Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 61.1 Level 6 Mutant Zerg

The following day.

The students of the Mech piloting department had breakfast and set off one after another. Sheng Heng and Cheng Wenkang had to move with the team of the class leader, Sun Zhu today because of last night’s incident.

On the way, Cheng Wenkang asked Sheng Heng with some irritation, “Boss, why do we have to prove to that pig Wencheng?”

The pronunciation of Zhu Wencheng’s surname was similar to the pronunciation of pig, and Cheng Wenkang had never liked him much, so he called him Pig Wencheng in private.

Sheng Heng explained, “It’s not to prove anything to Pig Wencheng, but to dispel everyone’s doubts. My hand injury has been known to everyone since I started school and all along for class assessments, whenever practice was a bit more intense, my hands would definitely swell up the next day, but it’s been two days since we came to No. 3 Desolate Planet for this assessment and not only are my hands fine, they are in better shape than every one of theirs is, which would be strange to any normal person.”

Cheng Wenkang said, “Then can’t we just explain?”

Sheng Heng: “Explain that my Black Soul has been fitted with a mimetic operating system?”

Cheng Wenkang: “Yes.”

Sheng Heng: “What do you think Zhu Wencheng would have done if I had said that last night?”

Cheng Wenkang thought for a moment then said, “He would have definitely asked us to prove it.”

Sheng Heng: “And what would I have had to do to prove it to them? Pilot Black Soul to show off a set of moves? My hands are indeed injured, but I have no problem handling the mech for a short period of time.”

Cheng Wenkang immediately understood: “They would have definitely asked to pilot Black Soul themselves.”

Sheng Heng: “Do you think that I would let anyone else touch Black Soul?”

Since Black Soul had been modified by Yan Hao, Sheng Heng treasured Black Soul so much that even Cheng Wenkang himself didn’t have the chance to touch Black Soul’s mimetic system, causing him to be jealous about it for days, so how could Sheng Heng possibly allow anyone else touch it, what’s more someone like Zhu Wencheng?

Wait, it wasn’t like no one was allowed to touch it.

“Why not? I don’t believe that if our little junior wants to touch it, you won’t give it to him.” Cheng Wenkang said.

Sheng Heng laughed lightly, “Does he count as someone else?”

Cheng Wenkang had forgotten to pay attention to this aspect and was so disgusted that he almost threw up his breakfast.

You only know how to disgust me. If you can, go and say it in front of our little junior.

‘Di di.’ Just then, the beep of a request for communication sounded simultaneously in both of their cockpits. The two of them casually clicked the agree button and the face of the class leader, Sun Zhu immediately appeared on their virtual screens.

“Sheng Heng, Wenkang, at our current speed, another fifteen minutes ahead and we will be at our destination for this time, near zerg nest 68.” Sun Zhu said, “For safety’s sake, I’ll pull you two into our team channel together for easy communication.”

For this assessment, each group had its own planned course of action. Yesterday, the two teams temporarily merged, and since Sheng Heng’s team only had two people, Sun Zhu had proposed that they follow their team’s previous plan, and as the two of them were small in number and it was convenient to cooperate with the five-member team of the class leader, Sheng Heng agreed to Sun Zhu’s proposal.

“Alright.” Sheng Heng agreed.

Since they were in a team, no matter what the reason for this team was, as long as they were all in the team, then they had to collaborate with each other.

Sun Zhu started to arrange the tactics after adding the two into the team channel, “Zerg nest 68 is a small to medium sized nest with about 10,000 zergs inside. We will only kill at the periphery, and today’s target is tentatively set at 130 zergs per capita.”

After saying that, Sun Zhu subconsciously glanced at Sheng Heng’s subscreen. Although he didn’t say anything, everyone understood what he meant. 130 zergs was a suitable target for their team, but for Sheng Heng, who broke 300 points alone yesterday, it wasn’t enough at all. Of course, that was only if Sheng Heng got all his points from killing the zergs himself.

Sun Zhu continued, “Most of our mechs are long-range attack mechs, but we also need people in front to stop the zergs from getting close to us. Li Fei, Xiao San, you two have been outputting at the back for the first two days, today you go to the front.”

“Okay.” The two named by Sun Zhu had no comment.

