Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 41.1 The level 10 mecha

Getting out of the car, Sheng Heng went straight into the main house, where a smartly dressed middle-aged woman was waiting inside.

“Mom.” This middle-aged woman was none other than Sheng Heng’s mother.

When Mother Sheng heard her son’s voice, her beautiful eyelashes lifted up and a soft light flashed in her light brown eyes under her thick eyelashes the moment she saw him.

“You’re back.”

“The person who picked me up said you were looking for me anxiously?” Sheng Heng walked quickly to his mother’s side, asking a little curiously.

“You sit down first.” Mother Sheng told her son to sit down first, then ordered someone to bring some food over, before getting to the point, “Did you do well in your final exams this time?”

Sheng Heng’s smile faltered: “Mom, are you trying to persuade me to give up on mecha again?”

Smiling a little, Mother Sheng shook her head, “After promising you at that time that I would let you study mech piloting in university, I wouldn’t change my mind again.”

“But you never used to care about my grades.” Although he had fought with his family for the chance to study mech piloting, they knew that with the condition his hands were in, he couldn’t become a mech warrior. The four years of university were just to fulfill his dream, because when he graduated, his family would rearrange the path he would take.

“Now there is a chance for you to become a mech warrior.” Mother Sheng told him.

“What?” Sheng Heng stood up directly from his seat in excitement.

“Don’t get anxious, listen to what I have to say first.” Mother Sheng said soothingly, “Do you still remember the Lin family?”

“I do. When I injured my hand when I was young, you took me to the Lin family’s hospital to get my hand treated. They were the same ones that said that my hand couldn’t be fully repaired.” As long as it was something related to his hand injury, Sheng Heng would always remember it very clearly, “At that time, the Lin family offered to clone a pair of palms for me to attach to my wrist, but you guys refused.”

“That’s right.” Mother Sheng said, “With the current cloning technology, almost all the organs needed by the human body can be cloned, but the cloned organs have a fatal drawback. That is, after the cloned organs are surgically implanted into the human body, there will be irreversible side effects, which will lower the mental power level, and the degree to which it lowers it is unpredictable. Hence, people with a high mental power level wouldn’t use cloned organs if they don’t have to. Your mental power level is S-rank, so even if you don’t become a mech warrior, with your mental power level, you can still stand at the top of any profession you choose. That’s why at that time, your father and I didn’t agree to you having the surgery.”

“So what you’re saying now is that…. you guys have agreed to me having the surgery?” Sheng Heng asked with some apprehension.

Although his mental power level would drop after getting a pair of cloned hands, even if it dropped to B-rank, as long as he had a pair of healthy hands, he could still become a mech warrior. Even if he couldn’t become the top of the line, he would be willing to become a level 6 mecha warrior.

“The Head of the Lin family made a special trip to see me the other day, saying that they had discovered a rare culture fluid and that organs cloned with this culture fluid would have very little effect on mental power, only lowering it by one level at most. If you are lucky enough, you can even keep your mental power level at A+ after using the cloned palm.” Mother Sheng explained.

“A+.” Sheng Heng’s breathing roughened involuntarily.

If he could have a pair of healthy hands while keeping his mental power at the A+ level, then he could even become a level 9 mecha warrior if he worked hard.

“Mom, I….” Sheng Heng was about to agree to the surgery almost immediately, but on second thought he calmed down, “You just said that this culture is very rare, which means the head of the Lin family came to you with some kind of condition, right? “

No pie would fall from the sky just like that.

“That’s right.” Mother Sheng didn’t think of hiding it from her son, so she said directly, “They want the War God.”

Hearing the name War god, Sheng Heng’s gaze instantly went cold. The War god was a level 10 mech– a hundred years ago the zerg race had launched a massive zerg wave, killing and injuring countless soldiers of the Federation, and several planets had been taken over by the zerg race. At that time, the Mecha Builders Association gathered the strength of the entire Federation to create five level 10 mechs, piloted by the five best mech warriors at that time, which eventually killed the zerg queen and repelled the zerg race.

In that battle, three of the five mechs were lost and only two remained, one of which was the War god. So the War god was a symbol of honor for the Sheng family, and despite the fact that no descendant of the Sheng family had emerged since then who was capable of piloting the level 10 mech, it still held an unassailable position in the Federal Military Department.

“I don’t agree.” Sheng Heng refused without even thinking about it.

“You don’t want to become a mech warrior anymore?” Mother Sheng asked.

“I want to, but the War God can’t be given to them.” Sheng Heng said agitatedly, “The War God is the symbol of the Sheng Family. If we can’t even keep the War God, then how will the Sheng Family be able to gain a foothold in the military department in the future?”

“I have discussed this with your father and your elder brother. The War god is undoubtedly the glory of the Sheng Family, but for so many years, the men of our Sheng Family, your father and your elder brother, have achieved all of their military achievements today by killing on the battlefield. The War god, is just a symbol.” Mother Sheng said, “If your hand hadn’t been injured, with your qualifications you would have had the hope of piloting it, but now, it’s useless to keep the War god, so we might as well trade it for one of your hands. I believe that together with your elder brother, you can bring another high standing glory for the Sheng family that is no less than the one brought by the War god.”

