Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 31.1 You are Little Cutie, right?

The mech maintenance room.

Yan Hao was on a ladder, checking the wiring on the arm of a five-meter high mech, with a drawing in his hand and occasionally looking down to make a few notes. At the other end of the maintenance room, He Shao was making a Level 5 energy block.

Learning to make a Level 5 energy block was one of the final exams for this semester in the Mech Building Department. In fact, under Yan Hao’s supervision, He Shao had already mastered the production of Level 5 energy blocks, but Professor Qin seemed to have a special interest in He Shao, and had given him a separate exams that required him to produce a Level 5 energy block with more than 75% efficiency in order to pass the exams, which depressed He Shao.

“73.22%, ah ah ah ah~~” He Shao stared at the value displayed in the tester, wishing he could knock his head on the ground, “Level 5 energy block, Level 5 energy block, why can’t I cross past this 73%!”

The disturbed Yan Hao turned back helplessly and said with a smile, “I told you, your mental energy isn’t fine enough when channeling energy.”

“How much more refined should it be? Any finer and I’ll turn into fine particles.” He had been making level 5 energy blocks and channeling energy all morning, and now his brain was about to explode, “Hao Hao, you used to make so many energy blocks, why didn’t I see you have a headache?”

“Maybe it’s because I have a better command of mental energy than you do.”

“Take the maybe out of it, please.” He Shao was abused to the point of making conspiracy theories, “Of all the people in the class, only 75% or more effectiveness is specifically required of me, isn’t Professor Qin deliberately targeting me?”

“I don’t really think it’s against you, it should be a deliberate exercise for you.” Yan Hao said.

“By deliberate exercise, you mean targeting in the name of love.” He Shao said.

“You have learnt your level 5 energy formula very well, so with tens of thousands of instability points, you can calculate them in fifteen minutes. With your calculation ability, making a level 5 energy block with over 60% effectiveness isn’t difficult for you.” Yan Hao said.

“That’s why I said Professor Qin is targeting me, otherwise I would have passed the final exam. Why would I be practicing so hard over here?”

When Yan Hao saw the bitter expression on He Shao’s face, he thought for a moment, then suddenly said, “He Shao, Professor Qin asking you to do this might have something to do with me. If you don’t want to, we shouldn’t live together next term.”

With a clang, the energy block in He Shao’s hand fell, almost hitting his foot: “Yan Hao, what are you talking about?”

“Your mental energy is actually no worse than the other students in the class, but your mastery of the level 5 energy block formula is the best in the class apart from me.”

“That’s because you often give me extra lessons.” Yan Hao’s mathematical talent was the best He Shao had ever seen, and he had learnt many formulas that the professor hadn’t taught yet. So every time the professor finished his lecture, in private Yan Hao would also give him one-on-one tutoring, and would even teach him by hand how to calculate those instability points in the process of making energy blocks with regularity.

“It’s because I’ve been tutoring you a lot, and Professor Qin knows that you learn energy formulas better than the other students in the class, that’s why he’s testing you in the mental strength area.” Yan Hao continued to blame himself, his small face full of frustration, “In that case, it means it’s actually me who has caused you to be targeted, it’s all my fault. He Shao, I’ll apply for a single dorm next semester, so Professor Qin would stop targeting you.”

“Please, what does this have to do with you? You’re doing me a favor by giving me extra lessons.” He Shao said hastily.

“But I’ve caused you to be targeted by Professor Qin.” Yan Hao lowered his head, his whole body wilting.

When He Shao saw that his roommate, who he had raised for three months to be sunny and cheerful seemed to be depressed again, he scratched his ears anxiously: “Okay, okay, okay, I admit it in order to continue to be your roommate. Targeting is fine, I don’t believe I can’t do it.”

“You don’t have to force yourself.”

“I’m not forcing myself, I’m not forcing myself, I know the professor is doing it for my own good.” He Shao said.


“Really!” He Shao didn’t dare deny it, he was afraid that if he shook his head, Yan Hao would go running to submit his application for a single dormitory. It was clear that the reason for sharing a dormitory with Yan Hao at the beginning was to copy homework, but now it seemed that he wouldn’t be able to do it.

“Keep practicing then, don’t rush to finish the energy combining. You can try to take twice as long as before to combine it slowly.” Yan Hao suggested with a smile.

“Let’s wait for the afternoon, I’m a bit hungry. I’m planning to go to the canteen, want to go together?” He Shao stretched and stood up, his head hurt so he had to rest for a while.

