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Chapter 62.1

Kneeling on the sofa, Xu Luoyang leaned against Qi Chang’an and although his legs had gone numb from staying in one position for too long, he didn’t want to move at all. His heart felt as if it had been pierced by countless needles as it ached and throbbed with pain.

He recalled the conversation they’d had in Qinli Town, when they had discussed posting on Weibo. Qi Chang’an had said that he didn’t do it because he felt that there was nothing interesting in his life to share with others.

He also remembered their time in London, when Qi Chang’an had taken him to a small manor in the countryside. Xu Luoyang had asked him if he had felt empty and frightened living there alone and how had Qi Chang’an responded?

—Back then, I only felt safe when I was alone.

Xu Luoyang had never understood why Qi Chang’an was always sick or why his face would turn pale at the sight of red roses. He didn’t understand why Qi Chang’an pretended not to want him when it was clear that he did. He also didn’t understand why Qi Chang’an never mentioned his family, and the one time he did, he couldn’t continue speaking.

Now, as he thought back on those details, his heart ached even more.

At this moment, a torrent of emotions surged within Xu Luoyang’s heart and not finding and outlet, he could only mumble Qi Chang’an’s name over and over softly and as he did, he suddenly understood the meaning of heart-wrenching pain.

My Chang’an, I would really rather you were a powerful demon, one who could never be hurt by anyone.

“Nao Nao.”

“Your Nao Nao is present.” As soon as Qi Chang’an finished speaking, Xu Luoyang responded and as he looked at the person holding him, he couldn’t help but lean in to kiss the corners of his lips.

Allowing him nibble his lips, Qi Chang’an’s voice was gentle, “I’m telling you all this… not to gain your sympathy or to use these past events as reasons to keep you from leaving me.”

“I know.” Xu Luoyang nodded, his expression serious, “I know that my Chang’an is strong, but I can’t help but feel my heart ache.”

Blinking, he suddenly realized that he had unintentionally achieved the odd accomplishment of ‘crying until one’s eyes hurt’. He shook Qi Chang’an’s hand, “Chang’an.”


Xu Luoyang’s voice sounded hoarse, “Could you blow on my eyes? They feel gritty and hurt so bad.”

As Qi Chang’an blew air carefully on his eyelids, Xu Luoyang hummed contentedly, “Are my double eyelids swollen?”

“En, they’re swollen,” Qi Chang’an touched the reddened corner of his eye, “Nao Nao, let go. I’ll get some ice and a towel to make a cold compress for you. Otherwise, you won’t be able to go out tomorrow.”

Imagining the reporters who would be waiting outside their residence tomorrow morning, Xu Luoyang could already see the explosive headline: ‘Xu Luoyang suspected of having post-operative complications from plastic surgery, his eyes have become incredibly small!’ Instantly, he felt uncomfortable all over.

Sitting up straight hurriedly, he released Qi Chang’an’s shirt, however as soon as he let go, his heart felt empty, so he clung to him again, “I won’t let go, I won’t let go, let’s go together.”

A minute later, Qi Chang’an placed the carefully prepared ice cold towel over his slightly swollen eyelids.

“Hiss— so cold, so cold, so cold!” Xu Luoyang who was kneeling on the sofa almost jumped from the stimulation. Tilting his head, he stammered as he negotiated, “Chang’an ge-ge, I actually really don’t think that an ice compress is as helpful as that blow you just gave!”

Qi Chang’an’s hand that was holding the towel didn’t move as he teased him, “Because my demonic power is vast?”

Embarrassed, Xu Luoyang averted his gaze, replying softly, “Yes.” As expected, the teasing about him thinking he was a demon would likely continue. After a while, he asked, “So, I really don’t need to cultivate anymore?”

“Mm-hmm, you really don’t.” Qi Chang’an said with a smile. “But if you ever find some secret cultivation manual, you could give it a try.”

Xu Luoyang waved his hands repeatedly, “Forget it, forget it. Without you, living a long, long life alone would have no meaning.”

After applying the ice compress, the swelling around Xu Luoyang’s eyes receded quite a bit, so the two returned to their seats on the sofa, with Xu Luoyang lying on Qi Chang’an’s lap. Reaching out, he touched Qi Chang’an’s adam’s apple, “Chang’an, tell me honestly, can your body….. ever recover completely?”

Making the various thoughts swirling in his mind come to a stop, he steadied the tone of his words.

“A year after my father’s death, my big brother established a research institute for me and one of its main projects, is researching my medical condition.” Qi Chang’an explained in great detail, knowing that Xu Luoyang would worry more if he didn’t explain clearly.

“Ordinary medicine has no effect on me, so the medication you see me taking comes from that research institute. However, because I took a lot of medicines when I was young, including some with unknown ingredients and underwent surgery,”

As he spoke, he held Xu Luoyang’s hand and placed it on his right eye, “This is a side effect– heterochromia iridum. When it flares up, my right eye turns blue and I experience sudden deafness in my right ear. But the symptoms are transient. My allergies and stomachaches are also side effects.”

After he finished speaking, he nibbled Xu Luoyang’s fingertip playfully, his tone as relaxed as possible, “I’ll do my best to cooperate with the treatment. Although I can’t be as healthy as you, I can still grow old with you.”

Feeling a lump in his throat, Xu Luoyang nodded then hooked his pinky with Qi Chang’an’s, telling him, “Promise, you’ve already said it so you’re not allowed to go back on your word!”

“Hmm, I promise.”

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