Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 92 Hand Yan Hao over

Stepping into the Super Light Brain room again, Yan Hao saw that the calculations were already done, as the screen, which had previously displayed rapidly changing numbers, now displayed a cube-like object— the final data model.

Exporting the data model, Yan Hao reset the Super Light Brain to its initial test settings then returned to the lab.

“Master, the calculations are done, I have the data model.” Yan Hao told Old Pang.

“There’s no need to send it to me. Wasn’t there a communication number in the email? It belongs to the owner of the formula. Add him then send the data model directly to him.” Old Pang said without looking up from the blueprints he was examining.

The calculation of medicine formulas wasn’t a one time task, as the pharmacist would undoubtedly want to make adjustments.

“Okay.” Yan Hao replied and seeing as Old Pang was busy, didn’t say anything else as he added the communication number then headed toward the parts warehouse.

By the time he arrived at the warehouse, the person on the other end had already accepted his friend request and sent a message.

[Are you Old Pang’s disciple?]

Yan Hao replied politely, [Hello, I’m Yan Hao.]

[Hello, I’m Xia Tianyi.]

Xia Tianyi? Yan Hao froze for a second. He had heard this name before. In the future, Xia Tianyi would become the youngest Level 8 Pharmacist. His progress outpaced even Yan Fei’s until he reached Level 8, but then he plateaued for some time, which allowed Yan Fei to surpass him, causing him to become a Level 9 Pharmacist first and then become the youngest full-ranked Pharmacist within two years.

[Are you the one helping me with the calculations?] Xia Tianyi asked.

Yan Hao put a note next to Xia Tianyi’s name then replied with a yes.

[I’m a bit busy at the moment, so I can’t chat with you, but in about half an hour’s time, I’ll have some time. We can video call then and I’ll explain my ideas about the formula to you so it would be easier for you to do the calculations.] After all, he was helping him with his own calculation. If it wasn’t because he was preoccupied, he would have called Yan Hao immediately instead of texting.

Yan Hao: [There’s no need, I’ve already done the calculations. I’m sending the model to your email. If you have any questions, you can contact me.]

In the Federation, all email addresses were registered with communication numbers, so knowing someone’s number was equivalent to knowing their email address, hence Yan Hao sent the data model right after saying this.

Xia Tianyi: [So fast!]

Yan Hao: [The Super Light Brain was free, so the calculations were done faster.]

After Yan Hao replied, there were no more messages from the other end, but he didn’t mind as he turned his attention to modifying his weapon’s wiring circuit.

On the distant T Planet, a young man around 25 or 26 years old was staring blankly at his light brain terminal. This young man was Xia Tianyi. After zoning out for a full two minutes, he sighed then continued to process the herbs in his hands somewhat helplessly.

The pollen of these Gold Feather Flowers had medicinal effects only within one hour of blooming. After that, it would be no different from ordinary pollen. It was because he had been collecting this pollen, that was why he couldn’t chat with Yan Hao. As he continued gathering the pollen, Old Wen walked in from outside.

“Master.” Standing up quickly, Xia Tianyi greeted him.

“Carry on with your work.” Old Wen gestured for him to continue.

“I’m almost done.” Xia Tianyi said then crouched back down to collect the pollen from the last patch of Gold Feather Flowers.

“Has someone from Old Pang’s side contacted you yet?” Old Wen had only asked Old Pang for help, but didn’t know who would eventually assist with the calculations. They could only wait for someone from Old Pang’s side to reach out.

“They’ve contacted me.” Xia Tianyi nodded.


“His name is Yan Hao.”

“He must be the closed door disciple Old Pang took in recently.” Old Wen asked casually, “How is that kid?”

Xia Tianyi hesitated.

“What’s wrong?” Old Wen noticed something was off.

“The student named Yan Hao said he has already finished the calculations.” Xia Tianyi said with a bitter smile.

From the moment Old Pang received the data to now, it had been less than four hours. During this time, Yan Hao hadn’t even communicated with Xia Tianyi, the creator of the formula and, there were 385 different herbs, each with distinct properties. How could one calculate without understanding their properties? This was why Xia Tianyi didn’t believe Yan Hao had given him accurate values.

“What?!” Old Wen frowned. “It can’t be that Old Pang just found an ordinary student to deceive you, right? I’ll go talk to him.”

“Master, please don’t. Let me check Yan Hao’s calculations first. I’ll take the initiative to contact him later. We can discuss other options if it’s needed.” Xia Tianyi said, not daring to be as arrogant as his master since they were the ones asking for help.

“Alright then, come to me if you have any issues.” Old Wen nodded.

Xia Tianyi collected the pollen from the last two flowers calmly then returned to the lab, after which he used a special instrument to process the pollen patiently, ensuring that the Gold Feather Flower’s pollen could maintain its medicinal properties for an extended period. By the time he finished, it was already past 11 pm. Only then did he open his email and download the data model Yan Hao had sent him.

And then…

At midnight, Old Pang, who had finally fallen asleep, was dragged out of bed by Old Wen’s incessant calls.

“Old Wen, this had better be important…..” Old Pang was quite annoyed at being woken up.

“Old Pang, hand Yan Hao over!” Old Wen didn’t even bother listening to Old Pang, roaring almost madly as soon as the call connected.


Yan Hao had been discovered? Old Wen wanted to snatch his disciple?

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