“I’m not going, I’m only halfway through the line, I’ll wait until I’m done.” Yan Hao shook his head.

“The canteen will be out of food by the time you’re done. Forget it, I’ll bring you something.” He Shao sighed and said helplessly.

Whenever Yan Hao was halfway through his work, the thought of eating wouldn’t be on his mind at all.

“Thank you.”

He Shao waved his hand and rubbed his sore neck as he headed out the door, while Yan Hao watched his back with a little smile on his face. If He Shao had turned around at this point and saw the smile on Yan Hao’s face, he would have known that he had just been tricked.

He Shao was good at everything, but he was too much of a salted fish. He only wanted to pass his exams, as if one more point was a waste, which made Professor Qin, who cherished talents love and dislike him.

It was a weekend, so the school canteen was a little less crowded than usual, but it was still very lively inside, with students gathering in twos and threes, seemingly discussing something, each with a face full of joy. The most excited among them seemed to be those from the Mech Piloting Department.

The uniforms at the Federal University were all similar in style, but different departments had different embroidered badges on the outside of their uniforms, which He Shao relied on to determine their identity.

Was there something going on in the Mech Piloting Department? Why were they all so excited.

He Shao thought to himself as he went to queue at the window.

“What do you guys think, is this for real?”

“Let’s just try it and see, these herbs don’t look expensive anyway. I’ll go to the pharmacy shop and get a packet filled when I’m done eating.”

“It will definitely work. This the recipe that the Ministry of Military Affairs released to the public, and the developer of this medicine packet is the same person as the Master Pharmacist who improved the advanced sedative formula last time.”

“Little Cutie?”

“Pfft, I don’t even have the heart to call myself that, but such a Master does. He has quite a childlike heart, giving himself the nickname – Little Cutie.”

As He Shao listened for a while, he thought that there was something odd about their words. The improved formula for the advanced sedative had been done by Hao Hao.

“Senior, what are you guys discussing?” He Shao couldn’t resist going up to inquire.

“Junior, you haven’t yet had the chance to look at Starnet have you?” The Senior who was asked this was from the Mech Piloting Department, and once he took a look at He Shao’s uniform and found out that he was a student from the Mech Building Department, his tone was a bit more enthusiastic, “Just half an hour ago, the Ministry of Military Affairs published a recipe for treating hand injuries on Starnet, and it is said that the herbs purchased according to this recipe can be used directly without the need for a pharmacist to refine or stimulate them once you soak it in boiled hot water. And you can also stimulate the medicinal properties twice by yourself through your mental energy. This is a great thing for those of us who are learning to pilot mechs.”

“You don’t need a pharmacist to stimulate the medicinal properties twice but can do it yourself. This can’t be a fake, right?” He Shao was subconsciously somewhat unconvinced. After all, stimulating the medicinal properties required sufficient knowledge of the herbs to do so.

“That’s why everyone is talking about it. It’s been half an hour since the recipe was published all over Starnet, so I guess we will be getting feedback from people who have used it in a while. I also plan to go to the pharmacy shop to buy a packet to try when I’m done with my meal. But, it was published by the Ministry of Military Affairs, so I don’t think it’s fake.” The Senior concluded.

He Shao nodded and opened his light brain and sure enough, he saw a blocked promotion message in his mailbox, which contained a link that he had previously blocked in order to focus on making a level 5 energy block, which was why he hadn’t seen the promotion message in the first place.

He clicked on the link in the message and it immediately jumped to the Ministry of Military Affairs’ official page. At the top of the page, next to the golden top label, was a recipe. Below the recipe, there was a line of bolded text.

[This recipe was made personally by the one who cracked and improved the previous Advanced Sedative Data Model, Master Pharmacist Little Cutie].

Without too much bragging or explanation, there was just this one sentence, as if it showed the credibility of the recipe.

He Shao stared at this last line fixedly, looking back and forth, until he was brought back to his senses by a shout from someone at the window when the chef who ladled the food asked him what he wanted.

“Student, what dish would you like?”

“I’m not eating.” He Shao turned and left the cafeteria. The chef who ladled the food didn’t care, moving on to the next student.

He Shao ran back to the mech maintenance room in one go and not even catching his breath, placed his hand on his waist and shouted up at Yan Hao, who was still repairing his mech on the ladder, “Yan Hao.”

Yan Hao looked down in confusion, “You’re back from lunch already??”

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