Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 84.2 Yan Hao: I’ll be there in two days

“This is Yan Fei, my personal pharmacist who specializes in refining prescriptions. He formulated a potion for me when my mental energy was unstable some time ago. My mental energy level is also S level, so if Yan Fei can cure me, he can definitely cure Junior Sheng.” Sima Mingxuan said.

Cheng Wenkang looked at Yan Fei. “Is he willing?”

Others might not know, but he was aware that just a few months ago, Sheng Heng had specifically gone to the Pharmacy Department to confront Yan Fei and had issued him a significant warning because of his schemes against Yan Hao, so there was no way Yan Fei would be willing to treat Sheng Heng without harbouring resentment in his heart.

“Yan Fei.” Sima Mingxuan prompted him to speak.

Stepping forward, Yan Fei said calmly, “I am a pharmacist, and it’s a pharmacist’s responsibility to save lives and treat injuries. Although there have been misunderstandings between us, that doesn’t mean I would turn a blind eye to someone in need.”

It had to be said that Yan Fei was quite adept at speaking. In just a few words, he had painted himself as a benevolent figure who repaid grievances with virtue, making even Kang Ren, who was standing nearby look at Cheng Wenkang. The look on his face seeming to say, ‘You two mech warriors actually bullied a powerless pharmacist?’

“No, I’ll go to the military base first and ask for a pharmacist.” Cheng Wenkang thought for a while, but in the end still didn’t trust Yan Fei.

“Are you talking about the military camp on the neighboring planet?” Sima Mingxuan asked. “I know the person in charge there, and none of the pharmacists there can treat S level mental energy injuries. Moreover, there are only a few pharmacists in the entire federation who can handle people with S level mental energy.”

Hearing this, Cheng Wenkang looked instinctively at Kang Ren.

Kang Ren nodded slightly in agreement.

Cheng Wenkang’s face turned ashen. With the condition boss was in currently, it was impossible for him to make an interstellar voyage. But if they stayed here, there was no one to treat him. What could they do? Did they really have to rely on Yan Fei?

Seeing Cheng Wenkang looking at him, a not so subtle smug expression appeared unconsciously on Yan Fei’s face. He knew that one day, with his skills in pharmacy, these people would all beg him to treat them. From now on, Sheng Heng would have to treat him with respect.

“Ugh…” A sharp pain in Sheng Heng’s sea of consciousness caused him to let out an involuntary groan.

“Boss!” Cheng Wenkang was startled.

“His own mental energy is destroying his sea of consciousness. If he’s not treated immediately, even if he can recover later, there might be irreparable damage to his sea of consciousness.” Yan Fei reminded ‘dutifully and responsibly’.

“Then you….”

“No.” Sheng Heng interrupted Cheng Wenkang’s words, his icy gaze fixed on Yan Fei. “Don’t let him… touch me.”

“Boss… what are you going to do?” Cheng Wenkang was almost in tears.

“Junior Sheng, you can’t let your pride get in the way of this matter. If there’s a problem with your mental energy, you won’t be able to pilot a mech in the future. What’s the point of the Sheng family putting in so much effort to find you a mimetic mech if you can’t use it?” Sima Mingxuan added, “I know you have some issues with Yan Fei, but he’s kind-hearted and generous. Plus, with me as a guarantee, he’ll do everything he can to save you.”

“There’s no….. need.” Sheng Heng remained unwilling.

“Junior Cheng, you should try to persuade Junior Sheng.” Sima Mingxuan said.

Persuade? If he could, he would have done so long ago. But when it came to boss’s stubbornness, no amount of persuasion would help once he had made up his mind.

Wait, there might be someone who could.

With this thought, Cheng Wenkang called Yan Hao hurriedly. After a few rings, the call was quickly disconnected. Just as Cheng Wenkang was anxiously preparing to call again, a message came in.

Yan Hao: [Senior Cheng, I’m in class. I’ll call you back later.]

What time was it that he was still attending class! Cheng Wenkang sent back urgently: [Boss is injured.]

As soon as this message was sent, Yan Hao called back. Cheng Wenkang answered almost instantly.

“What happened to Senior Sheng?” Yan Hao appeared on the video call, a worried expression on his face.

Hearing Yan Hao’s voice, Sheng Heng forced himself to open his eyes and glanced in the direction of the video. Meanwhile, Cheng Wenkang had already explained the details of Sheng Heng’s injury and his current condition.

“Xiao Hao, please try to persuade boss.” Cheng Wenkang told him.

“Big brother, don’t worry, I’ll definitely heal your friend.” Yan Fei, who had approached the video call at some point, assured Yan Hao. “Regarding the special talent program incident last time, we were inconsiderate. But our parents thought you liked pharmacy, that’s why they applied for it for you. Besides, you also wanted to apply for it back in high school.”

Yan Hao saw Yan Fei through the video call and of course, also noticed Sima Mingxuan not far behind him. The two main characters had finally come together. Yan Hao was aware of Yan Fei’s talent in pharmacy and believed that, given his personality, he wouldn’t sabotage Sheng Heng’s treatment on purpose. However…..

Why let Yan Fei do something he could do himself?

“Senior Cheng, are there any pharmacists over there?” Yan Fei asked.

“Yes.” Cheng Wenkang introduced Kang Ren to Yan Hao. “This is the base’s pharmacist, Pharmacist Kang Ren.”

“Pharmacist Kang, nice to meet you. Can you please send me a copy of Senior Sheng’s current mental map? It would be best if you could retest it.” Yan Hao requested.

“I can do that, but what do you need the mental map for?” Kang Ren asked instinctively.

“Once you send me the mental map, I’ll give you a prescription formula afterwards. You can refine it and give it to Senior Sheng to relieve his injuries temporarily.” Yan Hao explained then looked at Cheng Wenkang. “I’ll book a spaceship ticket now. I’ll be there in two days.”

In terms of talent in pharmacy, he might not have been on par with Yan Fei in his previous life, but his rebirth had granted him knowledge in pharmacy that was more than a decade ahead of the current time.

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  1. Hm, letting that Sima guy see a bit much of your abilities there Yan Hao. I don’t like the idea of he and Yan Fei have such a direct and competing comparison between the two brothers.

  2. Damn! I was hoping Yan Hao could steal away SMX (aka make SMX part of the Protecc Yan Hao group). My hopes are all dashed sigh

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