Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 5.2 Roomate

“Here.” He Shao squeezed into a drink shop and bought a glass of juice for Yan Hao.


“Let’s go ahead, there’s a bedding shop up ahead called Cicada, which is said to follow the textile technology of ancient Earth, using a special fabric woven from the silk spat out by an insect. It’s soft, smooth and extra breathable.” He Shao said as he walked, “My mother bought one of her dresses from them and loved it.”

Yan Hao followed behind passively, and the two of them soon arrived at the entrance of Cicada. Perhaps because it was so expensive, there weren’t many people in the shop.

“What can I get you two?” In a high-end shop, the service was very attentive, so as soon as they entered, a special shop assistant came up to welcome them.

“I want to buy bedding.” He Shao said with a big grin.

“This way please.” It was the start of Federation University so naturally there was a special bedding section in the shop. The special shop assistant led the two expertly through the section.

He Shao’s uncle was the head of the department, so naturally his family was well off. He didn’t look at the prices, he just touched what he liked but had trouble choosing as he looked this way and that.

“Hao Hao, which one do you think is better?” Unable to decide, he asked Yan Hao.

“This one, this colour is more durable.” Yan Hao said, pointing to a pale blue four-piece set.

“Okay, this one, wrap it up.” He Shao immediately took the advice.

The shop assistant smiled, went up to wrap the four-piece set then guided the two of them to the front desk to pay. As there was someone in front of them checking out, they waited for a while. Only, when the person turned around after checking out, Yan Hao couldn’t help but frown.

“Big brother?” Yan Fei was also startled when he turned around to see Yan Hao. “Are you here to buy bedding and quilts too?”

“No, I’m here with my roommate.” Yan Hao shook his head.

Yan Fei looked at He Shao next to Yan Hao. Roommate? Then that meant that Yan Hao didn’t plan to take the exam again next year and chose a major that the school had transferred him to.

“Big brother, which major did you get transferred to?” Yan Fei asked.

“Transferred?!” Yan Hao didn’t answer, but He Shao who was beside him shouted out in surprise. Since when did their Mecha Building Department become a transferable major?

Yan Fei was shocked, but thinking of Yan Hao’s proud personality since he was a child, he deduced that he would definitely not want his failure to get into the pharmacy department to be discovered, so he apologized hastily: “Sorry, I said it wrong. Big brother, I just wanted to ask, which department are you in now?”

Yan Hao wrinkled his brows. He didn’t really want to talk to Yan Fei.

“Eh, this guy is your brother?” He Shao bumped into Yan Hao and asked in a quiet voice.

“Mm.” Although he didn’t want to admit it, he was indeed his brother.

“Your brother doesn’t know which major you’re studying?”

Yan Hao shook his head.

“Looks like you brothers don’t have a good relationship.” He Shao joked.

“Not really.” Yan Hao replied.

He Shao raised his eyebrows and ran his eyes over Yan Fei’s face without saying anything.

Yan Fei’s face turned white, then he put on his customary aggrieved look. Carrying the shopping bag he had just finished checking out, he whispered, “Mom and Dad miss you a lot. Since you’re not going back to repeat your studies, tell them too.”

After saying this, he turned and walked away.

“Repeat? What are you repeating?” Yan Fei’s voice hadn’t been loud but He Shao still heard him clearly, “Does your brother think you didn’t get into the Mecha Building Department?”

“No.” Yan Hao explained, “I originally applied for the Pharmacy major, but then changed to the Mecha Building Department.”

“So that’s it, no wonder he said you were transferred to our major, he thought you failed in Pharmacy.” By this time, the bill had already been punched out so He Shao went over to pay, “Dude, are your parents particularly partial to your brother?”

Yan Hao looked at He Shao in surprise with a look that said, ‘how did you know’?

“What’s not to see here? You’re so poor you can only get a 300 star coins set at school but your brother has the money to come out and buy a 30,000 star coins bedding.” He Shao showed Yan Hao his receipt, a bedding set cost thirty thousand star coins, “For your brother to be able to afford to buy this brand, its clear your family is well off, and its obviously the Mecha Building department which is the most expensive major, yet you are so poor, hence its easy to tell that your parents spoil your brother more.”

“Is it obvious?” Yan Hao asked rhetorically.

“Nonsense, anyone with eyes can see it, okay?” He Shao said.

If anyone with eyes can see it, were all those people in the last life blind? Yes, let’s say they were all blind.

“He Shao, I’ll give you copies of my homework later.” Yan Hao looked at He Shao with shining eyes.

Did he do something to please the god of learning? How come he suddenly got such good treatment? He Shao didn’t understand but since the god of learning took the initiative to hand out his homework, if he didn’t copy it then he wasn’t human.

“Yan Hao, from now on you’re my biological brother.”

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  1. Thank you for your hard work!!
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