Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 89.2 I dislike you

From childhood to adulthood, no one had ever told Sima Mingxuan to his face that they disliked him. Even his good upbringing couldn’t withstand this as his face turned black.

“Senior Sima, I’m in a hurry to report back, so we will be leaving first.” Holding back his laughter, Sheng Heng informed him then pulled Yan Hao away.

Cheng Wenkang followed behind and the three walked a good distance away. It wasn’t until he was sure that Sima Mingxuan couldn’t hear them anymore that he laughed out loud, “Ai-yo, damn, Xiao Hao, I didn’t expect you to be so good at attacking people. This is the first time I’ve seen Sima Mingxuan, that hypocritical guy, turn black faced on the spot. It’s just a pity that he still got half of the phantom beast in the end.”

“This phantom beast can be said to have been stolen by us from him or by him from us.” Sheng Heng said, “If it weren’t for us accidentally discovering the phantom beast, they would have definitely captured it without leaving a trace. Compared to the whole live phantom beast, what does a mere five millilitres of blood count for?”

“True. Now that you mention it, his loss is much greater than ours.” Cheng Wenkang agreed. He and Sheng Heng had discovered the phantom beast by accident while Sima Mingxuan had come prepared, so if anyone should be frustrated, it would be Sima Mingxuan, so despite the fact that both sides had suffered losses, the enemy’s loss being greater than theirs was a matter of delight.

Smiling, Sheng Heng turned to ask Yan Hao, “Why do you dislike Sima Mingxuan?”

“He’s with Yan Fei and…. he hurt you.” Yan Hao replied.

Sheng Heng froze, then the smile on his face widened. He couldn’t help but reach out to rub Yan Hao’s head vigorously, leaving Yan Hao with a puzzled expression on his face.

Sima Mingxuan was, after all, a cunning person. It didn’t take long for him to regain his composure. He glanced at the fruit basket in his hand that he hadn’t been able to give away then turned around to find a place to discard it. When he returned to his temporary residence at the base, Yan Fei was already waiting outside.

“Senior Sima, you’re back.” Yan Fei greeted him with a smile, “I just finished making this medicine.”

Saying this, he handed him a bottle that contained a light pink medicine.

Sima Mingxuan looked at it, accepted the bottle then asked, “What’s your current success rate?”

“About 10%.” Yan Fei replied.

“You’ve improved a bit compared to before.” Sima Mingxuan said.

Yan Fei was delighted, but before he could show some modesty, Sima Mingxuan continued, “With a 10% success rate, you might succeed once out of ten tries and the effects of the medicine would be different each time.”

“I’ll be able to calculate the formula to precision soon. Although this medicine’s effects are unstable, it still has a certain relieving effect when you have a headache.” Yan Fei added quickly, “And when the people from the Research Institute arrive, we can get the phantom beast’s blood. Once I get the blood for research, there will definitely be breakthroughs.”

“I can only give you 2 millilitres of blood.” Sima Mingxuan suddenly announced.

“Only 2 millilitres? How is that enough for research?” Yan Fei blurted out.

Originally, it had been agreed that once the phantom beast was captured, he could use as much blood as he needed. However now it had been reduced to only 5 millilitres, which was already very little. And now he was only being offered 2 millilitres. With such a small amount of phantom beast blood, how could he conduct his research?

“I have need of the rest? I’ll find a few more elixir masters to help you with the research, so share the formula for the elixir as well as your experience with them.” Sima Mingxuan instructed.

“Share?! But that’s my….”

“Do as you’re told. You don’t want me to suffer from headaches forever, do you?” Sima Mingxuan said in a tone that allowed no refusal.

Yan Fei stopped talking, but the unwillingness in his eyes didn’t escape Sima Mingxuan’s notice.

You want to monopolize the formula, control my condition and make me dependent on you? Dream on.

Were these two really brothers? One was straightforward with no hidden thoughts while the other had a hundred twists and turns in his mind, and every sentence of his had a purpose. As a fellow schemer, whose every sentence also had a purpose, Sima Mingxuan didn’t want to entrust his life to him.

He still needed to find a way to get Yan Hao’s formula.

“Have you gotten the formula from Kang Ren?” Yan Hao had given Kang Ren a formula that could instantly reduce the threshold for mental energy frenzy as we’ll as quickly alleviate agitation caused by mental energy. What’s more he had permitted Kang Ren to use it at will.

“I haven’t found the right opportunity yet.” Yan Fei said in response.

“What kind of opportunity do you need?” Sima Mingxuan didn’t understand. Hadn’t this formula already been authorized for use?

“I don’t get along well with my big brother, but Kang Ren doesn’t know this. If I ask him for the formula, he will definitely find it strange.” Yan Fei told him.

Sima Mingxuan frowned as he remembered Yan Hao’s unprovoked dislike for him earlier. Could it be that it was because of Yan Fei?

Shivering under Sima Mingxuan’s ambiguous gaze, Yan Fei said quickly, “I’ll get it as soon as possible.”

“No need. I’ll ask Kang Ren for it later.” Sima Mingxuan said.

Yan Fei nodded, indicating that he understood.

“Why don’t you get along well with your big brother?” Sima Mingxuan couldn’t help but ask curiously.

“I don’t know why, but ever since we were young, my big brother has always liked to compare himself to me.” Yan Fei said.

“He compares himself to you?” Sima Mingxuan raised an eyebrow, clear disbelief in his voice.

Yan Fei’s face darkened immediately. His usually unchallenged words were being questioned for the first time.

But what was wrong with his statement? If they were to compare academic achievements, Yan Hao had always been better than him since they were small. However every time he said this, the people around him would agree. Since when had the people around him started to favor Yan Hao?

Translator’s Note: I’m thinking that it’s when the blood of phantom beasts are used in the medicine making process that it becomes an elixir.

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3 thoughts on “Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

  1. I think I’m literally losing my mind here with Yan Fei’s peak level nonsense. wdym favouring Yan Hao!!! people are just seeing that without him as a whetstone to make you look better you don’t look that impressive!!! as a white lotus who has been taking your older brother’s formulas bc you’re not that skilled in them and using it to catapult yourself higher how can you NOT think that someone would see it. I know in the last life no one noticed but that’s bc YH never left your sphere of influence. this is a pitiful white lotus, so sad, doesn’t even know everything will crumble

    1. Exactly. Yan Fei isn’t necessarily stupid, he’s just got a very niche talent at finding unorthodox applications for certain compounds and herbs. The problem is that he’s not very good at the math and data mining necessary to perfect the formulation needed to consistently produce effective medication using these unorthodox ingredients, whereas that is precisely what Yan Hao excels with. Without Yan Hao to be his hidden think tank, his niche talent is no longer viewed as particularly useful because he’s unable to properly demonstrate the effectiveness of his ideas. What is stupid is his constant antagonistic relationship with his brother. If he actually treated his brother well and didn’t constantly try to wring out all of his usefulness without giving him credit, then their fates might have ended up better. Of course, given that their parents brains are broken, it still probably wouldn’t have ended well.

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