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Chapter 95.2 Misunderstood

In the grove, Yan Hao remained in the same position, one hand covering his heart, the other his face.

“Racing heart, blushing?” Yan Hao’s hand confirmed the sensations from his chest, face and ears, the burning touch so vivid.

He returned to his dorm in a daze. He Shao was still studying hard for the final exams in the dorm and so didn’t pay much attention when he entered, continuing to draw his component design.

Suddenly, someone poked his arm, causing the straight line he was drawing to swerve halfway sharply.

“My drawing?!” He Shao howled, glaring at Yan Hao in dissatisfaction, “Yan Hao, what… what happened to you? Why is your face so red?”

Seeing Yan Hao’s unnaturally flushed face, He Shao couldn’t care less about his half finished design. Getting up, he reached for Yan Hao’s forehead.

“My face is hot, not my forehead.” Yan Hao said seriously.

Hearing this, He Shao moved his hand hurriedly from his forehead to his face. Goodness, it was really hot, “What happened? You have a cold? I’ll go get you some medicine.”

“I don’t have a cold.” Yan Hao shook his head.

“Then why is your face so hot if you don’t have a cold?” He Shao was confused.

“Check my pulse.” Yan Hao told him, extending his hand.

Although He Shao wasn’t a pharmacist, he knew how to take a pulse. As soon as his two fingers touched Yan Hao’s wrist, he was immediately shocked by the strong, rapid rhythm of his pulse.

“Why’s your heart beating so fast?”

“Blushing, a racing heart. It’s not a cold and I didn’t eat anything to boost my metabolism. Could this be what liking someone looks like?” Yan Hao asked earnestly.


He Shao was startled for a solid ten seconds, then he settled back down into his chair slowly, took a sip of tea, then gave Yan Hao a thorough once-over before saying, “Speak, what happened before you came in just now?”

Yan Hao, who was eager for answers, began recounting the events the moment He Shao asked. As we’ve said more than once before, our friend Yan Hao is a meticulous person, hence his account was extremely detailed, immersing He Shao in the narrative.

After listening to the whole story, He Shao fell silent. For a moment, he wasn’t sure whether to feel sorry for Sheng Heng or to curse him for finally managing to steal his roommate away.

“He Shao? Do I really like Senior Sheng Heng?” This was the first time in both of Yan Hao’s lifetimes that he’d faced a situation like this, so he was in desperate need of someone to give him an answer.

“…..” He Shao didn’t really want to answer this question. If he said yes, wouldn’t that mean he was making things easier for Sheng Heng? But if he said no, what if Yan Hao took it seriously?

“He Shao!” Yan Hao was eager for an answer.

“Ai!” He Shao sighed quietly then said, “I can’t really say.”

“You don’t have any experience either?” In Yan Hao’s mind, someone with experience would definitely be able to say something. If they couldn’t, then it definitely meant they were inexperienced.

“….” What did this have to do with having or not having experience?

“You need to figure this out yourself. Whether you like him or not, just imagine it and you’ll know.”

“How do I imagine it?”

“Imagine you and Sheng Heng are dating. How do you feel? Do you feel happy or repulsed?”

“I’ve never dated before, so I don’t know how to imagine it.” Yan Hao replied.

Aside from math and mech, this brain of yours is just for show!

He Shao suppressed the urge to roll his eyes. “Then imagine this: Just now, in that small grove, Sheng Heng pressed you against a tree and kissed you breathless, making your legs turn into jelly. How would you react afterwards?”

Yan Hao’s mind automatically started filling in the blanks. As he imagined this picture, he couldn’t help but remember the couple he had met in the washroom of the café earlier today, and then…..

In the small grove, Sheng Heng pulled him back abruptly, pressed him ruthlessly against the tree, and then like a ravenous wolf, nibbled at his lips, throat and neck continuously and even started to unbutton his clothes….

‘Boom’, Yan Hao blushed like a cooked shrimp.

He Shao: “…..” I already know the answer.

Meanwhile, after Sheng Heng left the small grove, he ran straight to the Mech Piloting Department’s training ground, where he started running laps. He ran twenty laps without stopping.

Because it was the end of the semester, the training ground was filled with students from the Mech Piloting Department, so seeing Sheng Heng like this, the other students assumed he was just exercising, but Cheng Wenkang knew that he’d had a date with Yan Hao today. And even if he was only training, there was no way he would be wearing the carefully selected clothes he had put on for his date.

Grabbing a bottle of water, Cheng Wenkang walked over curiously then asked, “What’s wrong? What’s got you rattled?”

“I scared him.” Sheng Heng told him, sounding somewhat defeated.

“You….. you confessed??” Cheng Wenkang’s eyes widened, “Didn’t you go to ask about your big brother’s issue?”

Twisting the bottle of water open, Sheng Heng took a hefty swig, his face a picture of despair.

Seeing this, Cheng Wenkang said to himself secretly, ‘not good’. At a glance he could see that he had been rejected.

“I think our little junior isn’t a petty person. Even if you can’t be lovers, you can still remain friends.” Cheng Wenkang patted Sheng Heng’s shoulder reassuringly.

“I didn’t confess.” Although at that moment, he had really wanted to throw caution to the wind and kiss Yan Hao hard, in the end, he’d held back.

He was still worried. Yan Hao was so timid, wouldn’t he avoid him completely in the future, even refusing to be friends? He needed to take more time, let Yan Hao get used to him slowly, but before that, he should keep his distance for a while, wait until Yan Hao had forgotten about today.

Sheng Heng, don’t rush. The more you want something, the more patient you have to be. He advised himself silently.

He took a few deep breaths, but Yan Hao’s anxious gaze lingered in his mind. His eyes darkened. Dropping the half drunk bottle of water, he started running another twenty laps.

“He’s going to go crazy from suffocation.” Cheng Wenkang shook his head as he sighed.

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