“Mom, the War god is much more important than I am.” Sheng Heng still disagreed. He knew clearly that if it wasn’t for him, his mum, dad and big brother wouldn’t want to give the War god away.

“In our eyes, you are much more important than the War god.” Mother Sheng said in a soft voice.


“If the War god didn’t carry the Sheng family’s glory and was simply a level 10 mech, would you trade it?” Mother Sheng used a different approach.

Sheng Heng was silent, not saying anything, but Mother Sheng knew her son very well. If there was a way to cure his hand, he would do whatever it took.

“We are family, we would give anything to cure your hand.” Mother Sheng persuaded in a soft voice, “If your great grandfather was still alive, he would also agree to trade the War god for your hand.”

Sheng Heng’s great grandfather had been the pilot of the War god.

“Mom, let me think about it.” Sheng Heng hesitated, not agreeing immediately.

“The Lin family has only given us three days to think about it.” Mother Sheng informed him.

“Three days? The Lin family is the medical world, what are they so anxious to have the level ten mech for?” Sheng Heng was puzzled.

“The youngest daughter of the head of the Lin family is married to Situ Rui.”

The Situ family? His brows furrowing, Sheng Heng understood immediately. There were a total of three admirals in the Federation. The Sheng family was one of them and another one was the Feng family. These two families were also the owners of the two level 10 mechs that had survived after they had killed the zerg queen and repelled the zerg tide. The other level 10 mech, Thunder, belonged to the Feng family. The third admiral, however, was the head of the Situ family, Situ Qing. The Situ Family was a family that had only recently risen to prominence in the Federation due to its battle achievements, and its heritage was, by far, inferior to that of the Sheng Family and the Feng Family.

“Situ Rui is Situ Qing’s cousin, and his son Situ Mingxuan is a genius among the younger generation of the Situ family. He made a second breakthrough in his mental power a few days ago and reached S rank.” Mother Sheng told Sheng Heng.

“They are trying to give the War god to Situ Mingxuan to pilot?” A genius mecha warrior who could pilot a level 10 mecha and who was the next heir of the Situ Family, the prestige this could bring could be imagined.

Mother Sheng nodded, saying softly, “Actually, you don’t have to care too much about any of this. Think about it from another perspective, if someone can really pilot a level 10 mech, the Federation would have an additional force that can deter the zerg race. The zerg race is getting stronger every day and there are already fewer advanced mecha warriors on the front line, so if the War god can return to the battlefield, it would be a good thing for the Federation, and even for the War god itself.”

But if the War god was given to the Situ family, it would be the same as giving up the Sheng family’s current position in the Ministry of Military Affairs to them.

“Master, you have a group meeting in half an hour, please move in time.” Suddenly, a string of mechanical electronic tones rang out in the living room.

Mother Sheng stood up, “I have another meeting, I’ll be back to have dinner with you in the evening.”

“En.” Sheng Heng watched his mother leave before he got up and went back to his room.

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5 thoughts on “Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

  1. Well the author give us some tips about ML carrying family but after reading it for real now we can said He got a superbe family….they definitely love him to be ready to let’s their fam loss fame, prestige and most important power !

    I’m so glad for him and super exited because for sure MC gonna have the family presence he always dreams of when marrying/getting fianced to ML😏🤗

    Also I got a theory : For now we never come across the Gree n tea white lotus supposed powerful potential boyfriend with make me doubt if it isn’t Mingxuan guy 🤔🤔🤔

    Also Lin family being this calculator about the famous mecca🙄…Iwouldn’t be surprised if they never really make monstrous efforts to find a solution to that dear SH and his bro injuries 😑
    And we learn that infortunaly in paste SH and is family had accepted the proposal and SH was ruined voluntary + maybe causing their downfall 😔
    (I DEF placed them on my Super SUSPICIOUS Individual or group list)

    To finish I think SH and the fam shouldn’t accept the proposal because this you got THE BEST spouse and son in law ever 🤭cause this young guy have been send to save you and leave an happy life he should be deserving💃🏾

    Anyway this chapter was very interesting, I so happy I have found this excellent story with such a good translation (which a bit rare for Mecca/interstellar centered novel.
    Thank you for your hard work dear translator 😄😄🤩

  2. I hope MC can make that medicine that can increase the mental strength ( the one he said that would beade in the future) and then develop a new level 10 mecha for our ML….

    1. Nah that ain’t it:
      1. He’s not a pharmacist anymore.
      2. That kind of medicine is just deus ex machina. Not even the most outrageous interstellar novel would add that except if the medicine has a huge side effect. Bcuz think about it, if such medicine exist, why would anyone even want to train their mental power?

      Actually the answer is already pretty obvious from the start. Just make a mecha that won’t heavily demand on pilot’s physical state anymore. And improve it futher and beyond to allow people with less mental power to be able to pilot a mecha.

  3. I have a suspicion Yan Hao was adopted and he’s actually either from the Situ family or the Feng family lol.

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