Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 6.2 School begins

“……” This is the kind of question that only a professor can answer so can you not ask me, a student who has just graduated from high school?

He Shao only tutored Hao Yan for an hour before he stopped in deep self-doubt.

He was wrong, Yan Hao wasn’t even doing the basics, he was researching the subject.

It wasn’t for nothing that Yan Hao was obsessed with the energy block, because after many years, the energy supply for mechs was still an unresolved problem. Mechs generally fought in outer space, and in the long vacuum, not only did they have to be able to fight, they also had to keep moving at high speed and make one or two space jumps.

A single space jump consumed a level 7 energy block, so the mech had to carry enough energy blocks with it during combat, but the inner compartment of a mech was limited, so even if it was full of energy blocks except for the cockpit, the mech wouldn’t be able to fight for long. Moreover, too many energy blocks would increase the weight of the mech itself, making it less able to move quickly and dangerous in combat.

That was why the Federation’s mech builders had been looking for new ways to make energy blocks to extend the combat capabilities of their mechs.

The first lesson for new mech builders at Federation University was also on the principles of energy block production.

“You should have already studied the energy compression formula for an energy block in high school, but here we will learn the principle of the formula, why the energy block is compressed in this way, why the energy is unstable, and how to make the energy stable during the compression process. Half of your freshman year will be spent studying this.” The professor showed the energy compression company on the projector and then began to explain the principles.

As He Shao looked at the familiar question, he couldn’t help but move closer to his tablemate quietly: “Hao Hao, look, I couldn’t answer yesterday not because I’m a slacker, but because the question you asked was out of my league.”

How can you ask a high school student about university knowledge?

Yan Hao smiled apologetically at He Shao and then looked intently at the projector. The more he listened to the dense array of formulas and terminology, the more he felt like a child who had fallen into a kaleidoscope and who felt that everything was new.

By the end of the hour-long lesson, 80% of the students at the bottom were already out of their minds. The professor, accustomed to such scenes, didn’t panic, and when the bell rang and the students were instantly refreshed, he set the task with a smile on his face.

“On the first day of class, did you find that there were too many points you didn’t understand?”

“Yes.” The students answered in unison. They all knew that there was a lot of knowledge at university and that they had a heavy study load, but the professor had covered a month’s worth of knowledge in one lesson. Wasn’t that too much?

“I can’t help it, university is not like high school, there are eight lessons a day. I only have two lessons a week, so there’s more in one lesson. It’s okay if you don’t understand, you can always ask me by email if you have any questions, or you can read more after class, or you can go to star online and listen to the lesson again.” The professor said kindly.

“Okay.” The students responded in an inattentive manner.

“For the next lesson, it’s an experiment class.” The smile on the professor’s face grew kinder and kinder, “We’re going to learn how to make basic energy blocks. Some of the best students have already learned how to make Level 3 energy blocks in high school, so in this experiment class, we’re going to learn how to make Level 4 energy blocks straight away.”

“Huh?” The inattentive students were instantly surprised.

“Prof, we’re going to be making Level 4 energy blocks next lesson?”

“No.” The professor shook his head.

The crowd was relieved, saying in their hearts ‘That’s right, how could they make a level 4 energy block in their first experiment session? You have to know that there was a watershed between level 3 and level 4, and that when making a level 4 energy block, the energy compression formula was ten times more complex than a level 3 energy block.’

“It is that you have to do it yourself before the experiment class and when you’ve done it you have to show it to me after the class and then I will guide you one by one. Otherwise, you won’t be able to finish the experiment in one lesson.” With a satisfied smile on his face, the professor left the classroom with wails of horror behind him.

This was the happiest time of the year for them as teachers.

“I’m going to die… I’m going to die!” Back in the dormitory, He Shao was banging his head against the wall.

“Don’t worry too much, there’s plenty of time for a week.” Yan Hao said comfortingly.

“Big brother, you didn’t make energy blocks in high school, right?” He Shao asked.

“No.” He had only studied for one year in high school, and was still stuck in his understanding of mecha structure, not involved in specific parts manufacturing at all. Energy blocks were something he only learned in his third year of high school, and he didn’t even start learning the formulas until after his rebirth. But he had always been good at math, and pharmacy had very complicated formulas and chemical molecules, so the energy formulas didn’t seem too hard for him.

“The energy blocks that the professor asked us to make are not to be entered into a formula and have a machine compress the energy for us, but to be made by our own hands.” He Shao explained, “Do you know what that means? It means that not only do you have to be skilled in the formula, you also have to take care of all aspects of energy instability when compressing energy blocks. A level one energy block has one hundred instability points, level 2 five hundred, level 3 one thousand, and at level 4 it jumps straight to ten thousand. With ten thousand instability points, what do you think our success rate is?”

“Why can’t we use the machine?” Yan Hao was puzzled.

“This is the usual teaching method of the Federal University. They feel that only when students are able to make energy blocks by hand without relying on machines are they considered to have fully mastered the formula of energy blocks. And, after level 7, machines can’t compress energy. We have to rely on human mental power, so this is also an early foundation.”He Shao said with a helpless expression on his face.

“Since the professor laid it out this way, it should be feasible.” Yan Hao said, “And, with the formula, it means there is a pattern. As long as you find the pattern, it’s not difficult.”

“Hao Ge, why are you so optimistic? I don’t even understand the formula for level 4.” You’ve never even done a level 1 energy block so where did you get the courage from?”

“I understand the formula. Why don’t you take me to make a level 3 energy block and I’ll explain the formula to you?” He Shao deliberated for a moment.

“!” What? He understood those dense numerous pages filled with formulas?

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