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Chapter 4.1

Inside the room, Du Ruoyu, dressed to the nines, shouted in surprise. She stared intently at her best friend who had just whispered to her and asked repeatedly, “Are you serious? Tang Zhou likes men?”

Her best friend nodded, “Just now, someone saw it with their own eyes in the restroom. He was with a waiter, tsk tsk.”

Du Ruoyu’s face was a mix of emotions, unsure whether to laugh or cry. After some thought, she said to her best friend, “I need to go to the bathroom.”

When she closed the bathroom door, she immediately sent a text message on her phone. Only after receiving a reply did she rub her reddened eyes and return to the room with a sorrowful expression.

Seeing her dispirited, her best friend sympathized and comforted her, “It’s a good thing you found out early. There’s still time.”

Du Ruoyu clenched her fists, bit her lip, and stood up. “I’m going to find Grandpa!” With no regard for the consequences, she rushed to her grandfather’s room and burst into tears, “Grandpa, I don’t want to be with Tang Zhou!”

When Old Master Du, who had always doted on his only granddaughter like a precious gem, saw her red-rimmed eyes and sad expression, he couldn’t help but wave her over, “Why are you crying? Who has upset our girl?”

Du Ruoyu wiped her tears and threw herself at her grandfather’s legs, “Grandpa, someone just saw Tang Zhou being intimate with a man. He likes men, I don’t want to be with him!”

The people in the room were stunned, “…” Tang Zhou, the heir to the Tang family, liked men?!

Old Master Du was taken aback, his expression slightly doubtful. He had heard that Tang Zhou was a decent, capable, and good-looking young man, which was why he had arranged for his precious granddaughter to meet him. Now, it turned out that the young man from the Tang family liked men. What was going on?

Regardless of whether this was true or false, the Tang family needed to provide an explanation.

He turned to the housekeeper and ordered, “Go and find out what happened, and bring Tang Zhou here.”

The housekeeper left and returned, “Chairman, someone did indeed see Tang Zhou being intimate with a waiter in the restroom. Tang Zhou said he wasn’t feeling well and left the party early.”

Old Master Du slammed the table in anger, “He knows to run after causing trouble! I want to ask Tang Zhihua how he raised his grandson! Call Tang Zhihua!”

“Grandpa, don’t get too worked up.” Du Ruoyu tried to suppress the smile on her lips, “If he doesn’t want to, then let’s forget about it.”

“You this child, you’re too kind-hearted.” Old Master Du patted her head and sighed, “That young man doesn’t know how lucky he is.”

The call connected, and Old Master Du scoffed, “Tang Zhihua, you’re really kind.”

Tang Zhihua, puzzled, asked, “What do you mean?”

“Your precious grandson likes men, did you know?”

“Impossible!” Tang Zhihua raised his voice, “I know what kind of person Ah Zhou is.”

Even if he did like men, he wouldn’t let others easily discover it.

Old Master Du snorted coldly, “Someone saw it with their own eyes, how can it be fake? Moreover, Tang Zhou knew he was exposed and has already run away without a word, clearly showing his guilt!”

Not waiting for Tang Zhihua to defend himself, he hung up, his lips quivering in anger. And he had even praised Tang Zhou before. He didn’t expect to have misjudged him.

Tang Zhou, who had caused a stir, didn’t care about other people’s opinions and drove aimlessly on the streets with Fu Shen.

The “adulterous couple” had to run away together to make the act more convincing.

Fu Shen caught a glimpse of Tang Zhou’s hidden delight and asked, “Aren’t you afraid of tarnishing your reputation?”

Tang Zhou parked the car by the riverside. The evening breeze carried the refreshing scent of the river, soothing their minds.

Leaning back in his seat, he glanced sideways at Fu Shen, “Why should I be afraid?”

He had never been so carefree before, and the rare indulgence brought him immense joy.

The relationship between the Du and Tang families was good, but ultimately, it was just an alliance based on mutual interests. In his dream, when the Tang family showed signs of decline, the Du family unhesitatingly kicked them while they were down.

If you don’t like something, why bother pretending?

In Fu Shen’s impression, the heir to the Tang family, who was sitting before him, had always been known for his aloofness. In the month that he had been serving as Tang Zhou’s personal assistant, the man had indeed lived up to his reputation.

But since this morning, he had changed.

He seemed to have become more intriguing, evoking the urge to continue reading his story.

The neon lights by the river reflected in Tang Zhou’s light brown eyes, unexpectedly adding a touch of worldliness.

Fu Shen sighed softly, “You’re not afraid, but I am.”

“Hmm?” Tang Zhou turned his head, his long eyelashes accompanied by slightly upturned eyes and a faint questioning tone, creating a subtly ambiguous atmosphere in the confined space of the car.

Fu Shen said seriously, “If I lose my job, I’m afraid no one will hire me for this kind of banquet in the future.”

“Junior Fu.” Tang Zhou raised an eyebrow, “If I’m not mistaken, President Qiao was also in the banquet hall tonight. You weren’t there just to serve dishes and pour wine, were you?”

Fu Shen’s pupils contracted slightly, and a cold light flickered in his amber eyes.

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