Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 110.1 Break through

Su He was naturally dead set against Sheng Zhuo’s decision. As a Pharmacist, he was way more cautious about Yan Hao compared to the Sheng family brothers who trusted him blindly.

A kid who still looked like a student, even if he was a genius, the best he could hope to achieve in pharmacy was being a level six Pharmacist. Did his claim of a 60% success rate really mean it was 60% simply because he was saying it? Just because he had made some calculations using the numbers on the mental energy map?

But all his worries couldn’t stand up to the person involved being so firm. After all, no matter how much he tried to stop him, as soon as Sheng Zhuo took the phantom elixir, he wouldn’t be able to avoid advancing even if he wanted to. So in the end, Su He gave in, figuring it would be better for him to be there when Sheng Zhuo took the phantom elixir rather than him doing it in secret so he could even help at a critical moment. If the advancement failed, he could take some remedial actions to prevent Sheng Zhuo’s mental energy from falling too drastically.

“Big brother, put your helmet back on.” Yan Hao said, holding the sensor helmet out to Sheng Zhuo again.

“What’s this for?” Sheng Zhuo asked, confused.

“While the success rate is 60%, it’s not 100%. So with you wearing the helmet, I can monitor the changes in your mental energy. If your mental energy changes exceed a certain range, I will ask Senior Sheng to intervene with his mental energy.” Yan Hao explained.

Sheng Heng froze at his words: “I’ll intervene with my mental energy?”

Su He objected the moment he heard this, opening his mouth, “After taking the phantom elixir, the user’s sea of consciousness will enter an incomparably stimulated state, and to intervene with mental energy at that point is very dangerous for both the user and the one intervening.”

As the person involved, Sheng Zhuo was the calmest as he said calmly, “Let’s hear the rest of what Xiao Hao has to say.”

Naturally, Sheng Heng trusted Yan Hao, so he stayed quiet, waiting for Yan Hao to explain. Seeing this, Su He felt a mouthful of old blood clog his chest. However he wanted to hear how Yan Hao would explain it.

“Usually, after using the phantom elixir, the sea of consciousness will enter an extremely active state and if an outside force intervenes at this time, it can cause the mental energy to resist, making it overly excited and even disrupt the reorganization of the sea of consciousness. But big brother’s case is different, as he’s advancing to the S level.” Yan Hao explained in detail, “The threshold of S level mental energy is infinitely close to the capacity of the sea of consciousness, so even without external interference, when the phantom elixir goes into effect, the mental energy will get stimulated to the point where it is very close the limit. So at this time, even if an outside force intervenes, it won’t cause a bigger reaction.”

Turning to Sheng Heng, Yan Hao continued, “And Senior was born with an S level mental energy, so the threshold of his mental energy is naturally higher than those who have advance through medicines. In other words, even if big brother’s mental energy successfully advances to the S level, it would still be weaker than Senior’s. As such, Senior’s mental energy can suppress yours.”

“I understand.” After hearing this, Sheng Heng grasped the concept. “You plan to monitor big brother’s mental energy state through the device and once it detects the threshold approaching a critical point, posing a risk of failed advancement for big brother, I’ll intervene with my mental energy to suppress it forcefully.”

“En. This way, it can prevent big brother’s sea of consciousness from collapsing.” Yan Hao said.

If Sheng Heng could understand even this, then Su He, a Pharmacist, definitely understood it better. It was just that no one had ever done it this way before, so he thought it strange. However he had to admit that Yan Hao’s plan was much more effective than any of the emergency measures he had thought of earlier and that it could also minimize the consequences if Sheng Zhuo failed to advance.

Once everyone agreed, they got to work. Sheng Zhuo put his helmet back on, Yan Hao calibrated the device, and Sheng Heng sat beside his big brother, ready to intervene at any time. The only person without anything to do was probably Su He. He had wanted to help Yan Hao with the monitoring, but since Yan Hao had installed new software on the device that he didn’t know how to read, he feared he would just get in the way. Hence, he could only anxiously watch from the side.

“Big brother.” Once everything was ready, Sheng Heng took out the phantom elixir he had stored in his spatial button.

Taking the phantom elixir, Sheng Zhuo didn’t drink it immediately. Instead, he said to Sheng Heng, “I made this decision myself. If the result isn’t good, it has nothing to do with you.”

Su He couldn’t listen to this and unwilling to give up, shouted again, “Major General, why don’t you reconsider?”

Sheng Zhuo ignored him, continuing to look at Sheng Heng instead.

“I know.” Sheng Heng knew that if it was only him, his big brother wouldn’t have said this. They were brothers, and from the moment he chose to give the phantom elixir to his big brother, he was ready and determined to bear all the consequences. But his big brother’s words were actually reminding him not to blame Yan Hao because he was afraid that if his advancement failed, it would affect his relationship with Yan Hao.

Sheng Zhuo smiled a little, then without any more hesitation, opened the cap of the bottle and drank the phantom elixir.

The effect of the phantom elixir was very fast, because almost the moment it entered his mouth, the numbers on the monitoring device began to jump rapidly, with each change in the numbers representing the berserk mental energy in Sheng Zhuo’s sea of consciousness at the moment.

Gradually, Sheng Zhuo’s face turned white visibly and his hands clenched tightly as he gripped the bed sheet under him. And although he didn’t make a sound from start to finish, they could all tell he was experiencing immense pain.

Finally, the monitoring device seemed to have reached a critical value as it started giving a ‘di di’ sound. Turning around hurriedly, Su He rushed to the screen of the device, then paled as he looked at the terrifying mental energy map on it.


Just as he was about to speak, Yan Hao suddenly sat upright and shouted in Sheng Heng’s direction, “Senior, get ready.”

Sheng Heng had been ready all along and had just been waiting for Yan Hao’s command.

“Three, two, one…..” As soon as Yan Hao’s countdown shout reached one, Sheng Heng’s surging mental energy invaded Sheng Zhuo’s sea of consciousness forcefully.

‘Di di di’ The beeping alarms rang out more urgently, each sound more terrifying than the last, with the waves on the mental energy map growing higher with each point and the mental energy threshold rising so high that it even made Su He wonder if Sheng Zhuo’s sea of consciousness was about to explode.

“Okay.” As Yan Hao’s words fell, the mental energy map that had just risen to a very high point started to fall back, returning to a range of normal values. At the same time, Sheng Heng also withdrew his mental energy, sitting there with a tired expression on his face.

Forcefully invading a sea of consciousness with mental energy level close to S level that was also extremely violent was also very exhausting for him.

“Senior, get ready.” About three minutes later, the threshold of Sheng Zhuo’s mental energy jumped again.

And once more, Sheng Heng’s mental energy surged out.

This process was repeated about three times before Sheng Zhuo’s sea of consciousness finally stabilized. However because of the prolonged mental stimulation, Sheng Zhuo had already passed out.

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