Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 3.2 Easy to coax

“I’m sorry?” After apologizing, Yan Hao was afraid that the senior would misunderstand, so he couldn’t help but explain more, “Actually, between the axles of the two arms of the mecha, there isn’t much difference in design, you just need to change the direction of the external clips, and change the wiring when wiring. The axles of the two arms can actually be universal.”

“Universal? Then why did Mecha Company purposely set up the left and right axles?” Cheng Wenkang asked.

“Because it’s easy to make mistakes when changing mecha axles, that’s why the mecha manufacturing company made the axles extra thin in order to reduce the probability of mistakes.” Yan Hao said.

“Really?” Cheng Wenkang was stunned.

“Ignore him, you do your thing.” Sheng Heng hit Cheng Wen Kang’s shoulder.

“Okay.” Yan Hao nodded and pushed the stairs down to the left arm of the mech then climbed up with the toolbox in one hand and the axle in the other.

Cheng Wenkang rubbed his shoulder that was sore from the slap. It was only after he saw that Yan Hao was seriously replacing the wheel axle with his back to them before he asked Sheng Heng in a low voice, “Hey, where did you pick up this little junior from?”

“Halfway on the road.” Sheng Heng said.

“Halfway on the road? Is someone you picked up halfway on the road reliable? And he’s even a freshman? How about I beg Duan Cheng again?” Although it was a little too late to ask at this point, Cheng Wenkang was still not relieved.

“Didn’t you see the look in his eyes just now?” Sheng Heng asked.

“What look?” All his attention had been on his status as a freshman just now.

“His eyes were glowing when he saw the mech and the axle.”

“How many people don’t like mechs these days? I’ve been drooling over your level 5 mech for over a year and my eyes even glowed the first time I saw it.”

“That was you being a pig seeing food, this little junior is different. The look he had in his eyes was real fondness and love. Someone with that look would treasure the mech more than anyone else and wouldn’t just take it on when he isn’t sure.” Sheng Heng said.

“I…. who is a pig?!” Cheng Wenkang asked angrily.

“You.” Sheng Heng pointed out clearly.

“……” Cheng Wenkang, for the three hundred and sixty-fifth time, wanted to cut ties with Sheng Heng.

The process of replacing the axle was very delicate but not complicated. All that was needed was to connect the wiring inside the axle and the upper and lower joints of the mech arm and nothing would go wrong. Although Yan Hao was confident in his assembly skills, it was after all his first time experimenting on a real mech, so after connecting the wiring he double checked it before closing the mech’s shell and stepping down from the ladder.

“I’ve changed it, senior, please go and try it.” Yan Hao said to Sheng Heng.

“Okay.” Sheng Heng didn’t ask any questions, crossed over to Yan Hao’s side, opened the cockpit of the mecha and climbed in.

Yan Hao stared nervously at the mecha until its left arm lifted and took several different poses before he let out a sigh of relief.

“It worked?! Junior, you’re good!” Cheng Wenkang said in surprise.

Yan Hao smiled shyly.

Sheng Heng manipulated the mech into a few more poses before stopping and climbing out of the cockpit.

“Brother Heng, we can now participate in tomorrow’s mecha competition normally.” Cheng Wenkang said.

Sheng Heng ignored Cheng Wen Kang, walked straight up to Yan Hao and looked at him with a complicated expression.

“What’s wrong? Is something wrong?” Yan Hao’s heart jumped for a moment. The arm was working, so there should be no problem.

“Black Soul’s right arm also uses this axle, but the sensitivity is not as good as the left arm you just replaced.” Sheng Heng said.

“Is there such a thing? Did the left arm axle get another upgrade?” Cheng Wenkang guessed.

“I just replaced the right arm yesterday.” Sheng Heng looked at Cheng Wenkang with an expression that said he was looking at an idiot.

“Right oh, it’s from the same batch of axles, so could it be that the right arm has a defective axle?”

Sheng Heng rolled his eyes, no longer holding out any hope for his roommate’s IQ.

“It might be a problem with the wiring, let me take a look for you?” Yan Hao had already understood Sheng Heng’s meaning by this time.

A pleased expression immediately appeared on Sheng Heng’s face. The intelligence of his junior, was the intelligence of a sincere person.

“Then I’ll have to trouble you.” Sheng Heng said politely.

“It’s no trouble at all.” An without being led by Sheng Heng, Yan Hao climbed up the ladder again with his toolbox, opened the right arm of the mech, checked the wiring inside, and soon found the problem, “One of the wires is loose. It won’t affect its use, but the signal transmission will be slowed down by 0.1 milliseconds. I’ll reconnect it.”

A few moments later, Yan Hao connected the wiring, and when Sheng Heng tried it again the mech’s left and right arm sensitivity were synchronized.

“Little junior, you’re not good, you’re very good!” Cheng Wenkang couldn’t help but give Yan Hao another compliment, not expecting him to have this skill.

“It’s nothing I just did the basics, but for Senior Sheng Heng to be able to sense the difference of a fraction of a millisecond, he’s not an ordinary person.” Yan Hao said in admiration.

“He’s abnormal.” Cheng Wenkang said.

Sheng Heng walked up to Yan Hao at this time and complimented, “You have a good sense of control, you’ll be a great mech builder in the future.”

“Senior, you’re too kind.” Yan Hao said modestly with embarrassment on his face.

“Little junior, you’re so easy to coax, you’ll be cheated easily in the future.” Sheng Heng said all of a sudden.

“Huh?” Yan Hao was stunned.

Just a simple compliment and his whole body lit up in happiness, didn’t this show that he was easy to coax?

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  1. Ml tired of his roommate’s IQ lol


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    This is such a fun chapter. The translation is also very enjoyable. Thank you~

  2. Sweet cinnamon roll MC being adorable and the ML worrying about how he’ll survive on his own when he’s so soft and sweet.

  3. It’s making me cry to think that the reason MC reacts so strongly to being complimented is because he’s never really been complimented before T.T

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