Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 108.1 Meeting Gift

Receiving a message from Yan Hao, Sheng Heng, his heart full of nervous anticipation arrived outside the door of the lab and knocked and in no time, the door was opened from the inside.

“Senior.” Seeing Sheng Heng, Yan Hao’s eyes curved into a smile, revealing two cute dimples, “Hurry up and come in quickly.”

Sheng Heng made an ‘en’ sound in response, stepped in and as he looked up, saw Black Soul standing in the center of the lab. From the outside, Black Soul didn’t look any different.

“Old Zhong.” Sheng Heng saluted Old Zhong respectfully, “Thank you.”

Sheng Heng knew that the reason Old Zhong had helped him upgrade Black Soul was because of Yan Hao. But no matter what, he was the one who had benefited ultimately, so this thank you, he had to say in person.

Old Zhong looked at him with a bit of scrutiny, then said indifferently, “Compared to your father and big brother, you lack a soldier’s spirit.”

Baby Bug looked at his Master with some surprise. Although Old Zhong had a bad temper, he usually only scolded his own disciples and ignored outsiders even if he didn’t like them. But today, not only had he paid attention to Sheng Heng, he had even said something that could be considered as criticism.

“What Old Zhong is saying is true. I am indeed far behind my father and big brother.” Sheng Heng wasn’t angry and looking up, he said neither humbly nor arrogantly, “But my goal has always been to strive to catch up with them and now, I finally have this opportunity.”

After saying this, Sheng Heng’s gaze turned to the towering Black Soul at the side.

“General Admiral Sheng is a level nine mech warrior and Major General Sheng is level eight. Even with Black Soul, you’re at most a level six mech warrior.” Old Zhong continued.

“My father once told me that as a soldier, the most important thing isn’t how high your position is, or being able to pilot a higher level mech. The most important thing is the belief in defending our home and country. On this battlefield, every soldier, regardless of their rank, is a hero of the Federation.” Sheng Heng continued, “I don’t aim high, as long as I can pilot a mech and fight for the Federation, I believe, that is what my father would like to see.”

Old Zhong’s scrutinizing gaze softened a bit, but his tone still carried a bit of disdain: “Although you are average in all aspects, who made Xiao Hao like you? Just treat Xiao Hao well after you get married.”

”!!” Get married, what did he mean by get married? 1Here, the reason why Sheng Heng is shocked is because of the way Old Zhong said it. He said ‘过门’ which means a woman moving into the husband’s house/ marrying off. Both Old Pang and Old Zhong mistakenly think Yan Hao is the gong as he was the one who confessed

“Old Pang gave you a pair of level eight particle cannons as a meeting gift, so I’ll give you this level six mimetic system as a meeting gift.” After saying this, Old Zhong rubbed his somewhat sore neck, “I’ve been exhausted these past few days. Ba Yun, go back with me and give my shoulders a massage.”

“Yes, Master.”

With that, the Master and disciple left the lab naturally, leaving the space to the young couple.

Yan Hao walked to Sheng Heng, and seeing his dull gaze, as if he had received a huge blow, held his hand in distress and said softly but firmly: “Senior, don’t worry, I will study hard and break through the bottleneck of the mimetic system as soon as possible. You will definitely not just be a level six mech warrior.”

Yan Hao thought Sheng Heng was hit by Old Zhong’s words ‘you are just a level six mech warrior’.

“Just now Old Zhong said, that this…..” Sheng Heng pointed to Black Soul, “This a greeting gift for me?”

“En.” Yan Hao nodded.

“That pair of level eight particle cannons…..” Sheng Heng pointed to the particle cannons on Black Soul’s shoulder, “Is a greeting gift from Old Pang?”

“En.” Yan Hao nodded again.

Sheng Heng covered his face, a helpless bitter smile on his face. Mom, Dad, it seems like your son is about to get married off.

However he didn’t dwell on this for too long. If he was to get married off, then so be it. He would think of it as marrying into the family. After adjusting his emotions, he entered the cockpit impatiently and started to pilot Black Soul in it’s level six state.

Operating Black Soul, he drew out the Obscure Darkness Lance, then started moving about energetically as if he was dancing in the not so large lab, his movements swift and agile, with many variations to it. Many moves that he hadn’t been able to do before, he could now do under the enhancement of the level six mimetic system.

Sheng Heng was so excited that he immediately took Yan Hao to the base’s training field, intending to challenge Qiu Zi’an to a battle.

The news that Old Zhong had helped modify Black Soul had spread throughout the base, so when Sheng Heng appeared on the training field, the surrounding soldiers all stopped their actions and moved to watch. They wanted to see what the difference between the legendary mimetic mech and the traditional mech was.

Standing on the opposite side, Qiu Zi’an smiled as he looked at the eager Sheng Heng, “Second Young Master, you’ve only had this mech for half an hour. Don’t you need to familiarize yourself with it more?”

“There’s no need.” Sheng Heng shook his head.

“Are you sure you want to fight me? How about I find a level six mech warrior for you? So you don’t say I took advantage of my mech’s level when I win.” Qiu Zi’an had a confident posture that said he was sure he would win Sheng Heng.

“It’s not yet certain who will win and who will lose.” Sheng Heng said back in reply.

At once, a roar went up in the training field.

“Well said, Second Young Master. Knock him down.”

“Captain Qiu, you can’t lose. Otherwise, the face of the War God Legion will be lost by you.”

In the base, it was common for soldiers to spar with each other. Winning or losing wasn’t the most important thing; the important thing was that the momentum couldn’t be lost.

“Zi’an, if you lose, you will lead the patrol for a month.” Sheng Zhuo, who was on the side couldn’t help but interject when he heard this. “Sheng Heng, if you can hold on for fifteen minutes without losing, this vacation, I will allow you to go with the team on an expedition.”

His eyes lighting up, Sheng Heng looked at his big brother, “What if I win?”

“Hey, hey, Second Young Master, you’re being too arrogant.” Qiu Zi’an was dissatisfied with Sheng Heng’s underestimating.

Ignoring him, Sheng Heng continued to look at his big brother.

“If you win, I’ll go and talk to father to let you join the War God Legion officially.” Sheng Zhuo told him.

“Deal.” His eyes bright, Sheng Heng turned around, made a few jumps then was the first to enter the cockpit.

Qiu Zi’an also stopped talking and entered his mech the same way. Then both mechs retreated at the same time, pulling apart to a suitable distance.

The atmosphere became tense.

The first to make a move was Sheng Heng. Raising both arms, Black Soul slid Obscure Darkness Lance out from its arm, raised its hand to catch it, then completed the docking. The whole action was smooth and decisive, taking less than a second.

However he didn’t rush over immediately. Instead, he waited for Qiu Zi’an on the opposite side to draw out his particle light saber, then rushed over.

In the stands, Sheng Zhuo looked at Yan Hao, who was standing by the side with interest and asked, “Xiao Hao, who do you think will win?”

“I don’t know.” Yan Hao shook his head honestly.

“I thought you would say Sheng Heng will definitely win.”

“I don’t know Captain Qiu’s strength, so I can’t make a judgment.” Yan Hao continued, “But purely looking at it from the level of the mechs, the level six Black Soul might not be worse than Captain Qiu’s level seven mech.”

Raising an eyebrow, Sheng Zhuo asked, “A level six mech and a level seven mech are one level apart, how can they be compared?”

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