Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 46.1 Tenth Floor Intern

A week before the start of the school year, students started returning. He Shao returned to the university two days before the start of the school year, and after getting out of the car, He Shao didn’t even go to the dormitory, he went straight to the research lab and sure enough, saw Yan Hao in the research lab.

“Hao Hao, I’m back.” Jumping over, He Shao hugged him, “I missed you so much.”

Yan Hao was also very happy to see He Shao. He had received He Shao’s message three days earlier and guessing that he was almost here, had been about to go back to the dormitory to wait for him. He didn’t expect He Shao to come to the lab first.

“Let go first, I can’t breathe.” He Shao’s hug was so tight that Yan Hao was a little bit uncomfortable due to the strangulation.

“I’m sorry for being too hard, but this kind of strong hug, can only show how much I miss you.” He Shao let go of him, “Did you miss me? Or was your experiment the only thing on your mind?”

Yan Hao laughed and suddenly put his arms around He Shao, giving him a strong hug.

Understanding in a second, He Shao burst out laughing: “I can feel it, you missed me.”

Yan Hao had decided to call it a day on the research on the mimetic system. Since reading the emails sent by Baby Bug, Yan Hao found that, he could only study the mimetic piloting of mecha if he had enough knowledge of mecha. If he didn’t know enough about mecha, even if he could write a perfect mimetic program, he might not be able to apply it to a mecha. In this life, he didn’t have to compete with anyone and he wasn’t anxious about it. Outside of experiments, he had friends, a life.

Yan Hao and He Shao went back to the dormitory together, and in the dormitory, He Shao took a large pile of specialties from his planet out of his space button and dumped them, which almost covered Yan Hao’s bed.

“Why did you bring so much stuff?” Yan Hao was a little surprised.

“I didn’t bring them, it was my mom who asked me to bring them.”

“Auntie?” Yan Hao was stunned.

“I told my mum, I have a roommate who is a god of learning and who always tutors me, and that it’s all because of him that I did so well with my level energy block. When my mum heard this, she insisted on thanking you and so bought you a bunch of stuff for me to bring.” He Shao said, “I picked these out carefully. If I had brought all the stuff my mum bought, it would have been at least three or four times more than this.”

“That’s too kind of Auntie.”

“My mother even asked me to bring you back as a guest. How about it, will you come back with me for the winter break?” He Shao asked.

“I……” Yan Hao was about to reply when He Shao’s communicator suddenly rang.

“Sigh, it’s my mum.” He Shao picked up the video call and a soft female face appeared in the room. She was He Shao’s mother.

“Mom, I’m at school.” He Shao knew that his mother wanted to make sure that he had arrived.

“It’s good that you’ve arrived, you….. the little cutie next to you is Yan Hao, right?” Mother He noticed Yan Hao.

“Hello Auntie.” Yan Hao bowed slightly with a little bit of formality.

“Goodness, this little cutie is so polite, much better than my brat.” Mother He said.

Yan Hao had never been complimented so openly by an elder before and so blushed a little, but still didn’t forget to speak up for He Shao: “He Shao is very good and has helped me a lot.”

“Hao Hao, ignore my mother, she’s just being polite.” He Shao told him.

“Huh? So Auntie wasn’t complimenting me?” Yan Hao was stunned.

“……” He Shao.

He had forgotten that Yan Hao, this kid’s brain wasn’t very much on the up and up when it came to such things.

“Brat, what nonsense are you saying over there?” Mother He gave her son a stern glare.

He Shao explained hurriedly, “No, I mean the line about my mother scolding me is just ordinary parental self-effacement.”

“Oh.” Yan Hao also reflected at this time and thinking about his reaction just now, was so embarrassed that he was too ashamed to show his face. Even the tips of his ears were red, “I’m….. I’m sorry”

“Pfft!” Mother He took all this in through the video call and felt that her son’s roommate, was as innocent and funny as her son had said.

When Yan Hao heard Mother He’s laughter, he was even more embarrassed and wanted to find a crack in the ground.

“Mom, stop laughing, I’m hanging up.” With that, He Shao hung up directly.

It was only when the call was hung up that Yan Hao had the courage to look up again.

“My mother just sent a message, asking me to apologize to you and said I should invite you back as a guest sometime and that she would apologize to you personally.” Looking at the message from his mother, He Shao read it to Yan Hao.

“There’s no, there’s no need, it’s not Auntie’s fault.” Although he had been uncomfortable with Mother He’s laughter earlier, he could hear that Mother He wasn’t mocking him. It was his own skin that was thin, that was why he had been embarrassed.

“I’ll buy you dinner then.” He Shao said.

“I’ll buy you dinner, I’ve made money.” Yan Hao shook his head.

“Did the Federal Military Department send you money? That’s for buying mecha parts, and the money you owe from the mall is still outstanding, right?” He Shao asked.

“It’s paid off, I made a fortune during the holidays.” Yan Hao had paid off the debt he owed the mall when he went out to buy parts last time.

“You made money during the holidays? Weren’t you only doing research?” He Shao asked.

“I made a little money by mistake.” Then, Yan Hao told He Shao how the WT Group gave him five hundred million starcoins.

“Holy sh*t, you’re the one who did the whole federation’s intelligent robot upgrade?” He Shao exclaimed.

A month ago, all the intelligent robots in the federation underwent a major upgrade, and it featured on the federal news. He Shao didn’t pay much attention to it at that time because it wasn’t his area of interest, but he had no idea that it was Yan Hao’s doing.

He had said it. How come the company that had to raise the price of every system upgrade was making it free this time.

“Five hundred million starcoins, then I must have a good meal.” He Shao instantly dropped all politeness. Good kid, only two months had gone by and Yan Hao had become a rich man.


It was almost lunchtime at this time, so they went straight out of school, found a nice restaurant, had a meal, bought some parts for the school and walked back together slowly.

Walking down to the dormitory building, they met a classmate who was holding a parcel. Upon seeing the parcel, Yan Hao suddenly remembered something: “I think I have a parcel too.”

“You bought something?” He Shao asked.

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  1. Finally he finally understands a little about money!
    Also when are his parents going to react? Will yan feis plot of the feeling even go anywhere what about the og ML of the story whoe is he!?!?! I wish that there was more of an overarching plot in the story. It sort of feels like things just happen and there’s no big progress. Like, so this happened and then this happened, etc..
    So far I’m still invested in the happenings lol
    Thank you for the chapter!!

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