Being well organized and following orders, it was clear that Sun Zhu’s team was very united.

“Sheng Heng, what about you guys?” Sheng Heng’s team also had to send one person to the front to act as a meat shield, but they were a temporary team after all, so Sun Zhu couldn’t make arrangement for them directly.

“I’ll go to the front.” Sheng Heng said directly, not wasting any time.

Sun Zhu was a bit surprised. It had to be known that whoever acted as a shield at the front to stop the zergs from approaching would be subjected to the most attacks, and such an action placed extremely great demand on the one operating the mech. Sheng Heng’s hands were injured, so there would be less pressure if he were to output at the back, so how come he had instead taken the initiative to go to the front? Sun Zhu looked at Cheng Wenkang’s expression and saw that he looked as if he was used to it, as if this had been the arrangement between the two of them all along. At that moment, he didn’t question him anymore, but adopted the plan of waiting to see what would happen.

Perhaps Sheng Heng’s hands were really healed?

“So be it then.”

Within the blink of an eye, the seven arrived on the outskirts of Zerg Nest 68 and two of the five in Sun Zhu’s group immediately sprinted out and took the lead in killing a small group of zergs inside. The small group of zergs, about 20 in number, was a small group of scout zergs commonly found on the outskirts of the nest.

“Long-range, get ready, fire.” Sun Zhu commanded immediately.

At once, all the long-range weapons of the mechs were turned on and started to attack the small group of zergs.

The intelligence of the lower zergs wasn’t high, and they would take the initiative to attack the nearest enemy when they encountered an attack, so all the zergs around them reacted by heading towards Li Fei and Xiao San’s mechs, making it so that the mechs with long-range attack weapons weren’t in danger instead. The three students in Sun Zhu’s group, along with Cheng Wenkang, fired wildly at the zergs as they gathered. They had to kill the zergs before they got close to the mechs, or at the very least weaken them first, otherwise their mechs would be surrounded and destroyed by the zergs.

With only about 20 or so zergs in this small group, not many of them, and with seven mechs fighting together, Sheng Heng didn’t have much chance to perform. More importantly, he was afraid that if he stood out too much, it would affect the other two, so he fought the approaching zergs in a moderate manner.

In this way, the seven worked together quite smoothly, killing all the way in. In just one morning, the seven-man team had killed almost a thousand zergs. Throughout the whole process, Black Soul, controlled by Sheng Heng was always responsive and swift, causing Sun Zhu and the others to be finally somewhat convinced that Sheng Heng wasn’t cheating.

“In just one morning, we’ve killed almost two-thirds of the portion we killed yesterday.” Someone said happily after looking at the points.

“The damage to the mechs is also less than the previous two days.”

“That’s because Black Soul was up front and Black Soul is a level six mech, so naturally it’s a bit sturdier than ours.”

“Alright, it’s almost lunch time, let’s find a place and take a short break.” Sun Zhu suggested.

All of them had no opinion and leaving the wreckage of the zergs on the ground, were about to turn around to leave when just then, a small and low whistle suddenly sounded. The whistle wasn’t loud, as if it would turn inaudible at any moment and it was easy to ignore, but it was strangely and incomparably clear in everyone’s ears.

At first, Sheng Heng didn’t pay much attention to it, thinking it was just some kind of animal chirping in the jungle, but soon, he realized that something was wrong, because Li Fei, who was walking in front of him, suddenly stumbled, and the orange mech flipped sideways in a very strange movement, then twisted back forcibly, leaning forward and half-crouching on his knees.

This was a mech’s self-repair function, which a mech would only activate when the maneuvering commands were suddenly interrupted.

And this was just the beginning. His actions were soon followed by Xiao San, Sun Zhu, Cheng Wenkang and the other two mechs in front of Li Fei, whose mechs were operating in varying degrees of strangeness.

“Fatty, what’s wrong with you?” Sheng Heng asked anxiously as he tapped on Cheng Wenkang’s communicator.

“Boss….” Cheng Wenkang seemed to be in great pain, “My head hurts, and my eyes…. the front of my eyes are black.”


“Class Leader, my head hurts.”

“Does it hurt a lot?”

With this sentence, the voices of the others in the team channel sounded one after the other.

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