Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 26.1 I hate you

“I didn’t expect you’d know how to cook.” Sheng Heng said in amazement as they came out of the canteen.

“I’ve learnt to cook for a while, but I always follow the recipes, so the taste is probably average.” Yan Hao said modestly.

“It tasted very good.” Sheng Heng said immediately.

“Did it?” Yan Hao wasn’t very confident.

“Of course. If you don’t believe me, ask them.” Sheng Heng said in reply.

The two people who were suddenly pointed to were stunned for a moment, then they nodded their heads, “Delicious, it was delicious, much better than the canteen chef’s cooking.”

“Yes, it’s so good that I want to get a small kitchen in our dormitory.” He Shao added.

A small kitchen? This kid had just eaten fish-flavored shredded pork once and still wanted to build a small kitchen? Sheng Heng’s ice cold gaze flew over silently like a blade.

“……” He Shao only felt as if there were prickles down his back. Not good, how could he just say what was on his mind?

“You guys are exaggerating. Actually, my cooking has just one taste.” Yan Hao looked at He Shao and said, “If you like it, you can buy a household robot, and I can put the recipes into it so you can cook whenever you want.”

“I was just kidding, I don’t want to get a small kitchen. We’re so busy with school work, we don’t have time to cook for ourselves.” He Shao waved his hand and said, “Besides, the food made by robots is soulless, what’s more it can’t compare to yours, so it’s better to come to the canteen.”

Actually, with the current level of technology, the vast majority of household chores could be done by robots, so it was naturally possible for the robots to do the cooking. But even though technology had advanced to such an extent, people still preferred to do it themselves whenever they could, feeling that the food made by machines without emotions was cold.

“You guys think my cooking is better than a robot’s?” A faint light appeared in Yan Hao’s eyes.

“Hao Hao, do you keep asking that question because you really have self-doubts or because you’re just trying to get us to praise you more?” He Shao asked.

“No, I’m not.” Yan Hao shook his head hurriedly, then smiled and said, “If you think it’s good, then I’ll make it for you next time.”

“That’s what you’ve said. Next time I want more ribs.” He Shao demanded immediately.

“No problem.” Yan Hao agreed.

“Junior, can I order then?” Cheng Wenkang, who was at the side, also came up.

“Yes, what would you like to eat?”

“I haven’t decided yet. I’ll tell you when I’ve decided.” Cheng Wenkang was just trying to have fun. He didn’t really want to order anything.

“Alright. Senior Sheng Heng what about you?” Yan Hao looked at Sheng Heng and asked, “Do you have something you would like to order?”

Sheng Heng looked at Yan Hao’s happy face and was somewhat puzzled. Ever since he first met Yan Hao, Sheng Heng had noticed a problem. Yan Hao was smart, committed, independent, strict, loved mech building, and had a simple personality, but had a character flaw that he still didn’t understand, which was sensitivity and low self-esteem.

Why would such a genius, who was so handsome and excelled in his studies, who had been admitted to the Mech Department of the Federal University with the highest ranking in Z-star, and who could even solve the data model that Professor Sun had published for three years, have a sensitive and inferior personality? Shouldn’t a person like him be proud and confident?

Why did he have to repeatedly confirm when he was complimented on how good his cooking was?

“Did someone say that your cooking was not good?” Sheng Heng asked in a deep voice.

Yan Hao froze.

“Or did someone say that your cooking was the same as that of a robot’s?” Sheng Heng recalled what Yan Hao had just said and extracted the information.

The smile on Yan Hao’s face faded completely, as if he had recalled some bad memories. Stammering, he tried to change the subject: “That….. I’ll call you guys when I cook next time. I have to study for my afternoon class. He Shao, let’s go.”

With that, Yan Hao dragged the confused He Shao in the direction of the other side of the road.

“Boss, why do I feel like you’re right?” Cheng Wenkang said with certainty as he looked at Yan Hao’s fleeing back. If the wound in his heart hadn’t been poked, their junior wouldn’t have reacted so badly.

Even Cheng Wenkang could see this, so how could Sheng Heng not see it as well? He could almost imagine a time in the past when his cute little junior had excitedly cooked a spread and invited someone to eat. Only instead of it being a gesture that was meant to bring them closer, he was greeted with an unpleasant comment. Just by thinking about it, Sheng Heng felt stifled by the grievances his little junior must have suffered.

With his socially awkward personality, the person who could make him learn how to cook had to be someone very close to him, perhaps even a family member. Sheng Heng had never understood why a person as good as his little junior had developed such a personality, but if he was treated like this by his family, then it wasn’t surprising.

Yan Hao pulled He Shao along until they had almost reached the dormitory building before he stopped walking. He even glanced backwards a little sheepishly.

“You’ve been dragging me for over ten minutes now, we’ve already lost them.” He Shao sighed.

Yan Hao smiled at He Shao with embarrassment. Actually, he knew that he had reacted too much just now, but he just hadn’t been able to help it. When Sheng Heng had asked those two questions with such precision, it had reminded him of a long-ago memory. Although what had happened in this memory had occurred a long time ago, every time he thought of it he would feel a kind of suffocation and as he couldn’t get rid of this emotion, he could only stop himself from remembering it.

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  1. I want to cry. These people really wore him down to nothing but a self-conscious shell.

    Ugh I’m crying. The fact that he still retained his innate goodness after all that bs is amazing. I look forward to him growing into a self-confident & happy human. I don’t even care about face slapping. I just want him happy.

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