Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 90.1 Gift as a disciple

Sheng Heng stayed an extra day on Resource Planet B135 to wait for the people from the Federation’s Pharmacy Research Institute, then the next day, he and Yan Hao boarded the spaceship together, heading back to Capital Star Planet.

On the spaceship, everyone seemed unfazed by Yan Hao’s appearance. Some even joked that Sheng Heng should just bring Yan Hao along for any future mech builder related assessments, as Yan Hao was both a mech builder and a pharmacist, so he could fill two roles at once, providing extra security on future trips. Even their class teacher, Xiao Tianhan, thought it was a brilliant idea.

Sheng Heng retorted playfully that even if Yan Hao could fill two roles, it would only be for his benefit. When Cheng Wenkang heard this, he protested immediately, shouting that they were a three person team, so based on what should he be excluded?

Bursting into laughter, the crowd started teasing him.

Yan Hao who was watching silently from the side suddenly noticed something. It had only been three months, but Sheng Heng’s status among the class had changed significantly. The last time they went to the Desolate Planet with this group, Sheng Heng had practically had no presence at all and he’d even been somewhat disliked by the mech builders. But now, wherever he went, a crowd of students would gather around him, and with Sheng Heng at the center, they’d chat and joke. What’s more, it seemed as if they were all looking up to him.

Yan Hao was very happy to see this change and although he didn’t know why, he felt that this was how Sheng Heng should be— the center of attention wherever he went.

After two days of space travel, the spaceship arrived smoothly at Capital Star Planet.

After returning to school, Yan Hao rested for one night and as the next day was Saturday, got up early to buy Old Pang’s favorite soup dumplings from the third cafeteria, then took them to the tenth floor of the lab.

Old Pang’s lab had a designated resting room for him and the school had also prepared a separate dorm for him, but he spent most of his time living in the lab, hence no matter how early Yan Hao arrived, Old Pang was always there already.

“Today’s buns are a bit salty. Did the chef’s hand shake as he was adding the salt?” Old Pang was somewhat dissatisfied with the taste of the buns this morning.

“I also bought soy milk, the original flavor. You can drink some to make it a bit better, or I can get you some water.” Yan Hao offered.

“There’s no need, the soy milk is fine.” Taking a sip of the soy milk, Old Pang asked casually, “How’s that kid Sheng Heng doing?”

“He’s doing fine now.” Yan Hao had informed Old Pang before rushing to planet B135, as he wasn’t sure if he’d be back over the weekend.

“I heard he was injured by another student’s mental energy while his own mental energy was depleted?”

“Yes.” Yan Hao nodded.

Although he didn’t believe the attack was accidental, he couldn’t say much without evidence in front of his Master.

Old Pang raised an eyebrow, once again impressed by his little disciple’s skills in pharmacy while feeling slightly anxious as well: he needed to help Yan Hao’s mech building skills grow quickly so it could surpass his skills in pharmacy.

“Alright, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up here, hurry up and go assemble the mech inside.” Old Pang waved his hand, shooing him away.

“Master, I have a gift for you.” Yan Hao didn’t leave immediately.

“A gift?” Old Pang said in surprise.

“I’ve always been grateful for your guidance and have learned a lot from you, but I haven’t been able to prepare a proper gift as a disciple for you. This time, when I went to the resource planet, I received some phantom beast blood. However, there are only two milliliters. One for you and one for Master Zhong.” Feeling that the amount of blood was too small, Yan Hao said with some embarrassment, “Although it’s a little small, it will be very effective when used to make soothing and repairing medicines for mental energy.”

Saying this, Yan Hao took out a transparent glass test tube containing two milliliters of bright red phantom beast blood.

“Didn’t you go to the resource planet to treat Sheng Heng’s injury? How did this phantom beast blood come about?” Old Pang asked him.

“The phantom beast was accidentally discovered by Heng Ge on the resource planet. It was because he was trying to use his mental energy to lure and capture it that is why he was injured.” Yan Hao explained, “After the phantom beast was handed over to the Federation, Senior Sheng only received five milliliters of its blood. Of that, two milliliters were taken by Senior Cheng to make phantom elixir and I took the other two milliliters.”

“A wild phantom beast?” Even Old Pang, who had been famous for many years and was a Level 10 mech master, found wild phantom beasts to be a rare sight, let alone their blood.

Ever since phantom beasts were nearly hunted to extinction over two hundred years ago, there had been very few sightings of wild phantom beasts in the past two centuries, and the highest quality of wild phantom beast blood that had been obtained to date was during that first year when they had been captured. Afterwards, when the phantom beasts began to be raised in captivity, the medicinal effect of their blood decreased gradually, so although Yan Hao only had two milliliters, it was as he had said, it would be very effective in making soothing and repairing medicines.

And this was exactly what Old Pang needed. He had spent his entire life studying mechs, with the majority of his time spent in the lab, which had consumed a lot of his mental energy, and in his later years, although his mental energy remained strong, there were many hidden injuries in his sea of consciousness, causing him to need to take soothing medicines for mental energy to treat these injuries periodically. However, as his injuries worsened and his body’s resistance to the medications increased, the effect of these medications diminished.

The reason why he stayed in the lab every day, that made it so that regardless of how early Yan Hao came, he was always around wasn’t because of his diligence, but because of the pain in his sea of consciousness that prevented him from sleeping for extended periods. This was a problem that all high level mental energy users would have to deal with at some point.

However if he could use the blood of a wild phantom beast as an ingredient, perhaps he could finally have a good night’s sleep after a long absence of it?

“Are you really going to give it to me?” Old Pang asked. “Two milliliters of wild phantom beast blood is enough to make a phantom elixir.”

“I don’t need a phantom elixir.” At least for now, he didn’t feel that his mental energy was insufficient, “Besides, Heng Ge will be able to get another five milliliters next year. If I need it, I can ask him for it then.”

People like Old Pang, who were devoted to research, tended to be straightforward. Once he was sure that Yan Hao genuinely wanted to give him the gift, he didn’t say much more and accepted it with a hearty laugh, “Give me Old Zhong’s share as well. I’ll give it to an old friend to help refine it into medicine.”

Not hesitating at all, Yan Hao gave the rest of the wild phantom beast blood to Old Pang. As for whom Old Pang wanted to help refine the medicine, Yan Hao didn’t ask. After all, given Old Pang’s status in the Federation, his old friend was most definitely not an ordinary person, so he didn’t overstep his bounds by offering to help with the medicine making process.

After giving his gift to his master, Yan Hao went straight to the parts warehouse, which had essentially become his own little lab.

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  1. Hopefully the elixir that the two mecha builders need isn’t the one whose formula hasn’t yet been improved. Otherwise, Yan Hao likely needs to step forward again to make contributions.

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