Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 99.2 Third generation system

The senior brothers, who had been gossiping in the cafeteria just a while ago, were completely different now that they had switched back to work mode, their expressions becoming serious and focused, the large lab quieting down in an instant.

Left behind, Yan Hao stood there, unsure of what to do when Baby Bug remembered him and led him to an empty light brain, “This is my light brain, it has the data of the third generation system. You can have a look at it first.”

Baby Bug didn’t hide anything. After all, for Old Zhong to allow him to bring Yan Hao directly into the lab, it meant he had the right to access these data.

“Okay.” Yan Hao nodded.

After settling Yan Hao, Baby Bug returned to his own workstation.

Turning on the data of the third generation system, Yan Hao began to browse through it quickly. Halfway through, he discovered that the third generation system was essentially a simplified command system, and that if the existing mech operation system was upgraded to this third generation system, the difficulty of command operation would be reduced by about 20%.

He quickly became engrossed In it. Although the calculation method of the traditional operating system differed from that of the mimetic piloting system’s, Yan Hao found a lot of inspiration. Although he had been learning the basics of mech and had been disassembling and building parts this semester, he hadn’t abandoned his study of the mimetic system completely. He had tried many ways to improve Black Soul’s system further, even if it was only to a level six standard, but there always seemed to be something he couldn’t figure out.

And it was as if that thing was in a fog. He knew it was there, yet he couldn’t see it clearly. However now, after understanding the operation mode of the third generation system, Yan Hao began to see some light.

The mimetic system, although appearing to be totally different from the traditional piloting system, was actually a derivative of it, hence they had a lot in common. Yan Hao felt that if he could master the traditional piloting system more proficiently, he could improve the mimetic system further.

“Have you found the problem yet?” A robust query interrupted Yan Hao’s train of thought.

Looking up, Yan Hao saw that Old Zhong had entered the lab at some point and was now standing in the center of the room.

“We have.” His third senior brother responded immediately. “The arm system’s calculations are too high, causing a 0.01 second lag which is messing up the system’s entire connection.”

“Why is there still an issue with the arm’s system after all these tests?” Old Zhong asked.

“The mech warrior used some unusual combat stances during this test, which increased the arm’s calculation load tenfold.”

“Unusual stances? Could it be you want mech warriors to fight in the stances we set in the future? Could it be that in the future, for every pre battle briefings, you want mech builders to go and announce, ‘In the battle this time, you guys can’t kick or turn around’?!”” Old Zhong rebuked angrily.

Their faces paled at the scolding, with none of them daring to lift their heads. Even Yan Hao, who was sitting off to the side and aware that Old Zhong’s words weren’t directed at him felt a little like he was sitting on pins and needles.

“Remember, our duty as mech builders is to create mechs that allow mech warriors to express themselves freely. We’re here to aid them in battle, not restrict them. Combat situations can change in the blink of an eye, hence we have to meet their needs, even for never before seen combat stances.” Old Zhong admonished them seriously. “We can’t afford to make mistakes. Any error could cost lives on the battlefield.”

“Yes.” They all responded deeply.

“How long will it take you guys to solve this tenfold calculation problem?” Old Zhong asked.

They exchanged glances then finally, their third senior brother spoke up: “Half a month. We’ll solve it in half a month.”

Old Zhong, having taken the medicine Yan Hao brought, found that his headache caused by restless mental energy had been relieved, and thus wasn’t as angry as he had been before, so seeing that his disciples had found the problem, nodded in agreement to their half month deadline instead of berating them further.

Everyone breathed sighs of relief then returned to their workstations, prepared to spend the next half month holed up in the lab, foregoing even basic personal hygiene.

After dealing with them, Old Zhong’s gaze fell on Yan Hao in the corner, then seeing his dazed and frightened expression, frowned unconsciously.

Had he been too fierce just now? Wait, which one of these brats brought his little disciple here?

“Cough~” Walking over, Old Zhong was about to speak when his gaze suddenly swept over the screen of the light brain behind Yan Hao. His tone immediately shifted to a more teacherly one, “What do you think after seeing the system?”

“I’ve only gone through half of it.” Yan Hao, who had only been here for half a day was already acutely aware of the differences between Old Zhong and Old Pang.

If Old Pang had asked him this question, he would have shared his thoughts immediately. Learning from Old Pang, Yan Hao was never afraid to make mistakes. If he had any doubts or questions, he would run to Old Pang immediately for advice, knowing that he would guide him. But with Old Zhong, Yan Hao felt that he had to think, and think, then think some more before asking a question, otherwise he would definitely be scolded very badly.

Luckily, Old Zhong couldn’t read minds. Otherwise, he would have been so angry he would have vomited blood. ‘You haven’t even asked yet, how do you know I’ll scold you? I’m scolding these senior brothers of yours because they’ve been working on a system that’s already three months overdue!’

“This is the third generation system. If you want to learn it, start from the first generation. I’ve granted you access to the Research Institute’s database, so apart from some classified documents, you can browse all the information in there.” Old Zhong seemed to be afraid of scaring Yan Hao, his tone noticeably gentle, “Even though you designed the mimetic system, you mustn’t overlook the traditional system— it’s the foundation of the mimetic system.”

Yan Hao had just come to this realization, and so nodded eagerly when Old Zhong mentioned it.

“En, it’s your first day. Don’t stay up too late. Go and get some rest first.” Old Zhong told him.

“I’m not tired yet. I’ll go back with my senior brothers later.” Yan Hao wanted to spend more time reviewing the materials.

“You don’t need to wait for them. If they don’t fix the system, why should they sleep?” Old Zhong snorted.

Yan Hao looked at him in shock, his mouth wide open.

“!!” Old Zhong.

F*ck, it seems he had scared his little disciple again. He wouldn’t run away from fright, right?

“Cough, you probably don’t know the way, right? I’ll walk you to your dorm.” Old Zhong offered.

Yan Hao’s mouth opened even wider in surprise.

When the other disciples nearby heard this, they were also scared out of their wits. How had their little junior brother offended their Master?

“Mas, Master, let me do it. I’ll send little junior brother back.” Baby Bug, who had the best relationship with Yan Hao, stepped forward bravely.

Seeing Yan Hao’s scared expression, Old Zhong felt hurt inside. “Alright.”

With that, he left with a huff and a shake of his sleeves, and it wasn’t known if he was more upset about his disciples’ inability to fix the third generation system or his missed chance to walk Yan Hao back to the dorm.

Hmph. Anyways if Yan Hao got scared away, it was Baby Bug’s fault.

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