Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 99.1 Third generation system

Inside the cafeteria, the crowd ordered a heap of dishes and surrounding Yan Hao who was in the middle, threw him a welcome feast, their cheerful demeanor showing no signs that they had just been on the receiving end of Old Zhong’s scoldings.

It was clear that they were well accustomed to it.

Halfway through the meal, Yan Hao had managed to get a general idea about his senior brothers. Apart from his two senior brothers who had been appointed as the heads of the Planetary Research Institute, the remaining five were all here, with Baby Bug being the sixth.

“Little junior brother, you’re so young. Are you even an adult yet?”

“Little junior brother, eat more. Look how skinny you are. You need strength to work in the Research Institute, so you have to eat more.”

“Little junior brother, I heard you’re a math genius and that you even developed a mimetic system all by yourself?”

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“I’m an adult, thank you, I’m just okay, no.” Yan Hao didn’t know how to handle all his senior brothers probing curiously at once, so he answered each question in turn obediently.

“What sort of question are you asking? How could our little junior have a girlfriend at such a young age?”

“Yes. Little junior brother, don’t listen to them. You’re too young to be dating, you might get tricked.”

“I….” Yan Hao bit his lip, his big eyes wide, momentarily at a loss for words.

The crowd of senior brothers immediately sensed that something was up.

Despite the fact that they had just met Yan Hao, he had been very obedient from the get go, answering if he could and just nodding politely if he couldn’t in answer to their playful and strange questions, so with him suddenly hesitating, there was definitely something wrong.

Sure enough, after a brief pause, Yan Hao finally opened his mouth, “I’m already in a relationship.”

After saying this, he looked somewhat guilty, as if he had let his senior brothers down.

The crowd: …..

Little junior brother, is your innocent obedience all an act? You’re actually a sly fox and this isn’t guilt, but you bragging right? As the youngest amongst us, you’re actually the first one to be in a relationship. What do you want us, your single senior brothers to say?

“Huh, since when?” Baby Bug, who had been in regular contact with Yan Hao couldn’t help but ask.

“Just yesterday.” Yan Hao answered honestly.

He broke free from singledom just yesterday? Such fresh gossip, how could it not stir up excitement?

“Excuse me, what happened yesterday?” One of them couldn’t resist asking.

In a flash, the eyes of his remaining five senior brothers lit up in unison.

One definitely shouldn’t be fooled by the outward appearance of these mech building geniuses who seemingly looked aloof and distant. Their daily lives at the Research Institute were rather mundane, hence their love for gossip was nothing short of explosive. Even more so, when the gossip was about their little junior brother.

“Just, I confessed, and then Senior agreed.” Yan Hao told them.

The crowd drew in sharp breaths of cold air: It was actually their little junior brother who confessed first? Ai, they really hadn’t been able to tell. Despite being so well behaved and cute, it seemed he was actually quite decisive when it came to love.

The still-single senior brothers began to reflect, wondering if their singleness was because they hadn’t taken the initiative to confess.

They had learned this lesson.

Dinner break at the Research Institute was an hour long and usually, they would leave as soon as they had finished eating due to their hectic research schedule. However today, because of Yan Hao, they stayed in the cafeteria until the very end before getting up to leave.

“Sixth junior brother, has the dormitory for our little junior brother been arranged?” Their Third Senior Brother, being the oldest amongst them, asked with concern.

“It’s already been arranged, it’s next to mine.” Baby Bug responded.

“Then you take our little junior to rest first. Master will definitely want to debug the third generation system with us tonight, so we will probably only have time to make arrangements for our little junior brother tomorrow.” Third senior brother said.

Baby Bug was just about to respond in the affirmative when Yan Hao opened his mouth, “I’m not tired, I’ll go with you.”

Despite it being just a dinner, Yan Hao had very good impressions of his senior brothers, and so was very eager to integrate into the research atmosphere of the institute.

“Alright, you’ll have to get used to it sooner or later anyways. What’s more with you there, Master will probably go easy on us with the scoldings for your sake.”

Leaving the cafeteria, they soon returned to the lab they had come out from before.

“Before Master arrives, let’s each inspect our parts and see where the problem lies.” Their Third senior brother assigned tasks and everyone else scattered to their posts.

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