Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 2.1 Meeting

From the school, Yan Hao went straight back to the hotel.

In order to participate in the professional examination, Yan Hao, like other students who wanted to enter the three majors, arrived at the Federal University three days in advance. Three days later, the results of the professional examination would be announced, and the university would arrange dormitories for the enrolled students, until then, they could only stay in the hotel.

Too much time had passed and although Yan Hao could remember which hotel he was staying in, he couldn’t remember which room. Luckily, he found a chip card in his coat pocket with the number of the hotel room on it, so he was able to find his room.

Yan Hao had just found his room and was about to open the door to go in when Yan Fei came out of the next room.

“Brother.” When Yan Fei saw Yan Hao, he subconsciously lowered his head and retreated a step back.

When he suddenly saw Yan Fei, Yan Hao had mixed feelings. It was like a fish thorn stuck in his throat, and he couldn’t spit it out, but it was so uncomfortable.

“Yan Hao, you want to stimulate Xiao Fei again, right.” A teenager with dyed blonde hair flashed out from behind Yan Fei and yelled at Yan Hao aggressively, “Why are you so annoying, do you have to show off in front of others just because you have good grades ? Do you know that you look disgusting.”

Yan Hao’s pupils shrank, “Disgusting? Why is it disgusting if you did well on your own exams? Even after returning from a new life, Yan Hao couldn’t understand how was being better than Yan Fei on his exams obnoxious?

No. Yan Hao ruthlessly covered his eyes, not allowing himself to look at the blond boy’s disgusted eyes.

He said he wouldn’t fight. In the book with Yan Fei as the main character he was destined to be only a cannon fodder, couldn’t get himself involved again, he had to leave these storylines……

“Wu Mingchuan, don’t say anything, my brother didn’t provoke me.” After explaining to Wu Mingchuan, Yan Fei went to explain to Yan Hao, “Brother, don’t be angry, I didn’t do well in the professional examination, so Wu Mingchuan misunderstood……”

Yan Hao didn’t continue to listen, nor did he try to refute. He used his room card to open the door, and directly pushed the door in.

“What an attitude, isn’t it just good grades? With such an annoying personality, good grades are useless.” Wu Mingchuan pooh-poohed.

“Wu Mingchuan, don’t be like that, my brother didn’t say anything just now……”

“He’s just too late to say. Whenever he scored higher than you in exams before, which time did he not look for you to brag about it?” Wu Mingchuan said indignantly, “You like pharmacy so much, if you fail this exam, we still don’t know how much he’s going to gloat.”

Yan Fei couldn’t help but look sad when he thought about his exams during the day.

“Oops, bah bah, I’m talking nonsense. The results are not out yet, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be accepted, didn’t you say that you improved the potion, maybe the professors will appreciate your talent more after seeing your improvement ? Come on, don’t think about it, let’s go eat first.”

The two of them were talking right in front of their room, so Yan Hao couldn’t even think about not listening.

Wu Mingchuan guessed correctly. Yan Fei, because he wanted to improve the formula of the level 3 relief medicine made a mistake in the examination. The effectiveness of the level 3 relief medicine didn’t play out and he was at first not accepted into the pharmacy major, but his idea of improving the medicine was so unique that he was eventually accepted into the pharmacy major and eventually even became a disciple of Master Pharmacist An Zheng.

Since then, no matter how hard he studied in pharmacy and always maintained the first place in his major, with the status of Master An Zheng’s disciple, Yan Fei was always above him. And compared to him, Yan Fei genuinely liked pharmacy, his learning ability in pharmacy might not be as good as his own, but his creative ability was indeed better than his own.

In the previous life, although Yan Hao wanted to completely avoid Yan Fei, Yan Fei was his younger brother so it seemed somewhat unrealistic to want to completely avoid him. Moreover, his senses about Yan Fei had also changed greatly.

After his death, his mental body lingered in the world of the book for a while, and also read over the novel. As a kind-hearted and talented protagonist, Yan Fei naturally couldn’t do anything bad, so the method taken in the book for him, a cannon fodder who opposed the protagonist at every turn, was also an automatic exit. He was the one who volunteered to go to the military sanatorium to soothe the psychic power of the soldiers who had gone on a psychic riot in order to gain the goodwill of the military department. He died of a psychotic break and was described in the book as: ‘Quick for success and was to blame.

But didn’t he have only himself to blame? Even though it was based on his research that Yan Fei was able to create a potion that could significantly ease the psychic riots, as a cannon fodder, he could only be a stepping stone for the protagonist.

With a self-deprecating smile, Yan Hao took off his jacket, leapt onto the bed, wrapped himself in the blanket and fell into a deep sleep.

This day he had experienced a lot and also thought a lot. As for Yan Fei, he had never liked him.

Yes, no matter if he was to blame in his last life, no matter how kind and great Yan Fei was in the book, as a cannon fodder who was to be a stepping stone for someone’s, he couldn’t compete with the main character, and he wouldn’t harm the main character, but he could dislike him.

Federal University’s Mecha Building Department. The teachers in the class were grading the mechs assembled by the students.

“Ha ha ha ha, I’ll take this student.” A large, bearded, rugged man grabbed a mecha model and announced loudly.

“You’ll take what? Want to split the class?” Another handsome looking youth walked over and grabbed the mecha model from the big man’s hand and skillfully disassembled it, “Huh, not bad.”

“My student, can it be bad?” The big man said.

“Scram, how is he your student?” The youth had by now mostly disassembled the mecha model in his hand, “The energy compartment, the cockpit, he even put it together with protection in mind. And the weapons on the arms and legs, look here, he even wired the connections.”

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