Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 106.2 Old Zhong’s strong desire to win

The repair room where Yan Hao was, was the base’s number one repair room. It housed high level mechs from the base which were maintained by level seven and above mech builders. Sheng Heng’s Black Soul, on the other hand wasn’t qualified to be repaired in this room, which was why he had sent a message to Yan Hao asking him to come out. However with Old Zhong giving out this instruction, Sheng Zhuo logically opened a backdoor for his little brother, allowing him to enter the number one repair room directly.

Not long afterwards, Sheng Heng walked in from outside then bowed respectfully to Old Zhong in a junior’s salute. The courtesy was somewhat heavy, causing Old Zhong’s brows to furrow, but then he didn’t care afterwards. After all, with his status, it wasn’t unusual for people to try to curry favor with him, so it wasn’t strange that he was this respectful.

“You are also surnamed Sheng, are you from the Sheng family?” Because of Yan Hao’s involvement, Old Zhong couldn’t help but ask Sheng Heng a few more questions.

“My father is indeed Sheng Tianxing.” Sheng Heng didn’t hide it.

Old Zhong’s eyes narrowed at once.

Sheng Heng met Old Zhong’s gaze without flinching or trying to hide anything.

Old Zhong remembered that half a month ago, the three big General Admirals of the Federation had sent him invitation letters at the same time, but the Sheng family’s invitation letter didn’t mention Yan Hao and after arriving at the base, Sheng Heng was only appearing before him now, and during this period, Yan Hao hadn’t mentioned anything beyond work. What’s more just now, Sheng Heng had even sent a message to Yan Hao asking him to come out, obviously trying to avoid him.

Avoiding him before, but now admitting his relationship with General Admiral Sheng so openly, he could only have one motive— he didn’t want him to misunderstand Yan Hao. After all, he had drawn lots, and it was a coincidence that his draw had landed on the Sheng family.

Considering this, his gaze softened somewhat, “Bring out your mech.”

Sheng Heng was stunned. Old Zhong’s meaning was that he wanted to inspect his mech himself?

“Second Young Master, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and bring it out.” Standing on the side, Di Ya, who was in charge of receiving Old Zhong, reminded Sheng Heng hurriedly.

Some of the new recruits in the base might not recognize Sheng Heng, but he was a chief mech builder trained by the Sheng family and so had known Sheng Heng since he was very young. Back then, Sheng Heng hadn’t been injured yet and was seen as a future mech prodigy of the War God Military Corps. He had even coaxed him with the words that when he grew up, he would build a level nine mech for him. Unfortunately, an accident later caused the fall of this prodigy.

Then after that for over a decade, Di Ya hadn’t seen him until now, when Sheng Heng piloted the modified Black Soul to the base. As a mech builder, how could he not be curious about a mimetic mech? Hence on the first day that Sheng Heng arrived, he had borrowed the mech to study it. Unfortunately, the mimetic system was too complex and he didn’t dare to modify it randomly. He just understood it briefly and then returned it to Sheng Heng.

But Old Zhong was different. Who in the entire Federation didn’t know that Old Zhong was the pioneer of the mimetic piloting system? Old Zhong’s willingness to inspect Sheng Heng’s mech was an opportunity too rare to miss. Perhaps, if Old Zhong was pleased, he might even upgrade Black Soul’s system on the spot?

Coming back to his senses, Sheng Heng quickly took Black Soul from his spatial button and instantly, a black mech stood before everyone’s eyes.

Old Zhong glanced at the mech. It was well maintained without any major damage.

“Where’s the problem?” Old Zhong asked.

“The weapons.” Sheng Heng answered.

The weapons? Old Zhong looked up at the area where the mech’s weapons were equipped and his pupils contracted.

They were level eight particle cannons, what’s more why did they look so much like the ones made by Old Pang?

“Is it a problem with the converter?” Hearing that there was a problem with the weapons, Yan Hao subconsciously thought of the converter he had designed. After all, the two particle cannons were designed personally by his Master, so there was no way something could go wrong with them so easily.

“The attack power has decreased significantly.” Sheng Heng didn’t know what was wrong, and so voiced out the problem he had discovered.

“I’ll go up and take a look.” Yan Hao said, intending to go look for the lift. However, as he turned around, someone had already pushed it over to them.

“I’ll go up and take a look as well.” Old Zhong said, following Yan Hao onto it.

The cockpit wasn’t large to begin with, so with Old Zhong going up there, it wasn’t convenient for Sheng Heng to follow. Hence he had no choice but to stay below with the others.

After entering the cockpit, Yan Hao placed his light brain on the sensor and after verification, Black Soul granted Yan Hao his piloting authority and with this authority enabled, Yan Hao quickly pulled up the weapons system and initiated a diagnostic test.

A string of values representing the weapon’s status flashed on the screen and scanning through them quickly, Yan Hao identified the problem immediately.

“Sure enough, there’s a problem with the converter.” Yan Hao stated.

“This is, an energy converter?” Old Zhong asked, understanding the function of the converter through the circuit diagram and formula displayed on the virtual screen.

“Yes.” Yan Hao confirmed.

“Old Pang made this? When did he become so idle?” Although the energy converter could enable cross level equipment by converting energy, its cost effectiveness in real combat wasn’t high. High level weapons on a low level mech were inherently wasteful. A proficient mech builder should rather maximize the potential of each weapon.

“It was… made by me.” Yan Hao said weakly.

“…..” Old Zhong.

“Cough, you made it. Your creativity is quite impressive.” Old Zhong commended, his old face flushing slightly, “Then, these weapons must have been made by Old Pang, right? Did that kid below beg you to ask Old Pang to do it?”

He was aware that Old Pang had been making fewer weapons in recent years. Only his disciples and some good old friends could order weapons from him.

“Master gave them to me on his own accord.” Yan Hao said.

“His own accord?” Old Zhong was surprised, “He would actually give something to others on his own accord, why?”

Yan Hao paused, a little embarrassed, however he still answered honestly: “Master said it’s… a meeting gift.”

“A meeting gift. He’s neither a relative nor a friend, and it’s also not the first he’s meeting him, so what kind of meeting gift is he giving?” Like him, Old Pang was also neutral, what’s more he hadn’t heard that he had any connection with the Sheng family.

“It’s a meeting gift for his disciple’s wife.” Yan Hao whispered.

“Oh, it turns out it’s a…… what did you just say?” Old Zhong could hardly believe what he had just heard.

Having already said half of it, Yan Hao decided to simply say it all: “I was planning to confess to Senior Sheng at that time, so I made this converter as a confession gift. When Master found out, he voluntarily gave me these two level 8 particle cannons.”

With this one sentence, Old Zhong was hit with a double blast.

First, his little disciple actually had someone he was interested in, and he was the one who had pursued him.

Secondly, Old Pang actually gave a gift to his disciple’s wife first without telling him. He was really too scheming.

They were all Masters, so how could he be outdone by Old Pang?

The strong desire to win made Old Zhong quickly overlook the first shock, focusing on the second: “Cough, in that case, I’ll also give him a gift.”


“And it’s just as well that it’s also time you learned how to make a level 6 mimetic system. Let’s use this mech for practice. I’ll demonstrate it to you.” Old Zhong said.

His mimetic system wasn’t something one could buy with money outside like those level 8 particle cannons. In this round, he was definitely winning hands down.

“Thank you, Master.” Yan Hao’s voice trembled with excitement.

Whether it was the opportunity to upgrade Senior Sheng’s Black Soul system, or the fact that he could finally learn more advanced knowledge of the mimetic system, Yan Hao was excited.

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