Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 115.1 Watch over him

After coming back from the base, there wasn’t much left of the holiday, yet Yan Hao was busier than ever as he hadn’t digested the mimetic postures Old Zhong had taught him fully. Hence after returning to the Federal Research Institute, he spent his days in the lab studying the programming of the mimetic system and occasionally, when he encountered things he didn’t understand and couldn’t resolve even after thinking about it two to three times, he would go to Old Zhong for help. As a result, Old Zhong was visibly much happier, as he finally had a chance to be a teacher.

And during the occasional leisurely meals and chats with his senior brothers, Yan Hao would often be teased. They would joke that because of him, they had become the Federation’s most sought after eligible bachelors. However the catch was that they were all now expected to present mimetic mechs as betrothal gifts, leaving them in a bind, worried about what they would do if they really met someone they liked but couldn’t produce a mimetic mech.

And watching his senior brothers feign exasperation with a big grin, even though Yan Hao knew they were just teasing him, he still promised, “If you need a mimetic mech as a betrothal gift in the future, I’ll build the mimetic system for you.”

And hearing this, all his senior brothers burst into laughter, each of them telling Yan Hao to study hard because they were waiting to use it.

The holiday was over in a flash and after saying goodbye to his Master and senior brothers at the Institute, Yan Hao boarded the exclusive hovercar that had been arranged by the Institute and returned to school.

And on his second day back at school, classes began. The incident between Yan Hao and Sheng Heng had made such a splash over the holiday that anyone in the Federation with even a slight interest in mechs had heard about it. Hence there was a wave of enthusiastic inquiries in the classroom.

While Yan Hao’s classmates knew he was talented in mech, none of them knew he was Old Zhong’s disciple, so extremely excited, they chased after him to ask if he had mastered the mimetic system and how come he had become Old Zhong’s disciple.

He Shao, while fending off their enthusiastic classmates, helped explain, “It was Old Zhong who cried and begged Xiao Hao to become his disciple.”

The crowd instantly rolled their eyes at He Shao, however just then the bell for class rang and as Professor Qin walked into the classroom, they all returned to their seats quietly. Exchanging glances, He Shao and Yan Hao both let out sighs of relief.

Moving closer to Yan Hao, He Shao muttered under his breath, “Look at them. They’re so eager to know, yet when I tell them the truth, they don’t believe it.”

Pursing his lips, Yan Hao smiled, then the two of them stopped chatting and focused on the lecture.

Fortunately, their classmates’ enthusiasm didn’t last too long, because after two lessons, everyone returned to normal, which made Yan Hao, who had always been careful to not stand out relieved greatly.

A few days after the start of the semester, the time for the students of the Mech Building class to select their partners finally arrived and on this day, He Shao dressed up especially well before going out, looking as if he was going to a blind date.

Seeing this, Yan Hao couldn’t help but ask, “We’re choosing partners based on our skills in mech, not our looks.”

“This is what you don’t understand. According to official data, 30% of the students in our school who choose each other as partners end up becoming couples, so choosing a partner is actually like a roundabout way of blind dating.” He Shao continued, “Although I don’t know if I’ll meet my other half, but what if I do?”

“It….. it turns out it’s like this?” Yan Hao hadn’t really paid attention to this.

“Of course. Aren’t you and Sheng Heng a living example?” He Shao added.

Yan Hao kept on feeling that there was something wrong with He Shao’s statement, however he didn’t know how to refute it.

“Alright, let’s go.” He Shao, finally done getting ready, grabbed Yan Hao’s hand then they left together.

Although Yan Hao already had a partner, because there were originally fewer mech builders than mech warriors, a mech builder was in principle allowed to decide how many mech warriors he or she wanted to be partners with. It could be one-to-one, one-to-five, or even one-to-six. So this time that Yan Hao was participating in the ‘blind date’, cough, partner selection, it was just to make up the numbers.

The partner selection was taking place in the largest training ground of the Mech Department, and each mech piloting student who came to participate had to bring along their mechs so the students from the Mech Building Department would check their mechs if they allowed it. Because in addition to choosing a partner, they also had to choose a mech and the higher the level of the mech, the more popular they would be.

Of course, the same applied to the students from the Mech Piloting Department. In addition to choosing a partner, they also had to assess the mech repair and maintenance skills of the students from the Mech Building Department.

He Shao and Yan Hao arrived relatively late, because by the time they got there, the two sides had already started interacting. Then Professor Qin, seeing that everyone had arrived and checking the time, glanced at the professor from the Mech Piloting Department who checked the headcount for his department then nodded to indicate that everyone was present.

With that, Professor Qin stepped forward and announced, “Partner selection begins now. Those who have completed their pairings during the partner selection process, come to me for registration.”

Immediately, the training ground became noisy, with everyone interacting even more enthusiastically.

“There’s even registration? It really feels like getting married.” Yan Hao had also been brainwashed by He Shao’s blind date theory.

“Prof is just doing it for the sake of statistics. This registration isn’t strict, because you can change your partner casually later.” He Shao explained.

While the two of them were talking, two students wearing sophomore uniforms walked over from the front.

“Some people are coming for you, so I’ll leave first.” Yan Hao turned to leave.

“Leaving what leaving? Help me evaluate them.” He Shao pulled him back.

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