. I have to go.” Sheng Zhuo told him.

“Your sea of consciousness is still in a stabilization period, you can’t use mental energy.” Sheng Heng countered.

“You should know how important Old Zhong is to the Federation without me needing to tell you, not to mention Xiao Hao is still onboard. Xiao Hao is the disciple of Old Zhong and Old Pang. With his talent, he is the future of the Federation’s mechs.” Sheng Zhuo said in a serious tone of voice, “So even if I’m ruined, I have to save them.”

In Sheng Zhuo’s eyes, the worth of Old Zhong and Yan Hao, even if traded for ten of him, would still be a worthwhile deal.

“How could I not know Xiao Hao is up there!” Sheng Heng practically roared.

Sheng Zhuo froze, his struggling movements halting momentarily. Yes, compared to him, Sheng Heng was probably the one worried the most.

“I will go rescue them.” Sheng Heng said firmly.

“Your Black Soul is only level six, no, it’s too risky.” Sheng Zhuo vetoed the idea without a second thought immediately.

“I’ve read the zergs analysis at the base. Zergs can’t maintain a mental wave attack for a long time during combat, so if I can engage it for a minute, the mental wave will be interrupted.” Sheng Heng said calmly, “I have S level mental energy, the mental energy level least affected under a mental wave assault. Get a mech squad to provide fire cover from a distance. As long as I can interrupt the zerg’s mental wave, Old Zhong’s spaceship will have a chance to escape.”


“Big brother, Xiao Hao is my boyfriend. There’s no way I’m going to just stand here waiting for you guys to save him while he’s in danger.” Sheng Heng said back.

Sheng Zhuo was still hesitating when the damaged communicator suddenly buzzed. Glancing at it, he answered it immediately, “General Admiral.”

A middle-aged man with a stern expression appeared on the screen, dressed in a dark blue military uniform, his hair combed meticulously and his eyes narrowed slightly, radiating a sharp light. He was none other than the leader of the War God legion, one of the three General Admirals of the Federation, Sheng Tianxing.

“Father.” Sheng Heng greeted after Sheng Zhuo.

General Admiral Sheng had obviously been informed of the situation before making this call, because he cut straight to the chase as he asked directly, “Sheng Zhuo, what do you intend to do?”

“General Admiral, rest assured, I…..”

“Father, let me go.” Sheng Heng interrupted, addressing his father directly, “You already know big brother’s condition. It wasn’t easy for his mental energy to advance, he can’t be ruined here. Moreover….. if mom was in danger and you were present, would you let someone else save her?”

General Admiral Sheng’s gaze fell on his youngest son whom he hadn’t seen in quite a while. He studied him for a moment then, not knowing what came to his mind, he surprisingly gave his direct consent.

“Alright, you go.”

“Dad!” Sheng Zhuo was so anxious that he even neglected the proper form of address.

“Let him go. He’s not a man if he just stands by while the person he likes is in danger.” General Admiral Sheng said irrefutably, “Give your little brother a chance. If he fails, then you can go.”

“Yes.” Sheng Zhuo could only comply.

Soon, the hover car arrived at the port they had just left not long ago and seeing the hover car halt, the stationed soldiers hastened over to report the situation, only to see that the first person to disembark wasn’t their Major General Sheng Zhuo, but a tall, teenager who bore a striking resemblance to the Major General.

The teenager stepped out of the hover car without hesitation, took out a mech from his spatial button, then soared into the sky.

“Lieutenant Commander.” Disembarking from the hover car, Sheng Zhuo glanced at the epaulette of the soldier waiting at the door and addressed him accordingly.

“Yes.” The Lieutenant Commander responded promptly.

“How many battleships are left in the port?” Sheng Zhuo asked.

“Two.” The Lieutenant Commander replied.

“On my command, let those two battleships go out and provide long-range cover for the mech that just took off. Create an opportunity for him to get close to the level nine zerg.” Sheng Zhuo ordered.

“Yes.” Obeying orders was a soldier’s duty, hence the Lieutenant Commander didn’t ask anymore questions, turning and leaving the moment he received the orders. A minute later, two battleships that had been on standby soared into the sky, following distantly behind Black Soul.

On the ground, Sheng Zhuo entered the port’s temporary command center and monitored the situation in space through the battleship’s surveillance.

In space, a silvery white spaceship, its entire body glowing with a golden energy light net, was hovering mid-air and surrounding it, were thousands of densely packed low level zergs. And behind these low level zergs, were four massive zergs looking down at the spaceship with their unstable red eyes. The one in the middle, the largest of them all, was the level nine zerg, looking like a giant python observing its prey, coiled in the void.


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