Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 37.1 Thought of

After a few days of interplanetary flight, He Shao finally returned to his home planet, H Star Planet.

H Star Planet was an entertainment planet that housed the majority of the Federation’s entertainment industry, with most of the people on H Star Planet also working in the entertainment industry. He Shao’s parents run an entertainment company.

When He Shao was in primary school, he set his ambition to be a bigger and more successful boss than his parents, to make his family’s entertainment company bigger and stronger and to become the leading company in the H Star Planet. However in the sixth grade, his talent for building mechs was discovered by his uncle and from then on, the trajectory of his life took a turn for the worse.

“Mum, dad, I’m back.” He Shao shouted as soon as he entered the house.

“Young master, you’re back.” A middle-aged woman in a grey uniform greeted him.

“Auntie Liu, where are my parents?” He Shao asked.

“Sir and Madam were waiting for you, but then something came up at work on short notice just now, so they rushed over.” Auntie Liu smiled and said, “But madam instructed me to cook many dishes that young master loves. Young Master, are you hungry, do you want to eat something first?”

“Really, is it their son that’s important or the company?” Young Master He grumbled a little then his anger subsided, “No need, I’ll go and take a shower first.”

He Shao walked to his room, found a casual lounge wear from his wardrobe and went to the bathroom to take a shower. After taking a shower, He Shao, with his half-dried hair, placed a video call to Yan Hao using his communicator.

Soon, the video call was accepted.

“Hao Hao, I’ve arrived home.” He Shao greeted warmly.

“You’re home, did you have a good journey?” In the video, Yan Hao’s entire body was a little wilted.

Frowning, He Shao asked him, “It can’t be that you’ve been at the lab the last few days I’ve been away and haven’t gone back to the dormitory to sleep, right?”

“No, I have. I went back last night.” Last night Sheng Heng came over to have dinner with him and then at ten o’clock, came over to urge him to go back to bed.

“Have you not eaten then?” He Shao asked.

“I’ve eaten.” When Sheng Heng came over in the morning, he had brought him breakfast as well.

“Then why are you wilting, is your research not going well?” He Shao asked.

Yan Hao shook his head.

“Then what’s wrong with you?” He was eating well, sleeping well, and not having problems with his research, so why was he suddenly wilting?

“I…. seem to be hated.” At the other end of the video, Yan Hao, who was wilting couldn’t withstand He Shao’s detailed questioning and finally managed to speak out as he bit his lips, his face full of sadness.

Holy sh*t, was it that he had been bullied?

Sitting up straighter at once, He Shao asked with a huff, “Did that oddball brother of yours come looking for you again?”

“No.” Yan Hao shook his head.

“Then who is it?” He Shao asked.

“It’s… Senior Sheng Heng.” Yan Hao couldn’t help but feel another pang of sadness at the mention of Sheng Heng’s name as he thought again of the detached way Sheng Heng had left the training room earlier.

Actually, Yan Hao didn’t know what was wrong with him. Obviously, in his last life he had always been hated and isolated by the people around him and apart from his parents, he rarely cared about other people’s attitudes, but for some reason, just the thought that Sheng Heng might hate him made him feel uncomfortable. So much so that from just now until now, he didn’t even want to analyze the experimental data and kept wondering if he had done something wrong. Why else would the senior who had brought him breakfast in the morning suddenly become distant from him?

“Sheng Heng? He hates you?” He Shao thought he was hearing things.

Yan Hao was already very upset, so when He Shao yelled, his eyes turned red.

“No, I mean how could he hate you? Did you misunderstand something?” That guy’s wolfish ambition was so obvious and he couldn’t wait to coax Yan Hao, so how could he hate him? “Tell me, what happened between the two of you?”

Yan Hao had been torn, so when he heard He Shao asking him, he told him everything that had just happened.

“It turns out it’s like this.” When He Shao heard everything, he immediately spotted the problem, “Sheng Heng doesn’t hate you, he feels he has embarrassed himself in front of you.”

“How come?” Yan Hao froze.

“Didn’t you say he made several mistakes when manipulating the mecha? He probably felt he didn’t perform well.” He Shao analyzed.

“But senior’s hand was already injured and he had just finished his final exams…..”

“It’s because of the hand injury. Didn’t you just say that he was fine in the mecha with nothing out of the ordinary, but when he came out of the mecha and you tried to help him check his hand injury, he suddenly became distant?” He Shao said, “It’s obvious that he didn’t want you to see his hand injury, however it seems that his injury is quite serious.”

As a mecha warrior, hands were very important.

“Then I’ll go to him now.” As soon as Yan Hao heard that Sheng Heng’s hand was badly injured, he was in a hurry to go to him immediately.

“Calm down, he left on purpose because he didn’t want you to see his hand. If you go now, you’ll embarrass him even more.” He Shao stopped.

“Why would he be embarrassed? If one’s hand is hurt, you have to go to the doctor.” Yan Hao said anxiously.

“Tsk, a man’s pride. Do you understand?” He Shao said.

On the other end of the video, Yan Hao looked confused, clearly not getting it.

“Anyways, just know that he doesn’t hate you and that you shouldn’t go to him now. Let him calm himself down, maybe he’ll be normal tomorrow.” He Shao didn’t bother explaining a man’s pride to him. It would be the same as when Yan Hao explained mathematical equations to him; it made one’s head hurt.

“I understand.” Yan Hao nodded his head with seeming comprehension.

“It’s good if you understand….”

“Xiao Shao, mum’s good son, you’re finally back.” At that moment, a stylishly dressed middle-aged beauty pushed the door into He Shao’s room.

“Mum, why didn’t you knock before entering? I’m talking to my classmate.”

“Isn’t it because mum missed you too much? Alright, you can chat with your classmate first, mum will come back later.” With that, Mother He retreated again.

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