Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 35.2 His little junior’s ‘confession’

“I…. I know, I’m sorry.” Yan Hao didn’t know what he had said wrong, but Sheng Heng was upset, so he apologized subconsciously.

Once he apologized, the chagrin on Sheng Heng’s face and the shortness of breath, all turned into dejection. From Yan Hao’s expression, Sheng Heng knew that Yan Hao didn’t care about his answer to this matter. That was to say, whether he was seeing someone, whether he was single, or whether he had done that, he didn’t care. An unprecedented sense of frustration swept over him, leaving Sheng Heng incredibly frustrated.

Would he really be able to get Yan Hao to be enlightened?

“You didn’t do anything wrong, so there’s no need to apologize.” Meeting Yan Hao’s cautious gaze, Sheng Heng’s heart softened for a moment, “I’ll keep working hard.”

Who made him fall for such a person? He could only take it slowly.

“Work on what?” Yan Hao asked subconsciously.

Trying to make you like me.

“Work on trying to make myself more charming.” Sheng Heng rephrased.

“Senior, you’re already very charming.” Yan Hao told him.

“You think I’m charming?” Sheng Heng looked at Yan Hao. He had just been feeling a little frustrated, but now he was a little better.

“En. “

“Then, do you like me?”

“Yes.” Yan Hao responded almost immediately. Sheng Heng was the first friend he had made since his rebirth, the person who had shown him the way when he was almost late for his exams, the first person who had trusted him unconditionally, the person who was willing to let him repair his mech and the person who introduced him to business when he needed money. Just thinking about it casually made Yan Hao realize that in just a few months, Sheng Heng seemed to have helped him a lot, “Senior, I like you.”


Sheng Heng felt as if his heart was about to explode. A surge of unprecedented joy washed over him, dispelling his earlier discouragement and revitalizing his entire being.

“What you just said, I’ll remember it.” Sheng Heng said these seven words with unparalleled seriousness.

“En.” Yan Hao nodded heavily, and as if he was afraid that Sheng Heng wouldn’t believe him, repeated it again, “No matter what others think, I think Senior is good. I will always like Senior.”

Yan Hao had never imagined that Sheng Heng would also experience a period where he would feel insecure. He’d always assumed that he was the only one who wasn’t liked. Because of his experience in the previous life, he could best understand the feeling of not being liked. Even if a person appeared strong or acted indifferent on the outside, inside, there was no one who didn’t want to be liked. That was why he had to tell Sheng Heng loudly, clearly, and repeatedly several times, that he liked him.

So Senior, don’t feel inferior, don’t be sad and don’t doubt yourself. You are liked.

Little junior, you’re ‘confessing’ to me, aren’t you? (He Shao: “You’re shameless.”)

“Alright, you go on with your work, I’ll bring you dinner tonight.” Smiling, Sheng Heng rubbed Yan Hao’s head. Although the ‘like’ he had just said didn’t mean what he had expected, he was still happy.

“There’s no need. There was a lot of rice in that portion just now and I didn’t finish it. I’ll have it for dinner tonight.” Yan Hao said.

“Then I’ll come over to remind you to eat, in case your alarm clock doesn’t go off again.”

Thinking about the lie he had just told, Yan Hao lowered his head in embarrassment.

Smiling, Sheng Heng stood up, and after getting dressed, helped Yan Hao put the leftover food into the freezer and then left the lab.


Cheng Wenkang was lying on his bed watching an intergalactic programme when he saw Sheng Heng walk in. His first thought was: Holy sh*t, no way right? It’s over in such a short time?

Then he thought about it again and thought that it wasn’t right. With his boss’s physique, it couldn’t be over in such a short time. Could it be that he had interrupted them?

Sensing that this was a possibility, Cheng Wenkang explained immediately with a strong desire to live, “Boss, I can’t be blamed for what happened just now. How could you ask me to get you some food if you guys were going to do ‘that’? You knew clearly that I would deliver the food yet you actually left the door unlocked. It’s really …… half my responsibility at best.”

“Shut up!” Sheng Heng threw a book over angrily. “We were just collecting data.”

“What kind of data, data from what?” Cheng Wenkang asked meaningfully.

“Do you want to die?” Sheng Heng threw another book at him.

Laughing, Cheng Wenkang avoided it, “I said it. Our little junior doesn’t look like he has been enlightened; you two aren’t going to develop so quickly.”

Sheng Heng didn’t pay any more attention to Cheng Wenkang. He rummaged through the cupboard for a packet of herbs, took a basin, poured hot water over it, and then waited for the effects of the medicine to emanate, after which he dipped his hands inside. His fingers were already a bit fatigued from the final exams he had taken in the past few days and he had to rehearse fighting techniques with his mech tomorrow. He needed to recover his condition in advance.

“Boss, your fingers hurt again?” Cheng Wenkang asked.

“No, they’re just a little sore.” Sheng Heng shook his head.

“If I remember correctly, at the end of last semester’s final exams, your fingers were swollen, but this time they’re just a little sore. It’s all thanks to our little junior’s herb packet.” Cheng Wenkang praised.

“En.” Sheng Heng felt the medicinal power pass through his fingertips, accompanied by a burst of warmth, just like Yan Hao’s touch when he massaged him.

“I heard from our classmates that their hand speed has all improved to a certain extent. In this final exam, the practical exercise one, everyone did well in the exam.” Cheng Wenkang felt good about his grades. “I think I will be able to get an A in all of them.”

“With the help of this medicinal herb packet, everyone’s hand injuries have been relieved to a great extent.” Sheng Heng continued, “Uncle Yue said, that if one can soak their hands in the medicinal herb packet every three days, as long as it is not an accidental injury, if one manipulates the mech normally, it can even keep the warriors’ fingers in top condition.”

“But doesn’t big brother Yan’s hand still have an injury too?” The big brother Yan Cheng Wenkang was referring to was Sheng Heng’s elder brother, Sheng Yan. Sheng Yan was eight years older than Sheng Heng and a level eight mech master in the Federation. In the Federation, mech warriors above level seven would have special pharmacists to help take care of their fingers.

“Big brother’s injury is an old one from before. Even with herb packets to ease it now, it can’t be cured, just like …… my hand.” When Sheng Heng said this, the tone of his voice became low.

“Brother Heng …… nowadays medicine is so advanced, maybe if we go back this time, there will be a turnaround.” Cheng Wenkang said cautiously.

“En. “Sheng Heng smiled, not wanting to continue this topic, “I won’t be eating dinner with you, you can eat by yourself.”


“I have a date with our little junior. “

“Let me say it in advance, don’t expect me to buy dinner for you.” Cheng Wenkang yelled loudly, and together with Sheng Heng, tacitly didn’t mention anything more about the hand injury.

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