Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 5.1 Roomate

The Mecha Building Department sent each accepted student a separate acceptance email with an indication of the class they were in and the dormitory they were assigned to. Yan Hao simply packed his bags, checked out of his room at the front desk and went straight to the Mecha Department to report.

At the school, after paying the tuition, he was given the code to his dormitory and a black magnetic card.

“With this magnetic card, you can pick up some daily necessities and bedding in the lobby on the ground floor of the dormitory. There are four-piece bed set, quilts, pillows, cups and stuff. If you don’t like it and want to buy it yourself, after three days, you can return the card to the main office and get a refund of 300 stars for the magnetic card.” The teacher in charge of registration said.

“Okay, thank you teacher.” Yan Hao naturally knew what this magnetic card was for but he listened patiently to the teacher’s explanation.

Leaving the registration desk, he followed the campus map that had been sent to his email and quickly found the dormitory building. The dormitory of the Mecha Building Department wasn’t far away from the Mecha Department, but it was to the north of the Pharmacy Department in the south. In his last life, he had been at the Federal University for four years, but had never been to this side. He was so focused on surpassing Yan Fei in pharmacy that he spent his days in the lab.

The more he thought back on it, the more he pitied himself in his last life. He had wasted his whole life for someone he hated.

Yan Hao had been assigned to dormitory 306, a double room.

The dormitories in the Mecha Building Department were all in good condition and mostly double and single rooms because most of the students who could study Mecha Building were from good families, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to buy a lot of raw materials for themselves to practice.

Of course, there were also students from poor families, but most of these students, had great talent in mech building and were also funded by either the state, companies, or big families who wanted to train them, so naturally the students who were sponsored weren’t short of money.

Carrying his bag, he arrived at the dormitory door, entered the code and pushed the door in just in time to see a baby-faced youth coming out of the bathroom.

“He Shao?” Yan Hao had a good memory hence he could recognize him, especially for people he had just met after his rebirth.

“Yan Hao!” He Shao naturally recognized Yan Hao “I was wondering when you’d be here.”

“You knew I was your roommate?” The acceptance email only stated the dorm number, not the name of his roommate.

“Of course I know, I specifically asked to share a dorm with you.” He Shao said with a smirk.

“Specifically?” Yan Hao looked at He Shao strangely.

“My uncle is the head of the Mecha Building Department, so I asked him for a favor.” He Shao didn’t hide it and said openly, “I hope you don’t mind?”

“I don’t mind, but why do you want to share a dorm with me?” Yan Hao asked.

“I like you.” He Shao laughed.

Yan Hao looked at him in silence.

“Alright, it’s because you got good grades and I wanted to make it easier to copy homework later.” He Shao stretched out his hands, confessing as he resigned himself to his fate.

Yan Hao looked at the two beds in the room, one on the left and one on the right with nothing on them and asked: “Which one do you want to sleep on?”

“Whichever one you want, you pick first.” He Shao said indifferently.

At that, Yan Hao walked straight to the single bed on the right by the window and put his backpack on it.

“Right, I’m going outside to the shop later to buy bedding, do you want to come along?” He Shao asked.

“No, I’ll just get a set downstairs later.” Yan Hao said as he took the books out of his bag and placed them on the shelf next to him.

“Downstairs? Those things the school gives out are cheap, only three hundred star coins, and that four-piece set is so rough that it can rub your skin off.” He Shao exaggerated.

“I spent all my money on books.” The Yan family wasn’t short of money and in his last life, Yan Hao had also spent a lot of star coins to decorate his dormitory at the beginning of the school year, especially after knowing that his parents had given Yan Fei a huge sum of money. He had also asked for a sum of money and not only upgraded his dormitory to a single dormitory, he also bought a lot of extra herbs.

But in this life, he had no more desire to compare himself with Yan Fei, so he didn’t bother to ask his parents for money. Although they were also his parents, they had earned the money themselves. They had already raised him and paid for his university tuition, so they could give the extra money to whoever they wanted.

Yan Hao didn’t want to feel too much affection for his parents, because once he did, he would never be at peace with their eccentricities. The only way to truly not care, was to mentally distance himself from them.

“How much is a four-piece set? I’ll buy you one.” He Shao said generously.

“No need.” This was the first time Yan Hao had ever met such a warm person so he was a little overwhelmed. After refusing and not waiting for He Shao to say anything else, he took his magnetic card and went downstairs to collect his things. In a short time, he came up with a large pile of things, put them on the bed and quickly put things in place.

“It’s not ugly if you look at it like this, but it’s just a little too simple.” He Shao commented after looking at it.

Clear grey sheets, cold white room, no colour at all, looking cold and frugal, one couldn’t see any enthusiasm for life, which made He Shao, who was used to liveliness and hustle and bustle a little uncomfortable.

Yan Hao wasn’t very particular about food, clothing and housing. In his last life he was fussy about things mostly because he saw what his parents had bought for Yan Fei so he went and bought it himself, but in the end he didn’t really like it.

He didn’t have much luggage, except for the books on the shelves and two sets of clothes. The bed sheets and quilts had also been laid, so in less than twenty minutes, he had tidied up his new dormitory. He straightened up and turned his head to look at He Shao who was dazed, “Come on, I’ll go with you to buy the bedding.”

“You’re going with me?” He Shao was a little surprised.

Yan Hao was stunned, “Don’t I need to?”

He didn’t have many friends in his last life and spent most of his time alone in the lab, so he didn’t know how to get along with friends. It just seemed, that He Shao had invited him, moreover he didn’t resent him, so it was fine to go. But the way He Shao reacted, something didn’t seem right.

“You need to, you need to, how can you not? Hao Hao, you’re really too kind, too sweet.” He Shao hugged Yan Hao with excitement.

Yan Hao wasn’t going to buy anything himself but was willing to go with him. What did this mean? It meant that his new friend liked him too. He had thought that Yan Hao didn’t like him and that was why he had acted so indifferent but it turns out he was a cold on the surface but warm on the inside.

Yan Hao’s body stiffened, a little uncomfortable with this kind of intimate contact. He pushed him away and said awkwardly, “Hurry up, there are a lot of people reporting today so there must be a lot of people buying things outside.”

“Right, let’s go.” He Shao didn’t mind Yan Hao’s refusal because he had already seen through Yan Hao’s cold on the surface but warm on the inside nature and understood that he probably couldn’t adapt to his excessive enthusiasm for a while.

The two of them walked out from the entrance of the school, and saw that the shopping street was really already crowded with people, mostly new students and parents who were sending them to school.

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  1. Ah, He Shao is going to do poor Yan Hao a lot of good! He needs some good friends after how that last life went!

  2. I’ve just realized this before, but is Yan Hao and his brother (fraternal) twin? Cuz they seems to be of the same age.

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